Latest News Offers New Gem Hack Tool Unlocking All Levels Using Unlimited Clash of Clans Gems Cheats

Unlocking levels in Clash of Clans can take what feels like an age. In the addictive and repetitious world of online games like these, the frustration that builds due to a lack of in-game currency can be solved by simply buying it with real world currency. Many players feel cheated by this, and luckily, there is no a way to cheat back. Clash of Clans Gems Hack is a website that enables people to get unlimited gems, and players can now use these to unlock later levels and progress through the game at an unbeatable rate.

GoodFellas Announces Apple iPad Mini Giveaway

LogoLeading Scranton food joint GoodFellas has taken a further step to make its finger-licking treats more sumptuous with the announcement of Apple iPad Mini Giveaway of late. The Apple gift would be available for the V.I.Pizza members here.

IVIEWUS Shares Smart-Buying Rationales in Purchasing Tablets for Everyday Use

LogoWindows tablet are everywhere and are used by all age groups in different social statuses. With the yearly or even monthly release of newest yet affordable windows tablet from different known brands around the world; it cannot be denied that consumer's expectations and standards of these latest creations increases. Yet, despite the advances in the design, operating systems, camera resolutions, graphics, and memory capacity, many still opt for cheaper tablets with features that are beyond its price tag. And this is inevitable if consumers today become more and more practical with the gadgets they are buying because they are given the reason to choose and estimate the tablet in mind with the money in their pockets.

DreamSky Water - Resistant Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Launched Through Amazon

DreamSky, a reputable manufacturer of electro-acoustic transducers, recently launched    their latest product, a new waterproof Bluetooth speaker through Amazon, the largest shopping portal online. The owners have claimed that the Bluetooth  speaker is compatible with a variety of high-end smart phones including Apple iPhone, Samsung Smartphones, Motorola and HTC Smartphones. They have also added that the product is now available at only half the original price through Amazon as a part of the ongoing promotional campaign.

RCA Antennas Shares Reasons on Why Getting a Superb Quality of Channel Signals with Multidirectional Antennas Is as Easy as One, Two, Three

LogoWith the recent developments in improving the viewing experience of every American household from traditional one-directional antennas to cable subscriptions, the RCA Antenna is set to defy traditional channel signal receptors with multi-directional antennas that bring nothing but outstanding quality channel receptions; rain or shine.

Perfect Life Ideas Unveils Bluetooth Music Receiver

Perfect Life Ideas has announced a 33% discount on the Bluetooth Music Receiver, which can turn wired home stereo system into a Bluetooth Speaker system.

Introducing Skwag – A New Shoe Swapping Marketplace Coming Soon to iOS

Entrepreneur Oliver Cross is excited to announce the upcoming launch of Skwag ­ a new iOS application providing a dedicated marketplace for shoe lovers to browse and exchange footwear.

Brainsparker Launches Creative Thinking App for Apple Watch

Brainsparker, one of the top ranking creativity apps, announced today the release of the brainsparker Apple Watch app, available for free on the Apple App Store.

Announcing the SmartPack with Enhanced Locking Technology - Protects What Matters

Smart Armor, the Bluetooth enabled micro-locking company in Scottsdale, AZ, has announced the arrival of its second product the SmartPack, the world's most technologically advanced "Carryable" ever! Smart Armor prepares you to meet the outside world by "Protecting What Matters".

JUCE Energy Seeks Funding via Kickstarter to Complete the Development of JUCE Matchbook

LogoAll users of modern day electronic devices have been through the experience of their device going dead at a crucial moment. In this situation, the only solution is to find a charging outlet and wait till your device or rechargeable battery packs are refueled. Unfortunately, many of the users do not have the time for this lengthy procedure. The Matchbook from JUCE Energy promises to solve this problem.

Tommaso Forza and Team Seeks Indiegogo Funding to Take uCoolMe Mobile Application to the Next Level

LogouCoolMe, a new mobile application created by Tommaso Forza, promises to be different from hundreds of mobile apps that are released almost every day. This innovative social media tool has been designed to engage the teenagers and to be used by the business owners as an effective marketing platform. This intuitive social media also provides an attractive investment opportunity with substantial financial benefits.

Date Your Friends App Successfully Makes Friends Into Lovers

LogoMost everybody's got a secret crush. Now, Date Your Friends app users can anonymously make a friend a lover with a simple digital checkmark. Taking the risk out of the old adage, "Nothing ventured nothing gained." the dating app is the new 'secret' digital love letter. It creates a whole new level of anonymity for the dating pool and gives users a way to launch out into the deep end privately.

SpawnCandy Gaming Entertainment Is Changing the Future of Online Gaming

LogoOn April 15th 2015 SpawnCandy Gaming Entertainment officially launched their crowd funding campaign for a development project that has potential to change the game in regards to how gamers' socially connect online. The highly anticipated project is now available to view on the crowd funding website Indiegogo.

Dmytro Bershadskyy Seeks Crowdfunding via Indiegogo to Start Producing EmoFix

LogoDmytro Bershadskyy is pleased to announce that their life-changing Bluetooth device EmoFix is now available for pre-order on Indiegogo crowdfunding platform. EmoFix will allow mobile phone users the freedom to capture pictures and videos without having to touch their device. With a range of ten meters, EmoFix connects remotely to mobile devices to shoot pictures & videos utilizing the mobile phone's rear camera. This revolutionary device is perfectly suited for taking selfies, clicking group photos, shooting videos while moving, and capturing videos and images under water.

Daniel Castillo Buj Seeks Funding Support via Indiegogo to Complete the Development of WiC

LogoiPhone users around the world are constantly on the lookout for different accessories that help them optimize the use of their favorite gadget. Many avid users of iPhone end up carrying their charger out of the fear of running out of battery and being disconnected. Geotap has designed WiC, an advanced battery charger case that will solve this problem. This highly useful accessory can be connected through USB without using any additional cable.

Spy Whatsapp Rolls out Additional Features with Smartphone Compatibility

There have been a huge number of PC apps that have been introduced into the market. Experts have reportedly stated publicly that it is safe to say with confidence that most of these apps have been lost in the maze of competition, not being good enough to be noticed above the crowd of competitors.

Ares Drones Seek Funding via Kickstarter to Start Manufacturing Drones That Everyone Can Fly

LogoFlying a drone has always been every common man's dream. However, this is easier said than done because flying a drone requires a certain level of technical acumen. Ares Drones is looking to change this forever by creating easy-to-fly drones that completely eliminate the need to use complicated controls and cameras.

Best Android to iPhone Transfer Software Now Available Online

With more and more iphone and Android users in the world, it is hard to choose the best one from amongst them. Currently, a lot of people can be seen to be switching from Android to iPhone. Transferring data from one Android to iPhone can be a hassle for a lot of people as it is time-consuming and can also be rather technical. Even with this process being so difficult, it has now become possible for people to be able to transfer data from both of these mediums. is now featuring the top three software's that allow data transfer from Android to iPhone, which is quite impressive.

iPhone Repair Experts, Phone Repair Doctor Announces Launch of New Website

There's few things worse than needing your smartphone repaired and being without a qualified, affordable resource to turn to.  iPhone Repair specialists Phone Repair Doctor have built their shining reputation over the last four years providing just these kinds of services.  Recently, the company announced in an effort to better serve their clients, that they were launching a new website for their business,

Lynk Secures Your Mobile Digital Identity

uConekt Inc., a Toronto based company, is launching a crowdfunding campaign for lynk, a wireless device that protects users' mobile digital identity on smart devices. "lynk's inception was very personal for me," says Vincent Ramoutar, founder of uConekt and creator of lynk.

New iCloud Bypass Activation Lock Discovered by Newsden for iOS 8 Devices

Newsden have reportedly managed to bypass iCloud activation lock allowing users to restore iDevices without authentication. The tool called doulCi was created by Aqua and Merck to unlock iCloud Account. Now Newsden describe new system for it.

Oockzy Announces Kickstarter Campaign for Its AWDock

LogoOockzy, a Netherlands-based design bureau, announced a new Kickstarter campaign to fund its AWDock, a charging dock for the upcoming Apple Watch.

On-Line Course Teaches How to Become a Mobile App Developer

Today, Antonio Pachon is a highly-paid mobile application developer in Dublin. He took a long and arduous route, however, to get where he is.

Snappii Announces a Featured App of the Week – Time Reporting

LogoToday Snappii, a codeless app development platform with over 80+ business apps available on Apple and Google Play Store, announces its featured app of the week – Time Reporting that is used by thousands of professionals all over the world. The app is installed on 3,000+ Smartphones and Tablets and the number is growing.

Sluggish iOS Devices Can Regain Their Speed and Performance

For those who are struggling with devices like iPhones, iPads, etc. that have become sluggish, here is a good news. The best iPhone Cleaner, PhoneClean, that is offered by Bestware, cleans up all the iOS devices and provides optimization solutions.