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Cozygaming Announces the Launching of New Best PC Gaming Chair Series for Game Players

Cozygaming recently announced the launch of their collections of comfortable gaming chairs. Most people simply ignore the importance of gaming chairs. Most importantly, a significant number of gamers get back and neck pain after sometime.

FlipForIt App Launched to Give Users a New Cyber Way to Flip a Coin on an Apple Watch

LogoMatt Ferguson (programmer) and Devin Williams (game creative) members of the Albuquerque Game Developer Guild has released a Game for the Apple Watch.

Puchipuchivirus Announces Easy to Install Minecraft Premium Gratis with Any Kind of Gaming Device

Puchipuchivirus has launched a new route in which the online minecraft players will be able to get minecraft premium accounts for free without having to pay anything. Puchipuchivirus delivers secure and good to go premium to the players account within some seconds of submitting the filled up form. They help the player to generate the best tools for the game. Most of the online gamers find that they are not able to move ahead in quick pace with the limited resources and tools that comes with regular play. They all need huge resource to build their team and complete task. Taking all the difficulties faced by the players of minecraft game, puchipuchivirus has set up for minecraft premium gratis. With this premium gratis they will be able to enjoy the game of adventure and quest nonstop.

Mystic Mobile LLC Launches Beer Menu Marketing App 'What's on Tapp?'

LogoMystic Mobile LLC just launched its new Beer Menu Marketing App 'What's On Tapp?' in a small press meet today. The app is specifically designed for bars and brewers, allowing them to create their own beer menu marketing app within the 'What's On Tapp?' network.

Clashofclanstricher.Fr Launches an Undetectable Method to Hack Clash of Clans

The latest hacking tool for the game Clash of Clans was recently by much to the delight of players all over the world. According to the website, their hacking tool allows Clash of Clans players to generate unlimited supply of game resources like elixir, gems and gold for free. Furthermore, players won't need to download any additional software to access this hack tool as it works online, is 100% undetectable and works comparatively faster in bringing the free game resources than other Clash of Clans hack tools.

Racingrivalscheats Launches Ultimate Generation of Racing Rivals Hack for Fierce Car Racing Games

Racingrivalscheats has launched a new form of getting cheats for online racing games. Started with the sole aim to provide unlimited cheats for getting ahead in racing games, this racingrivalscheats helps in getting ahead of the rival players in car racing. The racing rivals hack and cheats are adaptable with all the popular operating system such as android and IOs. The players can boost their profile with cash and cars and play nonstop. Racingrivalscheats came up with this idea as it is impossible to get huge cash and cars with normal gaming rewards. Besides no one is willing to part their real hard earned money on online games. Thus racing rivals hack supplies the help for insane gaming experience online.

Best People & Cell Phone Spy Publishes Major New Wave of Unique, Exclusive Content

Best People & Cell Phone Spy announced the publication of a large new wave of reviews and other content, the biggest yet in the popular, fast-growing website's history. Responding to requests from visitors, Best People & Cell Phone Spy editors commissioned an exclusive new guide to finding the best reverse cell phone lookup service, a unique resource that is expected to quickly become indispensable to readers. In addition, Best People & Cell Phone Spy launched a number of new reviews of specific reverse lookup and phone monitoring apps, hoping to make it easier for readers to sort through the present-day proliferation of such tools.

No More Worries About Lost Data on iOS Devices

Those who face the issue of data loss from their iOS devices have a good news. Handysoft has come out with an efficient software for iOS data recovery.

Make Love and War in 3rd Century China: 'Seven Sages of the Bamboo Groves'

Imagine two men… freedom fighters belonging to a group of rebel warriors who are scholars, musicians and poets.  Join them as they battle evil by day and make love and music together by moonlight. 

Micro Motion Systems Partners with Finisar to Provide Optical Modules and Transceivers to Canadians

Micro Motion Systems has just partnered with Finisar, a leading optical transceiver and component supplier, to meet the demand of Multiple System and Telecommunication Companies who desire top quality, affordable, 100% compatibility (with original router and switch manufacturers) fiber optic transceivers. Finisar designs, manufactures and tests every transceiver in their own manufacturing facilities.

Keeping Up with Technology: Mobile Websites

Over 70% of individuals will search for a website using their mobile device. However, not all websites are tailored to this audience. The sites may not work well generally or portions of them are difficult to see or read. When this occurs, customers cannot get information about products or services, which definitely puts a damper on business prospects. The Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches understands that customers often want to search and learn on the go, so they redesigned their website in late February 2015. Now, the site will work well with the latest technologies, like smart phones and tablets.

Multiple iPhone Factory Unlocking with One Time Fee

Unlocking an iPhone is a job of an expert. But with the help of Factory Unlocking from anybody can unlock their iPhones easily. This is the world's first one and only one solution to unlock an iPhone remotely. The same solution can be used on various models and different carriers. This system does not require any jailbreaking to be done. Now users can switch carriers wherever they go and to different parts of the world. The users need no prior technical knowhow or experience to use this system. It is a simple process that can be used by any person who owns an iPhone. There is no software or hardware fuss associated with this system.

Finally - Reliable Wireless Charging Arrives for Mobile Phone

The convenience and versatility of Smartphones is undeniable. Unfortunately, the battery life of these mini-computers is limited and the charging technology has not evolved at the same pace as the phones themselves.

A Desktop Charging Station That Charges Multiple USB Devices Is Fast Becoming a Big Hit on Amazon

A brand new desktop usb charging station recently launched on Amazon has thrown a lifeline to gadget freaks and families with multiple devices.

Fishing Joy 3 Continues to Entertain 65 Million Gamers Worldwide

Testin Crash Analytics team and Coco platforms that worked on Fishing Joy 3 are proud of how the game has performed worldwide. A venture which started as a dedicated hope to giving casual gamers a game that entertains is now, a cult favorite, all thanks to the commitment and the persistent efforts to improve quality that both the teams have put.

On Impressionists' Anniversary, New App Upgrades Your Color Mastery

LogoOn April 25th, 1874, the Impressionist art movement received its name. To honor this anniversary, Huedoku, an app which uses color to enhance cognition, is sharing a collection of color puzzles entitled "Vanishing Boundaries". The colors generated from artworks by Monet, Delacroix, Van Gogh and others, allow Huedoku players to discover insights about visual perception.

Tech Loft Expands Expert Smart Phone Repair to New Location in San Antonio

Smart phones are now considered an essential tool for day to day living, and despite the power and versatility of these devices, there is a fragility to them that leads to frequent problems. Cracked screens, hardware damage and software errors all cause phones to be inoperable, and when something goes wrong people need the devices repaired quickly and effectively. Tech Loft in San Antonio has an outstanding reputation for the repair of iPhones, iPads and iPods, and has just expanded their services to include a new location, to better serve more of San Antonio than ever before.

InDent Watchcase: Less Tech, More Time

LogoThe InDent Watchcase is being introduced to the public via an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. This campaign has a funding goal of $15,000 which needs to be raised in order to bring the InDent Watchcase to market. This new smartphone case adds inspired functionality to the standard protective iPhone case. The creative minds behind this new designer case state, "InDent Watchcase's vision is to merge the simplicity of the traditional watch with an iPhone protective case while providing a useful function and elegant designs that are unique to you. As a distinctive statement piece, it shows we are never afraid to color outside the lines."

IVIEW: Having the World in the Palm of Your Hands with Affordable Android Tablets and the Current Android Applications and Features

LogoThe internet and the emergence of the latest technologically advanced gadgets have dominated the world especially in terms of communication, education, business, and practical living. It is quite remarkable how these things have easily dominated the world and has made living a little more convenient. Having "the world in the palm of your hands" so to speak, allows each and every individual to access almost all the information they need with just a click of a button or with a tap of the fingers on touch-screen gadgets.

Release of the Wolf Game of "Wolf Online" Is Great News for Gamers

Here is an exciting news for those who love network games! Wolf Online, the best Real Network Survival Wolf Game has been released. 1GAMES has developed and published this game and it is a wildly addictive and free-to-play mobile adventure game suitable for smartphones and tablets on Android. This game that offers extremely realistic and addictive hunting system, is the multiplayer version of "Life of Wolf" that is a popular series and that has already crossed the 5-million mark of downloads across the globe.

New Free Dating App Matchmallows Uses Breakthrough Matchmaking Model to Discover Personality and Display Nearby Matches

LogoThis week, app designers announced the release of Matchmallows, a new dating app that geo-locates individuals and shows their match compatibility by percentage. The app is available for free download on iPhone & Android with information at website.

Plusvouchercode Launches New Improved Responsive Site to Help Users Accessing via Mobile and Tablet

Just two short years ago all websites had to design a mobile equivalent that would work independently of their main site, and redirect mobiles and tablets to a bare-bones version. With the advent of 4G, the need for such sites disappeared and websites now faced a new challenge to display perfectly on screens of different sizes and orientations. Popular discount code website, Plusvouchercode, has now met that challenge, with a fluidly responsive website that flexibly resizes to fit the screen it's loaded on, making bargain hunters around the world very happy.

The Decline of Movie Theaters Leads the Rise of Home Theaters

Today an average American chooses to watch movies in home theaters rather than going to a movie theater. What could be the reason for this change of choice? The simple reason for this shift in preference is the rise in ticket prices which have turned out to be unaffordable for the average person. Statistics show that just 1.26 billion tickets were sold in 2014 - which is the lowest number since 1995. Theater owners claim that this decline in movie attendance is largely due to the poor quality of the movies.

Interapps-Solutions Announce the Release of Their Total Followers App

Interapps-Solutions, an emerging app development company is pleased to announce the release of their "Total Followers" App that is exclusively made for the social media users. This app is a free to download app and can be installed on Android, Windows and iOS phones as well. The app is 100% guaranteed and 100% secure too. Users of Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram can now improve and increase the shares, likes and followers with the help of this app. This app offers the easiest and the most economical way to gain maximum exposures on the social media profiles of users. The app can be used by any social media user who is in business and wants to improve the visibility of their brand or service on social media.

iClever Providing Wide Range Accessories for Smartphone and Tablets

LogoiClever®, a company dealing in electronic gadgets for making life of customer simple is providing wide range of accessories related to smartphones and tablets. All the products have been designed by highly qualified team of experts. Products provided by the company include bluetooth gadgets, F.M transmitter, wall or car chargers, car holder mounts and more. They are compatible with all the renowned tablets and smartphones brands including, Samsung, Motorola, iPhone, Nexus, HTC and more.