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Coastal Empire Fire and Security Inc. Offers the Best Security Cameras in North Charleston and Statesboro Georgia

LogoCoastal Empire Fire and Security Inc. has been founded in the year of 1998, and an experienced industry worker with three decades of experience, named Larry Anderson has found it. This organization has turned out to be one of the best full-service fire and safety companies operating in the country. The proficiency of this company lies in designing, planning, servicing and installing top quality security cameras in North Charleston and Statesboro Georgia. Coastal Empire Fire and Security Inc. can offer a turnkey solution to their clients, also, to put together and refurbish their present systems as well, depending on their requirements and necessities. The company always tries to maintain an excellent rapport with their suppliers and vendors, which help them to offer a genuinely integrated security system to their clients.

Get the Latest and Best Cell Cases and More at Amazing Prices is pleased to present their latest range of electronics, cell cases and a wide range of other accessories. Cell phones have occupied an important place in the everyday life of an individual. Smart phones have gone a step further; they have become a part of the daily routine wherein people wake up to the alarms set in their smart phones; and go back to sleep after watching their favorite drama on Netflix. Needless to say that these phones are expensive gadgets and one must take care of them by accessorizing these gadgets. Cases and covers can protect the phones from major damages and all cell phone users must invest in a high quality case or cover in order to save their phones from falls.

The Fidj Is an App-Enabled Fidget Gadget That Turns Smartphones Into an Epic Spinning Machine

LogoFidj, the revolutionary new app-enabled fidget gadget that turns smartphones into epic spinning machines, is live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and trending fast, having already hit their raise goal in less than a week.

Thailand's Very Own LED Lighting Supplier Offers Attractive Lighting Solutions is pleased to present their latest range of LED lighting options for different types of hotels, restaurants, pubs, bakeries, retail stores, street food corners, shop vendors, events, supermarkets and many more. The LED lighting plays a very important role in highlighting a product, a brand, service or the entity. With attractive lighting, customers are sure to walk-in to that place; and businesses are more likely to get new customers.

Teveu Launches Indiegogo Campaign for Its High-Quality Underwater Camera

Teveu Limited has proudly announced that it is introducing the most amazing underwater camera for the diving enthusiasts worldwide. Known as 'Let's Dive' this camera comes with many amazing and technologically advanced features to help diver in making perfect videos or images underwater. Moreover, this remarkable camera is currently being crowdfunded on Indiegogo, and the company is welcoming everyone to become a part of this unique fundraising campaign. . "Let's Dive is basically a smart diving mask with a high-quality video camera for those who love diving." Said the spokesperson of Teveu Limited, while introducing this underwater camera mask to the Indiegogo community. Moreover, Teveu is offering a special discount of 60% for the super early bird backers.

Carydean Enterprises, LLC Is Featuring Their and More iPhone Case on NewsWatch Monday, September 10th

As part of their campaign to market and demonstrate the unique capabilities of their And More™ iPhone case, Carydean Enterprises, LLC will be featuring the product on NewsWatch on September 10th. NewsWatch is a consumer news show which airs every Monday at 7:00 AM on the AMC television channel.

D&S Security Promises and Delivers the Best Home Security in Anaheim and Burbank California

LogoD&S Security is a security company which is headquartered in California, and it offers the best security systems for commercial and residential properties. D&S Security sells top quality CCTV cameras, access control systems, home security systems, burglar alarms and video surveillance equipment. The company serves the residents located in Burbank, Long Beach, Anaheim, Los Angeles, Torrance and other parts of California. The company sells the best security camera system in Long Beach and Los Angeles California, thus increasing the efficiency of the newest security equipment and technologies and decreasing security risks.

D&S Security Offers the Best Security Camera System in Long Beach and Los Angeles California

LogoBased in California, D&S Security offers clients with many tailored security solutions that can address the security risks and safety concerns. They sell numerous products and services related to corporate and home security and hire dedicated, talented and experienced security professionals who can operate, understand and install the newest technologies in the security industry. They also offer the best security camera system in Long Beach and Los Angeles California.

Allvoi Wireless Features a Variety of Mobile Phones for Everyone

As one of the premier providers of wireless phone plans across the U.S., Allvoi® Wireless is dedicated to serving the diverse needs of their customers. In fact, it's the reason why they offer a wide array of mobile plans and features. Now, the company is currently carrying a variety of smartphones and basic feature phones to satisfy their customers' mobile requirements.

Explore Local Businesses and Events Like Never Before with the Gongago App

LogoGongago, the revolutionary business directory that allows users to find the best local deals in their area, is live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and raising funds to develop a mobile app.

Ventus, Wind Generator USB Charger for General Aviation Aircrafts and the Great Outdoors Spearheaded by Refugee Student

LogoStratos Aviation Association is a non for profit association committed to empower today's youth through STEM education and pilot training by promoting careers in aerospace to the next generation of aviation professionals. Stratos Aviation started its outreach programs in March 2017 and since, over 6000 people have been influenced and exposed to different facets of STEM in aviation and aerospace.

Cubroid Launches Kickstarter Campaign for My Best-Friend ARTIBO

LogoIntroducing Cubroid's second robot project: ARTIBO! Cubroid launched in 2017 with its AI educational Coding Blocks and is back with a new robot for coders, non-coders, kids and adults alike.

Somic Released a Stincoo Gaming Headset Commander G936

LogoSOMIC has launched a new Stincoo Series product - Commander G936 gaming headset. The Commander G936 is on the market in mid-April in Amazon, with its official price $99.99. Since the Playerunknown's Battlegrounds becomes more and more popular, many players are getting into this game. For those high-end players, their demand for external equipment is also increased. With 7.1 surround sound and 50mm speaker unit, Commander G936 will keep players company and meet all the requirements! A new and special journey for PUBG, the key to win!

A Portal Into an Alternate Universe Opened in Minnesota

LogoScot Kinney, from Lake Shore, Minnesota, claims to have opened a portal into an Alternate Universe. "It was Feb 29th, 2012, when I first went through the portal.", Kinney says. "I've been through countless times now, and so have a lot of other people."

Openletr App Provides Safe Space Online for Women and Survivors of Abuse

LogoWhile this is read, three women will be sexually abused. It is a chilling statistic that is, unfortunately, not inclusive of abused women living in emerging and underdeveloped countries. This forms both the nexus of healing and the driving impetus for Openletr, a social app geared towards survivors of rape, assault, and abuse.

The Big Screen TVs Online Store Offers High Quality Electronics Items at Affordable Rates

Online shopping makes up more than 50% of surveyed shoppers' purchases, according to a new report from shipper UPS and researcher ComScore. The obvious reason behind the push towards online shopping has proven to be more than just lower, more competitive pricing, but the simple convenience. The Big Screen TVs is no stranger to the concept of modest pricing and suitability; in fact, they specialize in just that!

Capture Beautiful Moments with the Sennheiser Memory Mic

LogoShe's singing the solo at the school's concert and your heart could just burst. He wobbles, and then rides his bike away from your protective arms on his own for the very first time. You're above the world watching a sunrise from a hot air balloon. Sometimes life is almost too amazing to fully take in, and when it is, your smartphone is there to catch… nearly everything. Let's face it: All too often it's the sound that gets left behind when you capture those special memories. The song from the stage is muffled in the chatter of the audience. And maybe your breathless commentary on the ascent to the heavens could have been more audible if you had spoken into your phone. But real life doesn't do second takes and it's for exactly these special moments that audio specialist Sennheiser has developed the Memory Mic, a professional wireless microphone for smartphones that is effortless to use. The lightweight and compact microphone directly picks up the person you would like to hear – at any distance from the smartphone. The accompanying Sennheiser video app can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play and allows you to create videos with great pictures and great sound.

Parental Control App FamiSafe Now Available on App Store and Google Play

FamiSafe is the new parental control app from Wondershare, an established app development company. Wondershare Technology would describe themselves as a key member of the National Planning Software Enterprises of China and a global leader in application software development. The company has users in over 150 countries. Wondershare is committed to providing software that brings simplicity to people's lives.

A Tale of Two Cities: Multi-Platinum Producer / Engineer Mark Needham Balances Mixing Work - And Monitoring - Between Los Angeles and Nashville

LogoMark Needham needs no introduction for most people in the recording industry. A Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum producer and engineer, he has worked with the likes of Fleetwood Mac, Elton John as well as more recent acts including The Killers and Imagine Dragons. Clients are drawn to Needham for his innate mixing sensibilities and his relentless drive to help artists convey the unique emotional dimensions of their tunes. As an accomplished painter might rely on a discriminating set of brushes and nuanced colors, Needham relies on his own toolkit for mixing and monitoring — which for three years has included Sonarworks Reference software.

Cop Merit App Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Bring Police & Community Closer

Cop Merit is an all-new mobile application that it designed to bring the community closer with its police. The app will act as a bridge between the law enforcement officers and the community members they serve, and it is currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter with a goal to raise a sum of $50,000 in a recently launched fundraising campaign. The app offers several great features for its users, including the capability of uploading external video footage to the recently broadcasted display piece.

A Gamer's Destination for Cool Collectibles and Gaming Accessories is pleased to present their latest range of gaming accessories for the enthusiastic gamers out there. Online games have become extremely popular over the past few years. There are thousands of games released every year from different gaming developers across the world. There is no limit to the genres – ranging from action to adventure, fantasy to puzzles and many more. These games can be played on mobiles, PCs and laptops and the gaming consoles help players to enjoy the game on the large screen. So, for those who want that enthralling gaming experience each time every time, this is the right place to be. This store features a wide range of gaming accessories, apparels, cool collectibles, controllers, keyboards, mouse, mouse pads and many more.

AmbiHealth Launches Kickstarter Campaign

AmbiHealth is a modern-day revolution in the healthcare industry and is an initiative that will change the face of healthcare delivery around the world. The project was started by a pediatrician and entrepreneur for patients of all ages andis currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter with a goal to raise a sum of $10,000 in a recently launched campaign. The project is already getting a welcoming response and is aimed at facilitating health information between patients and providers.

Seattle Scanning Company Says Lava Is Just One of Many Reasons to Digitize Documents

LogoAs a Seattle scanning company that specializes in document digitization, image scanning, and data capture, the team at Micro Com Systems knows there are all kinds of reasons to digitize important documents—including lava! By storing copies of digital documentation in the cloud or off-site, many companies can expedite recovery after a disaster.

Vancouver Digitization Company Shares a Tale of Retraining

LogoAs one of Vancouver's longest running scanning and digitization companies, the team at Micro Com Systems have to regularly undergo training to stay on top of a rapidly evolving tech industry. However, one employee who pursued analog work streams fell into a spot of trouble when their technophobic mindset made industrial retraining a challenge. Luckily, the managers at Micro Com rose to the occasion, and as a result got far more than they expected!

MasterCall® Mobile Is Now Allvoi® Wireless

As a well-known telecommunications company service, MasterCall® Mobile has provided reliable and affordable wireless and data plans for both smartphones and basic feature phones. Now, the company is offering improved services and features, an updated look, and even a freshly-launched website as a part of their new identity as Allvoi® Wireless.