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Smartphone Users Can Now Cut Down the Costs of Their Phone Usage

Those who are using contract plans for their cellular networks can now pay less because the news is they can switch to the wireless plans of the best value offered Free Mobile Data The company assures that the costs users incur for the latest smartphones like the iPhone 5S may come down even by 50% if they switch to their wireless plans..

National Parent Engagement Problem Improved with Mobile App

Twenty years of research indicates parent engagement as a root cause of student success. The North Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice is proactively addressing the problem through a strategic partnership with IdleMind Technologies LLC. IdleMind Technologies LLC was formed to develop, and bring to market, PimPoints®, a patent-pending technology that rewards parents through a mobile points system for being active in their child's life. This newly formed partnership excites interest from the K-12 ecosystem as innovation improves a long-standing problem.

Crowdfunding Campaign Launched to Provide a Dedicated Web App to Support Autistic Children and Their Families

A new and important crowdfunding campaign has been launched to provide a Web App that will give much-needed support to Autistic children and their families. The people behind the campaign Longship Technology hope to raise $75,000 to make the web app a reality.

Top Mobile App Developer in Singapore Offers Customized Apps

3A Marketing Solution, the preferred mobile apps developer in Singapore, has announced it is offering its awesome customized mobile apps to businesses in its home city at reasonable prices. What's more, the affordable and effective apps are integrated with the businesses websites and social media platforms for optimized market visibility certain to make a positive impression.

New iOS 8.3 iCloud Removal & iCloud Bypass Activation for iPhone 6 Plus, 5s, 4s to iPod Touch

News-den reportedly managed iCloud Unlock and bypass iCloud activation for locked Apple Devices. It's allowing users to restore iCloud without authentication and Activate "Find My iPhone". The tool can unlock iOS 8.3 iCloud on iPhone 6 Plus, 5s, 5, 4s, iPod Touch, iPad Air. The feature was created by Aqua and Merck to unlock iCloud Account. Now News-den describes new system for it. Aims to Boosts the Neopet Gaming Experience with Neopoints Packages, Game Items and Great Customer Service

LogoNeopets is a virtual pet website for all ages that offers nothing but fun and excitement on each and every daily activity that will help the Neopets of the visitors to level up. The game is filled with adventures and quest that once visitors complete it, they will be rewarded with rare items and Neopoints. And with the great entertainment that Neopets can bring to the visitors, it's not surprising that many take the game seriously and improve their Neopets' attributes and items. They buy Neopoints online to hasten the upgrading of their Neopets that will allow them to compete in Battledome and other special events hosted by the game. With all the convenience that Neopet online stores like can offer, why settle for day's hard work of earning Neopoints in a small amount, when there's a Neopet store that can be trusted. Explains the Reasons Why Purchasing Neopoints Is the Shortcut to Neopian Glory

LogoNeopoints is the digital currency in Neopets that is essential to visitors for them to purchase the epic Battledome weapons to win matches, customize Neopets color and artwork with paintbrushes, or buy the unconverted Neopets items they've been dreaming of. But to buy Neopoints cheap package deals, they have to make sure that the Neopoints provider is fast, reliable and safe – and that's what makes the the best choice when it comes to great Neopet deals with unbeatable price.

Babycase on Kickstarter: The First and Only Non-Toxic, Media Device Case That Makes a Smart Phone or Tablet Baby Proof and Baby Safe

LogoFew people, if any, can get through the day without having their smartphone or tablet close at hand. Close at hand for us means close at hand for a baby who will use just about anything they can get their little hands on for teething purposes. If risk of damage to the device or exposing baby to bacteria weren't bad enough, there are much bigger problems to face. That's because smartphone and tablet cases are made from toxic plastics and designed with paints or coatings that are linked to cancer, neurological and behavior disorders, obesity and worse. Every baby teething on a high tech gadget is exposed to all of these heath risks.

Aid to Your Housework Now Easy with Get Maid

Ever since the success of Uber, on demand services have caught the attention of almost all users and with the facility to get any service at their very own doorstep any time, the need for mobile applications for every business is still on the rise. With their ease of use and success, Uber like applications do solve the purpose and there are several apps for on demand services like laundry, beauty service, food and wine delivery etc. online already.

Car Phone Holder Compatible with All Smartphones Becomes a Big Seller on Amazon

Mobile phones have become a growing problem for the emergency services. With more people owning a cell phone and being tempted to use it while driving, the emergency services are finding themselves attending more road traffic accidents. One company who has found a solution to reducing road traffic accident is enviCAR

Intuitive New Online Shop Launched by Prime Digital World

LogoConsumer electronics retailer, Prime Digital World introduces its new online store to cater to the needs of their growing customers. The online shop is fully powered by Amazon to ensure that there is a wide array of products and accessories available at a wider scope of audience.

DimensionU Launches Innovative New Teachers App

LogoDimensionU, Inc. announced today the release of an innovative new app for educators called "Teachers by DimensionU." The application is now available for free on the web or iOS (iPhone & iPad), for any educator who uses DimensionU in the classroom. The application will also be available on Android devices soon.

Finally a Free Dating App That Makes Complete Swinger Sense

Swinger couples often find themselves confused as to how to approach couples as well as singles who would like to explore similar interests. Also, there is no real way to build communication that can result in meaningful experiences.

All Points Chemdry Carpet Cleaning Launches New Mobile Friendly Website to Avert Mobilegeddon

Homes are difficult to keep clean at the best of times, and carpets in particular. Carpets provide a comforting surface for floors, but their soft fibers also harbor dust and dirt and other particulars, which land there by force of gravity before being engrained by regular footfalls. As such, it takes a specialist to do thorough carper cleaning, and All Points Chemdry is that specialist. They have just created a new, mobile-friendly website to avoid Google's Mobilegeddon and ensure the citizens of Orange County can find the best carpet cleaning services more easily than ever.

The Ultimate PC Game Recorder and Streamer - liteCam Game 5.0 Is Available for Pre-Order on Kickstarter

LogoCurrently, liteCam Game is considered to be the most compatible PC game recorder that can be used to record virtually any PC game. liteCam Game has been used by hundreds of thousands of gamers and featured on several notable websites. The software is easy to use, and can be used on any Windows PC. Now, the liteCam team is seeking funding support as they take liteCam Game to the next level.

R4 3DS Offers Information and Access to R4 3ds and R4i Sdhc Line of Flash Cards for Nintendo Systems

Nintendo is among the popular gaming consoles which has been used by gamers from across the world. There have been world class games and many are scheduled to arrive in this coming year. Each of these games come with high definition gaming experience which seems to be more like the real world experience. The consoles have evolved and it is not only the children who are addicted to these games but more and more adults are getting attracted to them. To enhance the experience, there are several cards and accessories which are offered in the market. Linker 3DS with linker r4i gold 3ds, acekard 2i, r4i gold 3ds rts, Supercard DSTWO, gateway 3DS, etc. offer the option to play the best games on Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL in each of its versions. R4 3DS is an official website for R4 3DS and its related products for Nintendo Console 3DS. These cards are programmed and defined as linker that allows the players to play DS games and can also be used for Mp3 songs, films, take photos, etc.

KickStarter Campaign Launched for a Life Story, a Story Driven Dramatic Game

Sharp Ruby Games has announced a new story driven, dramatic game named "A Life Story" which will be centered on the life and dreams of a young boy, who hopes to become a pianist one day. Ruby Sharp is an indie game development company that has just started and A Life Story is one of the five games the company has planned, of which "A Life Story" will be the first. To fund the completion of the game development, marketing, distribution and legal expenses the company is looking towards the generosity of people, the company has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign to accumulate at least $20,000 USD by Thu, Jun 11 2015. Launches Worldwide Mobile Recharge with Bitcoin, Utility Bills Payments with Cryptocurrency, and More

Hong-Kong based company Sam Sien Trading Ltd recently launched startup This global online recharge service allows users from 110+ countries to top up their mobile phones or buy airtime from over 450 providers and to pay utility bills, loans, TV, internet and other services in some of these countries with Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and other payment methods. Besides topping up cell phones and paying for utility bills, 12charge allows to recharge a variety of global services like IP telephony (VoIP) including Skype, travel sim cards top up, as well as to purchase game currency in a number of online games, fund social networks accounts and more.

Sentinel-Tech Announces the Launch of Its New Universal Phone/GPS Holder on Amazon.Com

LogoA US based company named Sentinel-Tech, announced the launch of its new product on The product is a universal phone/ GPS holder that can easily be mounted in any vehicle. The company has launched this product on so that people can buy it online from coast-to-coast. The cost of this phone/ GPS holder is $19.99 but the company is offering this product at a 50 percent discount for a limited time. This phone/ GPS holder is designed to hold all universal phones and GPS devices regardless of their shape and design. According to the experts, this phone/ GPS holder will help people to talk on their phone or use GPS devices while driving without losing sight of the path they are on.

Top Team of Hackers Releases the Ultimate Secret of Monster Legends Hack

A team of hackers has recently released a hacking tool for monster legends. Online gamers never get enough of playing games online and for this very reason the team of experts at has ultimately come up with a hack tool. This tool can be downloaded to any tablets, mobile phones and computers. These tools are quite compatible with all the operating system like android, window, ios, Linux and MAC. With this hack tool players are no longer required to buy resources such as gold, gems, meals etc. in order to advance in the game.

RCA Explains the Benefits of Choosing HDTV Antennas as the Leading Broadcast Channel Provider

LogoOver the years, television has been the sole entertainment of people that if this will be taken away from them, they would probably think that life would be now meaningless. From the typical rabbit ears to cable subscription, to HDTV antenna; truly, the viewing experience have evolve so much that people are left wondering what would be the next thing. And with the great consumption of the consumers to the electronic slim box that produces moving images with audio through antennas that picks up any signals over the air, it cannot be denied that most people become more binge viewers when RCA Antenna had introduced its latest HDTV antenna that defies the capabilities of cable subscriptions and conventional antennas and satellites.

Kijini App Uses the Voice to Support Health

Today, KIJINI, INC. announced its Indiegogo campaign to finalize the development of its eponymous KIJINI, an iOS and Android program with a set of apps capable of deciphering the user's voice to provide highly accurate information about critical aspects of his/her health, wellness, and vitality, from nutrition to muscles to diet to personality and more.

Epic Gaming Controls Publishes Editor's Picks to Highlight Recommended Products

Computer games are now the biggest entertainment industry in the world, and it's easy to see why. In film, a genre is often a collection of tropes or a visual aesthetic, where in gaming a genre can entirely redefine the experience. First person, third person, strategy, role play – the diversity has created unparalleled success by combining storytelling with a user-defined experience. Interacting with games is nevertheless still imperfect, and controls can be the most frustrating part of a game if realized badly. Epic Gaming Controls regularly reviews controls to give players the opportunity to enjoy the best experience, and has created an Editor's Picks section to collate the very best products available.

Testore Offers Popular Apps and Games for iPhone and iPad

LogoFor the convenience of users, all games and applications are subdivided into a number of categories. Thus, Testore clients may choose between different game genres, including action, adventure, arcade, casino, card, dice and board games as well as simulators, strategies, educational, role playing, trivia, puzzle, racing, sports and family games. Among the most popular categories of applications, users may choose educational, business, entertaining, reading, cooking, medical, photo and video, sports, travel, social networking, weather, utility, reference and other informative and useful applications. "For those users who would like to learn more about different games and applications we offer, Testore is ready to provide informative reviews. This will help everyone choose the most impressive and needed apps or games", - this is what managers of the project say.

Crowdfunding Camping Soon to Be Launched for Worlds First and Only Sustainable Screen Protector

Sustainability is beneficial for the present and future of the world and all its inhabitants. Innovative solutions are paving way to ingenious products that make use of resources that have been discarded. Z screen protector is one such product that uses recycled glass to become the world's first and only sustainable screen protector. The developers of the Z screen protector believe that Z is a strong resilient, capable and comfortable. Z LLC will be launching a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, which is due to launch on 5/18/2015 with a funding goal of $5000 USD.