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Lynk Secures Your Mobile Digital Identity

uConekt Inc., a Toronto based company, is launching a crowdfunding campaign for lynk, a wireless device that protects users' mobile digital identity on smart devices. "lynk's inception was very personal for me," says Vincent Ramoutar, founder of uConekt and creator of lynk.

New iCloud Bypass Activation Lock Discovered by Newsden for iOS 8 Devices

Newsden have reportedly managed to bypass iCloud activation lock allowing users to restore iDevices without authentication. The tool called doulCi was created by Aqua and Merck to unlock iCloud Account. Now Newsden describe new system for it.

Oockzy Announces Kickstarter Campaign for Its AWDock

LogoOockzy, a Netherlands-based design bureau, announced a new Kickstarter campaign to fund its AWDock, a charging dock for the upcoming Apple Watch.

On-Line Course Teaches How to Become a Mobile App Developer

Today, Antonio Pachon is a highly-paid mobile application developer in Dublin. He took a long and arduous route, however, to get where he is.

Snappii Announces a Featured App of the Week – Time Reporting

LogoToday Snappii, a codeless app development platform with over 80+ business apps available on Apple and Google Play Store, announces its featured app of the week – Time Reporting that is used by thousands of professionals all over the world. The app is installed on 3,000+ Smartphones and Tablets and the number is growing.

Sluggish iOS Devices Can Regain Their Speed and Performance

For those who are struggling with devices like iPhones, iPads, etc. that have become sluggish, here is a good news. The best iPhone Cleaner, PhoneClean, that is offered by Bestware, cleans up all the iOS devices and provides optimization solutions.

ECHO Protection Technologies Starts Indiegogo Campaign to Complete the Development of ECHO TLC-02

LogoAll communities around the world are greatly concerned about the health, safety and well-being of its children and young people. The number of reported incidents of child abuse and neglect has experienced a sharp rise in the recent years. Though parents and carers can be held accountable for the children's safety and welfare, ECHO Protection Technologies believes that it is the responsibility of the whole community to protect children and young people from abuse and neglect.

Encore Data Products Rolls out Flex-Phone Headphones

LogoMedia listening devices for children are plentiful. However, not all of them have safe, kid-friendly features. Encore Data Products recently added Hamilton Buhl's Flex-Phones™, a flexible and nearly indestructible headphone device that can be used safely by youngsters aged 3-7. Children as young as 3 can wear them, the headphones come with a snap band that allows it to expand as the child grows. Available in the bright colors of red and blue, plus black; Flex-Phones™ are appealing to both a young child and a safety concerned parent.

Wolf Online Has Been Named the Best Real Network Survival Wolf Game, Now Released

Wolf Online, which offers extreme realism and addictive hunting system, is a multiplayer version of the popular series, "Life of Wolf" that boasts of 5 million downloads globally. In the game, players must not only hunt down animals for survival but also survive brutal battles with other wolf clans, which is a unique characteristic of the game that sets it apart from others. Players must choose between Mountain Wolves, Snow Wolves, and Wild Wolves before entering the dangerous and ruthless battlefield where they are forced to continuously hunt animals and level up skills in order to survive.

Perfect Practice to Demonstrate Time Entry and Tracking in Real Time on a Smartphone at ABA Techshow 2015

Perfect Practice ®, an industry leader in software for the legal community, has just released Perfect Practice Mobile, one of the first real time case management software applications for mobile devices. It will be demonstrated live at the ABA Techshow 2015 on April 16 and April 17, 2015 in Chicago.

New Mobile App Enhances Social Media Images with Original Art

With the booming popularity of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, millions of photos and art pieces are posted every hour – for all the world to see.

DIY Mobile App Maker Opens New Doors to Speedy Promotion

Launching a mobile application is the quickest way to reach a wider market. An effective marketing tool, a mobile application is also a tool to tap into a market that is otherwise challenging to get to. While there are companies investing heavily in the design and development of mobile apps across the globe, start up firms as well as small businesses are struggling to make use of this opportunity.

Intulon LLC Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Scale Up Z-Command Production

LogoIntulon LLC has recently completed the creation of Z-Command, a wireless device for home automation, security and energy monitoring. This small and unobtrusive device makes it a breeze for the users to monitor, control, automate and secure their home and office, saving both money and energy at the same time. The responsive web interface works seamlessly across different screen types.

Web Entrepreneur Launches, a Website Featuring Indoor and Outdoor Speaker Systems

LogoL.C. Jiles is proud to announce the creation and launch of his new website venture, The website offers a wide range of speakers for indoor and outdoor use including waterproof speakers, indoor speakers, outdoor speakers, two way speakers, portable speakers, and much more. Jiles was inspired to start his website by his own love of listening to music. He wanted to provide customers with products that would make it so that they could listen to music wherever they wanted to and especially outside in their backyard or at a local park.

DIY Surveillance Pro Offering Wireless Cameras with Smart Phone Capabilities

LogoSetting up a security camera for a home or office space provides individuals with an added peace of mind that their families and possessions remain safe. When on the move, technology has advanced that allows surveillance systems to be monitored remotely. Providing innovative security systems, DIY Surveillance Pro is announcing they are now offering wireless cameras with smart phone capabilities. Whether observing recordings through use of an iPhone or Android device, users are presented with a variety of benefits with their IP and wireless cameras that are mobile compatible.

Money Saving Single Function Electrical Testers

Single Function Electrical Testers can accurately diagnose Circuits and transformers for problems and prevent equipment failure. Electricians can carry out a loop test for gauging the efficacy of RCD's and circuit breakers that are employed for insulation and protection against short-circuits. 17th edition single function electrical testers are exclusively designed to perform 17th edition & part p testing.

GeckoRed Waterproof Phone Case: Peace of Mind While You Are Fishing

GeckoRed, a rapidly growing company, and expert in manufacturing waterproof mobile phone accessories, is happy to announce the launch of His and Her 2 pack waterproof phone case ideal for any kind of water activities especially fishing.

Game Repair Inc. Announces Prize Schedule for April Yu-Gi-Oh Tournaments

LogoOne of the fastest growing venues for hosting Yu-Gi-Oh tournaments in the Las Vegas area, Game Repair Inc. is excited to announce their prize schedule for all April Yu-Gi-Oh trading card contests. The popular video game store in Las Vegas has extended their tournaments to three days every week, from Friday through Sunday. The action begins every Friday at 5:30 pm and every Saturday and Sunday at 3 pm, with signups available one hour prior to the start time.

San Francisco Bay Area Digital Agency Firm LeftMark Commences Its Blog, and Launches Premier Services for Mobile App Development and SEO

Leftmark, a full service digital agency based in San Francisco, California, today introduced their services for Mobile App Development and SEO.

SumatoKado: A New Card Game That Uses Smartphone Technology

If you think card games have no place in this fast-paced digital age, think again.

Web Hosting Review Boards Launches Improved New Site and Free Mobile Design Resources

Web Hosting Review Boards launched a redesigned, markedly mobile-friendly site along with a set of brand-new, free tools meant to help visitors do the same for their own websites. With search engine leader Google readying an April 21 gauntlet that will inflict penalties on those sites that are unacceptably difficult to access from smart phones and tablets, the operators of Web Hosting Review Boards sprang into action. The new Web Hosting Review Boards site is easier than ever before to navigate from any device, and the newly released tools will prove to be of great value to the site's many loyal fans.

Tiller Web Design Unveils New Fast-Track Mobile-Friendly Website Design Program

Standing ready to help clients meet a looming deadline imposed by Google, Tiller Web Design announced a new fast-track responsive web design program. The new service will help Tiller Web Design clients ensure that their websites meet the new mobile-device accessibility requirements laid down by the search giant, sparing them the search-results penalties that many other businesses and organizations will face. One of the state's leading web design, video production, and full-service marketing agencies, Tiller Web Design has a strong, consistent record of delivering results.

NovaTron CEO Announces Launch of New iOS Arcade Game, Endless Rocket Mania

Tawsif Hossain, CEO of NovaTron, Inc., announced the launch of the firm's new iOS game, Endless Rocket Mania . Launched on March 26, 2015, the arcade style game is available at the iTunes Store. The new game brings back all the fun of the early days of gaming in a modern platform.

Co-Founders Igor and Vlad Dudnyk Seeks Support from Indiegogo to Connect Deaf and Hearing People Through VisiTalks

LogoThere have been notable advances in communication technology in the recent years. However, the communication barrier between the deaf and hearing people has remained as it was many decades ago. Creating a communication support system for the deaf and hearing is not easy because it involves sign language translation services. Igor and Vlad Dudnyk are all set to solve this problem with their revolutionary communication system named VisiTalks.

EziAppMaker Launched: Easy, Reliable and Low Cost Way to Create Professional Mobile Apps for Android and iPhone

EziAppMaker is one revolutionary and effective system designed to help those who always wanted to create their own professional looking apps for Android and iPhone. What makes this system quite unique is that there's no need for the user to be a Java guru, Xcode expert or a software developer to create apps that look as appealing as any other app created by professionals. All users have to do is to go through the information, and correctly apply them.