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Newly Released Minecraft Server Hosting for Better Gaming

Newly released Minecraft server hosting at is set to offer the best services and best gaming experience.

XYZ and Uniregistry Announce Joint Venture to Launch .Cars, .Car, and .Auto

Cars Registry Limited, a new domain name registry operated by industry leaders XYZ and Uniregistry, has acquired a trifecta of domain extensions specific to the automotive industry. This trio of extensions was completed recently with the acquisition of the highly coveted .Car domain extension from Google.

LectureMonkey Announces the World's First Self Service Lecture Capture Solution for Students

LogoLectureCapture is a fast growing market, and it has shown to be beneficial both the students and faculty. Studies have shown that students see great value in being able to access lecture recordings in order to make up missed classes and review material prior to exams. Many universities are adopting some form of lecture capture, even though it is a hassle for the faculty and expensive for the university. Even secondary and primary schools are starting to experiment with the technology.

Brainberry Global Seeks Funding via Indiegogo to Introduce Minute of Life, an Augmented Reality Video Messaging Service

LogoBrainberry Global firmly believes that time is the most valuable possession for every person in this world. This is the reason they created Minute of Life by taking a minute, and placing a message within that minute. With its minute gifts and messages, Minute of Life can work wonders for people that want to share their life and love with the ones they care about.

Simon Vicari Starts Indiegogo Campaign to Complete the Development of NEXTtoME

LogoThe NEXTtoME team firmly believes that health, personal safety, and air quality are three key elements towards building a sustainable world. This is why they wanted to create a device that is capable of monitoring the most important environmental factors through its combination of ten sensor systems. Not stopping there, they envisioned a device can really be used by anyone, anywhere with very minimal interaction with the device as the gadget adapts to the user's behavior, not the user adapting to the device make the most unobtrusive wearable tech. Their efforts have led to the creation of NEXTtoME, the most advanced technological wearable on the market.

The 2-20 Family of Companies Launches Company-Wide Mobile-Friendly Websites

The 2-20 Family of Companies, with information management companies throughout the United States, is proud to announce the launch of its Mobile Sites. Their family of companies is known for document storage solutions in New York City and other cities nationwide. Each of the 2-20 Family of Companies has simultaneously launched a mobile site to provide the best end user experience available for fluid content delivered on smartphones and tablets.

Agriculture Technology: Wireless Control Through Smartphones in Ag Applications

JCA Electronics, specialist in the design and manufacture of electronic control systems for original equipment manufacturers, announces its new machine-to-machine (M2M) capabilities that bring real value to the control and monitoring of agricultural equipment.

Newly Released PSN Code Generator Set to Give Better Gaming Experience

For enthusiastic gamers seeking to go ahead of certain game levels, the website comes as an immense relief. The website provides a variety of game hacks and cheats like the psn code generator to gamers completely free of cost. Gamers who want to take the advantage of the offers at this site and gain access to hacks of all the popular games on the internet are required to simply fill up the form. This is seen as a potential business model as gamers are always on the search for easier ways to raise their gaming scores. The contest held on MMOG games also induce gamers to lookout for game hacks to go to the next stage or level.

Rancho Santa Fe Home Theater Now Offering the Power of MOZAEX Controlled by Smart Phone

Rancho Santa Fe Home Theatre are known for creating the very best home entertainment systems in San Diego and the surrounding areas, they are now one of the few contractors in the country who can install MOZAEX systems, an ultra-elite, immersive, whole-home entertainment system with integrated high-speed home networking. They have just taken the technology a step further, operating fully remoteless operation through a unique new smartphone app that allows people to manage devices and options in the palm of their hand.

The World Just Got Smaller - Social Language Chat App 'Hello Pal' Launched

Hello Pal International Inc. ("HPI"), an international company specializing in education and language learning, recently launched its first Android app, Hello Pal.

Randy Robert Seeks Funding Support via Kickstarter to Start the Production of Garage Beacon 2.0

LogoThe Garage Beacon team took inspiration from the continuous pain faced by their neighbors with their Garage Door Remotes. It has been observed that people often lose or break their remotes. Also, in order to provide garage access to friends and family members, duplication of the Garage Door Remotes becomes a necessity. The team led by co-founder Randy Robert has come up with an easy solution to open the garage with something people always have with them, their smartphone.

Shift – The Mobile Game That Takes the Young to Hunt Each Other Outside – "Hunger Games" Was Never So Real

We are truly excited to present Shift – Augmented Games' first real life,location based "Hunger Games" style game played through your mobile device. The game occurs in both the virtual and the real world while the player's main goal is to physically hunt or escape from their opponent in the real world. Along with a rich social experience and smooth interaction between the players, there is no wonder whyShift is generating high interests among young crowds. Shift is currently available in US, Canada, UK and Israel. For WW launch we have initiated an Indiegogo campaign– refer to the bottom of page) Offers Bulk SMS Services in Bangladesh

In the world of today, the thing seen every day by every single person of this world would be mobile phones. Mobile phones are the most popular technological advancements in recent times. Nothing has spread across the world faster than mobile phones and for people using them, no technology is more important. Mobiles are now even found in the pockets of beggars, though they try to keep as discrete about it as they can because what beggar would want others to know that he or she has a mobile phone in their pocket. Mobiles are one of the best ways to stay in contact with a person's friends, family, workplace, co workers etc. Mobiles are now an integral part of our system and are a must buy. But, what is it about the mobiles that make the communication so easy?

Improving TV Program and Movie Viewing Experience with Apps and Software Available for Windows Tablet

LogoFlexible features of the windows tablet are one of the characteristics that most consumers are looking for on every slate they come across in the market. For some time, people have become more demanding on the features that electronic devices can offer. And since windows tablet has become a staple gadget in every household, it cannot be denied that for once, people have wondered for the great possibility of bringing their viewing experience from TV to these slates.

Player X Website Undergoes Total Redesign to Increase Engagement with a Range of New Features

Computer gaming is now the biggest entertainment industry in the world, and it's easy to see why. Computer games provide immersive worlds and storytelling experiences that make players the protagonist, with their choices responsible for the outcome. Player X is a website committed to providing the best coverage of this burgeoning industry, and has undertaken a comprehensive redesign to ensure the quality of their content is matched by the quality of user experience, replete with new features and content.

Legithacks4u Introduces Face Time for Android

The team at has recently introduced face time for android. This program makes it possible for android users to facetime with their buddies even without using any of the apple devices. This comes as good news for android users as it works on all android devices. This special app created by the team of experts at is easy to use.

The Next Big Players in Mobile Health: Apple Watch and Dario

The market for mobile health monitoring and diagnostics is projected to reach $8 billion by 2019. Two key players in this market are Apple with its Apple Watch and LabStyle Innovations, maker of the Dario Diabetes Management System. This emerging market for small, sleek and often wearable devices that function as mobile healthcare diagnostic devices was estimated at a mere $650 million in 2012. It has been dominated by cardiac monitors that work in conjunction with smart phones. According to Transparency Market Research, the market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 43%, led by growth in the mobile glucose monitoring segment. This is where LabStyle comes in with the Dario.

CloneBD Updates Flagship Complete Blu-Ray Multimedia Solution

CloneBD, which has offered DVD and Blu-ray applications since 2003, has released CloneBD v7.2.1.4, an update to its flagship CloneBD 7 software. The new version supports Windows 10 and adds modules for a Photo Slideshow Maker and a Burner. Other additions including new Valentine's Day themed Blu-ray/DVD disc menu templates, functionality to clear downloader browsing history, and a new Online Blu-ray/DVD menu templates display. Version also increases disc reading for Ripper and Copy function modules and fixes non-English DTS audio track errors for copying and ripping discs.

Mobilemlo App Finds Great Success

MobileMLO app is a game changing piece of software that makes the mortgage process transparent for the benefit of home buyers.

Lettuce Love Cafe Fosters Growing Vegan Movement with Launch of New Mobile App

Recent reports indicate Ontario's vegan population has currently reached an estimated 4 percent with the number of converts expected to increase exponentially over the next decade. Despite this rapidly growing movement, those searching for dining options in this genre find themselves with few alternatives. In answer to this gap in supply and demand, Lettuce Love Cafe opened its doors in 2010.

Iphonedoktermaastricht Announces the Launch a Brand New Service for Iphone Owners

iphonedoktermaastricht has announced that there is a new service provided by them for any kind of iphone repair. They are all set to provide a professional service which is aimed to give full customer satisfaction. Skilled professional technicians and friendly operators will assist the customer in getting their iphone repaired in just a matter of few days. They offer expert help in repairing seamless glass, water damaged iphone, and all kinds of computers and tablets too. Most of all they provide dedicated iphone support to all the iphone owners that comes to them for repair.

Iphone Unlock Bypass for At&T Mobile Released

The experts at continue to get better at the proficiency of their programmed unlocking system to serve the internet users round the clock and ensure they can unlock all iphone models. The team understands the need to unlock the importance of locked phones and aid trade and recycle them while filling their pockets with money. They are dedicated to widening and ensuring they have the best prices for their customers.

Plagold Unveils the Fastest Premium microSD Card

Plagold, a brand of cellphone and camera accessories, centered on delivering reliable and high quality products, has launched their Micro SD Card 32 GB Class 10 Ultra-High Speed (UHS-I). The company claims that their micro SD card is among the fastest Micro SD cards available in the market. The Plagold Micro SD Card 32 GB Class 10 is available on Plagold store for $19.99 USD.

'Instagram First' Influencer Marketing Platform Sharkreach Closes Funding Round with Aria Management Group

LogoSharkReach (, the premiere mobile influencer marketing platform announced today the closing of their most recent funding round.

All Trivia Crack Cheats Creates Mobile and PC Friendly Hack Tool for Popular App Game to Get Answers

Trivia Crack is so cheekily entitled because the game promises one of the most addictive and compelling experiences of any flash game. Using basic trivia individuals can face off against their friends or other random players in a huge array of categories to play the game. Frustration builds as gaps in knowledge become apparent, and All Trivia Crack Cheats has been created to overcome these limitations.