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Bubble Witch 2 Saga - The Core Game-Play of Popping Colored Bubbles

Lots and lots of Online Games lovers all over the world might be still enjoying the different games including the 'Bubble Witch 2 Saga' produced and published by the 'KING', the leading publisher of the Online Games.

Running Fred Website Updated with Even Bigger Collection of the Best Free to Play Running Flash Games

Free to lay flash games have become an addicting way for people to spend some free time, and their relatively simplistic game play mechanics and graphics are evocative of a simpler time for gaming, giving many older gamers a hit of nostalgia. One of the most popular forms of flash game is the running game, where individuals must keep their runner out of harm's way, avoiding obstacles by turning and jumping. The most popular franchise of these games is Running Fred, and has just been upgraded to bring all these games together.

Cherub Headphones Get Their Wings from ZrO2 Ceramic

The headphone industry is about to be changed forever as start-up Cherubs Audio Pty, Ltd. launches their disruptive line of ceramic headphones. Engineered from hi-tech Zr02 ceramic, these headphones are lighter, quieter, more durable, and priced to sell.

Dimeaction.Com Launches New Mobile App for Its Patrons

The introduction of their latest tool enables users to make use of's data processing services at all times. It serves as an effective means to help people wager on several sports competitions of their choice. The information in the software is reliable and hence, can be used by those who wish to bet on a number of events. Details such as scores, winners, schedules, etc, can be had from the website and the bet placed according to individual likes.

Coques iPhone6 Comes Up with Its Designer Range of Cases for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Users

iPhone 6 and 6plus are the two latest versions of the smartphone launched by Apple. They have been bought by record number of people around the world and this has made it a hit among the smartphone lovers. One thing common among all the iPhone users are the accessories and cases they use. People like to get their smartphone covered by beautiful accessories that also provide extra protection to their phone. One of the online stores that has come up with its designer range of cases for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus is Coques iPhone6.

Cadiport Comes Up with Its Designer of Cases for iPhone and Samsung Phones

iPhone accessories and covers have been in trend since the launch of this gadget. There are various online stores selling these cases and accessories that help in making the device look stylish. It also helps in improving the protection for these costly devices. One of the online stores selling these devices is cadiport.

Cell Phone Holder by enviCAR Helps Reduce Road Traffic Accidents Caused

According to a new report people who use their mobile phone while driving cause a quarter of road traffic accidents. Although many people may think these accidents are due to a person talking on their cell phone, in reality some of these accidents are caused by people using their cell phone GPS system.

A New Car Phone Mount Makes It Easier to Operate Cell Phone GPS Systems

Police have warned about the dangers of using a mobile phone while driving their vehicle. However, it is not just talking on a mobile phone that results in accidents; the cell phone GPS system also causes people to crash their car.

Time to Throw out the Stereo and Get an iPhone Amplification System

There's nothing quite like the convenience of listening to music on an iPhone. You have thousands of songs and hundreds of stations available at your fingertips.

Think Zombie Mobile App Game Kickstarter Campaign to Launch on May 27th on the Opening of Kickstarter in France

carboLab, a game developing company has announced their newest game: Think Zombie, the game is currently under development, in its pre-alpha state. According to the developers the Think Zombie game is going to be a 2D mobile game which will put players in control of an amusement park that they will build to attract humans for an underlying sinister motive: to capture humans in an underground prison. carboLab has a team of passionate game lovers and professional developers working on the project. However the team requires some help from the generous crowd to support their project by helping them reach their funding goal of 20,000 euros. The crowdfunding campaign is scheduled to be launched on May 27th, 2015, the same day Kickstarter will be opening in France.

Xeropan – The Solution to Language Learning

Today's education system generally requires separate books, workbooks, audio and of course, a teacher, which just makes learning impractical. Learners cannot have the teacher follow them around everywhere; they cannot always take their heavy books and workbooks with them. On the other hand, people who speak at least one foreign language earn more, handle difficulties more easily and they can even choose from many opportunities in their lives. So, certainly, they will have better opportunities if they learn English. Their knowledge will last for a lifetime, all they have to do is to practice 5 minutes a day.

Deutschland Phone Launches New Phone Repair Shop in Berlin Offering Most Rapid Repairs Available

Mobile phones are absolutely essential to modern living, and provide an access point for individuals to manage their calendars, social lives, work engagements, contacts and correspondence. Understandably then, when these items become broken or damaged, or simply go wrong, people need a solution fast. A new store – the Deutschland Phone Filiale in Berlin - has been opened to ensure the fastest phone repairs in the city.

Stark Apps Go Live with Their Most Awaited Game: "Weed Garden"

Garden Of Weed is a newly launched weed game to hit the Play Store in recent times. The cannabis game hinges upon fulfilling all of a person's dreams of escaping the crowded city life and growing weeds by themselves at home out in their own farm. At first, users get to grow weed in a small piece of land but as the game marches on, they get to cultivate weed in larger surface areas. Moreover, users get to design their own weed farm by cultivating their first strains from hemp seeds. Users also get to create workshops to process marijuana and later on render them to their rasta friends and neighbors. Adding to its greatness, when users are burned out or fatigued growing weeds in their weed farm, they can relax, lean back and watch their helpers do all the work for them when they are not smoking a joint, considered to be one of its best features. Another great feature in this simulation game is that it comes with aesthetical and splendiferous hand drawn characters and graphics. In addition,

DimensionU Announces 2015 Summer Chill Video Game Competition

LogoFor parents and educators looking to keep students academically engaged this summer, look no further! DimensionU, Inc., the award-winning educational video game developer, announced today that registration has opened for its second annual summer video game challenge, called the 2015 Summer Chill Math Games Tournament. The virtual competition is designed to combine the excitement of first-person multiplayer video games with rigorous mathematics curriculum, plus the chance to win some very cool prizes during the summer. It's a win-win for parents, students and educators!

Creator of New iOS App for De-Identifying Photos Launches IndieGoGo Campaign

LogoDavid Grundy, MD, along with Paul Grundy and Bobby Gayol, make up a group known as The Forge.  This group of experts is passionate about creating apps and other technological advances that improve the quality of life for others.  Their newest socially valuable app, known as De-ID, will automatically remove all identifying information from clinical photos with a simple click, allowing patients to retain their anonymity.  Now, the group has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds for the development, production and distribution of this important app.

AutoLotto Announces First-of-Its-Kind Mobile Lottery App

AutoLotto, Inc., today announced their mobile app that makes it easier for people who play the Powerball lottery to buy tickets and to track and redeem their winnings – all from their mobile device. The AutoLotto app features the ability to buy tickets, select lucky numbers, play with friends, join lottery pools – all while tracking winnings in real time. AutoLotto has launched their waiting list where users can sign up for early access and earn free tickets by sharing the news.

More Than a Quarter of Car Accidents Are Caused by Cell Phones Warns enviCAR

enviCar, the company behind the popular Car Mount, Cell Phone Holder that is available on Amazon for $19.97, has launched an important campaign. The campaign is to make people aware of how dangerous using a mobile while driving can be.

Smartphone Users Can Now Cut Down the Costs of Their Phone Usage

Those who are using contract plans for their cellular networks can now pay less because the news is they can switch to the wireless plans of the best value offered Free Mobile Data The company assures that the costs users incur for the latest smartphones like the iPhone 5S may come down even by 50% if they switch to their wireless plans..

National Parent Engagement Problem Improved with Mobile App

Twenty years of research indicates parent engagement as a root cause of student success. The North Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice is proactively addressing the problem through a strategic partnership with IdleMind Technologies LLC. IdleMind Technologies LLC was formed to develop, and bring to market, PimPoints®, a patent-pending technology that rewards parents through a mobile points system for being active in their child's life. This newly formed partnership excites interest from the K-12 ecosystem as innovation improves a long-standing problem.

Crowdfunding Campaign Launched to Provide a Dedicated Web App to Support Autistic Children and Their Families

A new and important crowdfunding campaign has been launched to provide a Web App that will give much-needed support to Autistic children and their families. The people behind the campaign Longship Technology hope to raise $75,000 to make the web app a reality.

Top Mobile App Developer in Singapore Offers Customized Apps

3A Marketing Solution, the preferred mobile apps developer in Singapore, has announced it is offering its awesome customized mobile apps to businesses in its home city at reasonable prices. What's more, the affordable and effective apps are integrated with the businesses websites and social media platforms for optimized market visibility certain to make a positive impression.

New iOS 8.3 iCloud Removal & iCloud Bypass Activation for iPhone 6 Plus, 5s, 4s to iPod Touch

News-den reportedly managed iCloud Unlock and bypass iCloud activation for locked Apple Devices. It's allowing users to restore iCloud without authentication and Activate "Find My iPhone". The tool can unlock iOS 8.3 iCloud on iPhone 6 Plus, 5s, 5, 4s, iPod Touch, iPad Air. The feature was created by Aqua and Merck to unlock iCloud Account. Now News-den describes new system for it. Aims to Boosts the Neopet Gaming Experience with Neopoints Packages, Game Items and Great Customer Service

LogoNeopets is a virtual pet website for all ages that offers nothing but fun and excitement on each and every daily activity that will help the Neopets of the visitors to level up. The game is filled with adventures and quest that once visitors complete it, they will be rewarded with rare items and Neopoints. And with the great entertainment that Neopets can bring to the visitors, it's not surprising that many take the game seriously and improve their Neopets' attributes and items. They buy Neopoints online to hasten the upgrading of their Neopets that will allow them to compete in Battledome and other special events hosted by the game. With all the convenience that Neopet online stores like can offer, why settle for day's hard work of earning Neopoints in a small amount, when there's a Neopet store that can be trusted. Explains the Reasons Why Purchasing Neopoints Is the Shortcut to Neopian Glory

LogoNeopoints is the digital currency in Neopets that is essential to visitors for them to purchase the epic Battledome weapons to win matches, customize Neopets color and artwork with paintbrushes, or buy the unconverted Neopets items they've been dreaming of. But to buy Neopoints cheap package deals, they have to make sure that the Neopoints provider is fast, reliable and safe – and that's what makes the the best choice when it comes to great Neopet deals with unbeatable price.

Babycase on Kickstarter: The First and Only Non-Toxic, Media Device Case That Makes a Smart Phone or Tablet Baby Proof and Baby Safe

LogoFew people, if any, can get through the day without having their smartphone or tablet close at hand. Close at hand for us means close at hand for a baby who will use just about anything they can get their little hands on for teething purposes. If risk of damage to the device or exposing baby to bacteria weren't bad enough, there are much bigger problems to face. That's because smartphone and tablet cases are made from toxic plastics and designed with paints or coatings that are linked to cancer, neurological and behavior disorders, obesity and worse. Every baby teething on a high tech gadget is exposed to all of these heath risks.