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Revolutionary New Pendant Light Creating a Stir in Smart Lighting and Marketing

LogoPOVLAMP, the world's first 3D projection LED pendant lamp (patent pending) has already won a legion of fans eager to get involved. The allure of a futuristic lampshade that offers extreme customization has gripped the imagination of the masses.

FirstSing Rolled out 5.5 Inch FHD Android Smartphone with Fingerprint NFC and GPS

FirstSing Co., Ltd, a leading supplier of consumer electronics from China, recently launched their latest innovation – an FHD Android phone with 5.5 inch screen and NFC reader with fingerprint sensor. At a press conference held in Shenzhen recently, the top executives of the company were present to unveil the all new FHD Smartphone which runs on Android 6.0 and MTK6750T CPU processor.  And this phone has already been released in Japan in July, 2017.

Firstsing Launched Computer Case Fan with DC Dual Ball at Special Introductory Price

Firstsing, a leading consumer electronics seller and a procurement centre nestled in China, recently unveiled one of their flagship products, a computer case fan with DC dual ball at a trade fair held in Shenzhen, China. The owners stated at the press conference that the buyers can now buy the product at a special introductory price which is subject to expiry. The company, which also accepts OEM orders, has listed the product under the "Fans and Cooling" subcategory of products, where hundreds of such products are listed.

Firstsing Full HD 1080P 4.3 Inch Dual Lens Cameras Are to Be Marketed in More Than 200 Countries

Firstsing Full HD 1080P 4.3 inch Dual Lens Cameras, one of the latest products from the leading consumer electronics supplier from China, are going to be promoted in more than 200 countries. The owners of Firstsing said at a recent press conference that the Firstsing Full HD 1080P 4.3 inch Dual Lens Cameras Rearview Mirrors double wide angle view Car Black Box will be promoted, and possibly offered at special prices to consumers in Germany, USA, UK, Italy and around 200 more countries through authorized distributors.

Firstsing 3-in-1 Travel Charger Kit for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Officially Launched

Firstsing, a global wholesaler and supplier of consumer electronics, recently launched 3-in-1 travel charger kit which includes one US/UK/EU Standard Dual USB Power Charger that come with 30 Pins, 5 Micro Pins and one 8-Pin 3-in-1 Cable along with a USB Car Charger. The owners of Firstsing said that the 3-in-1 travel charger kit is compatible with iphone 4, 4S, 5, 5S and iPhone 6 as well as Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5 and similar models. They underlined that the charger can be used both indoors and outdoors, and can be a perfect accessory for someone who is travelling.

Firstsing 1960mAh Li-Ion Battery Replacement for iPhone 7 Comes Paired with Easy Wholesaler Payment Terms

Firstsing, a multi-million dollar procurement business based in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China, recently rolled out their 1960mAh Li-ion battery replacement for iPhone 7 along with special payment terms for retailers and wholesalers around the world. The company, which aims to become the global leader in the iPhone parts replacement market segment, now offers customized price quotes to customers in different parts of the world.

Firstsing Unveiled First Look of Waterproof 360-Degree WIFI Sports Action Camera and Video DV Camcorder

Firstsing's much-awaited waterproof 360-degree wide angle view WiFi Sports Camera and Video DV Camcorder was finally unveiled. At a recent press conference organized in Shenzhen, the manufacturers did not only let the press representatives and the delegates get the first look of the product, but they also went down to the finer details of the product and explained how the product might benefit the amateur and professional photographers and video professionals. Launches Memorable Sydney Wedding Videography

Wedding photography is an important aspect and to make the occasion memorable, the aforementioned website can be considered by people based in Sydney. There are many videos and movies as which have been created based on and all of these have been formulated by experts. The same can be perused on the online platform for a better perspective.

Atlanta Entertainment Systems Puts Home Under Control with Their Home Automation in Atlanta and Brookhaven Georgia

LogoNothing could make one's life easier if their home was to be under control. There is a simple way to do this. If one chooses to go for home automation in Atlanta and Brookhaven Georgia then that is going to solve half of their problems. With home automation, one can have all the controls of their home integrated together. There will be a single point of control enabling the homeowner to keep a tab on every small thing in their home. There is one company that can help in this regard, and that is Atlanta Entertainment Systems.

Freshub to Add Smart Kitchen Commerce Capabilities to TCL's Innovative Kitchen Assistant

LogoSmart Kitchen Commerce pioneer Freshub today announced it has formed a partnership with tech giant TCL, one of the world's largest consumer electronics brands, to market a Freshub-enabled voice-controlled personal assistant.

FREEDOHM COMPUTERS Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Make Upscale Computers for Any OS

LogoOn November 20, the new tech startup FREEDOHM COMPUTERS announced the launch of crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo platform to make upscale workstations and home computers compatible with any operating system.

Think Box Media Does It Again: Making a Bland Staircase Into a Masterpiece

When it comes to offices and empty staircases, the overall atmosphere may feel drab and uninspiring; however, living life like that day in and day out can take its toll. For Pulsepoint, this may very well have been the case. Their staircase, although serving its purpose of transitioning floors, was bland, white-walled, and devoid of an artistic need to galvanize. Taking their situation to Think Box Media and their high-quality printing services in New York was the best decision they could make.

Canada Home Security Launches a Free Home Security System Offer for Homes, Condos, and Offices

LogoCanada Home Security, a leading home security alarm monitoring company in Canada, recently launched a free home security system offer for customers who sign up for the company's security monitoring services.

Amador Valley High School Stadium Turns on with Powersoft

LogoLocated in the San Francisco Bay area, Amador Valley High School in Pleasanton, California, is known for both its academic achievements and its football team, which boasts a winning record so far this season. As one of two high schools in a town of 74,000, Amador Valley High School serves 2,650 students and 175 staff members who pack the stands on Friday nights to watch their 'Dons' take on the competition.

Smart Home Specialist, Inspire Audio Visual, to Offer AV Services in Exchange for Bitcoin

LogoSmart home specialist Inspire Audio Visual will become Britain's first AV Company to offer its services in exchange for the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

Mobile Signal Booster Now Provides Strong Mobile Coverage and Internet Connection in the United Kingdom

LogoStrong and reliable mobile connection matters a lots for the prevailing amount of users across the globe. In the world of today, it's important to stay in touch with business partners and loved ones everywhere and anytime. Mobile Signal Booster has taken care of this crucial nuance, having made it possible for the residents of the United Kingdom to use strong, safe and affordable mobile coverage.

Now People Can Buy and Sell Property from Their Smartphone

LogoGroundbreaking news hit the real estate industry in the United States today as Trent Real Estate, Inc of West Palm Beach, FL, announced that the first build of its unique real estate mobile software application was complete.

Professional Housing for Samsung Gear 360 Is Now Available via Kickstarter

LogoGreat news for all the underwater swimmers, water sports enthusiasts and scuba divers around the world as they can now get a professional housing for the Samsung Gear 360 via Kickstarter. The professional underwater housing is being offered on the crowdfunding platform for its 2016 version and it is packed with several amazing features. Moreover, the company is offering this amazing kit with worldwide shipping for all those who will pledge in this Kickstarter campaign.

D&S Security Brings to the Market High Tech Security Systems in Anaheim and Long Beach California

LogoSince 1987, California businesses and residential clients have depended on D & S Security to provide comprehensive commercial security systems in Anaheim and Long Beach California. Businesses throughout the U.S have kept their trust on D & S Security to offer comprehensive security solutions. They have the industry knowledge when it comes to protecting businesses. The team loves their job, and they engage in continuing education, ensuring they are always on the cutting edge of security technologies. The nature of the industry does not matter for D & S Security. They will address every client who asks for their assistance and customizes security solutions that address specific risks faced by today's businesses. They work closely with their clients as that leads to a better understanding and they provide uncompromising protection within one's budget. At D & S Security, their primary goal is to offer protection to one's business, and they make an effort to prove their words.

Socal Access and Video Installs Security Cameras in Pasadena and Ontario California

LogoIn current times installing a security camera on the property is not a mark of luxury. Rather, it is a necessity. Though homeowners too can opt for video surveillance in Ontario and Rancho Cucamonga, it is often an option for them. Business owners cannot consider it as an option. They have to install security cameras to keep their properties safe. There is one company that all business owners rely on for bringing the best video surveillance and security cameras at best possible price. SoCal Access and Video is the name that they can trust.

Socal Access & Video Offers Video Surveillance in Ontario and Rancho Cucamonga for All Properties

LogoSoCal Access and Video specialize in video surveillance systems, video security cameras, and custom built and fully integrated digital video surveillance system for every business, industry, and institution. They are a recognized business security systems company and an access control systems provider. The company is one of the best when it comes to offering top video surveillance in Ontario and Rancho Cucamonga for business owners. Clients rest their trust in them because of their professionalism, dedication to customer service and thorough knowledge of business security systems.

Voice Changer Software Diamond Adds Two New Morpher Tools for File Processing

LogoAudio4fun announces the newest update for Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5 with the brand new tools Tempo Morpher and Volume Booster included in its File Morpher feature. These two new tools are the major change in functionality that can help File Morpher perform better with more audio morphing options.

CamOFF Is a Stylish Webcam Cover That Gives Users Back Their Privacy

LogoPrivacy protection in today's world has never been a more pressing concern. CamOFF, a stylish new webcam cover that promises to give user's their privacy back, is live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

The Best Wedding Photography in Sydney -

Natural looking pictures and videos for their wedding - Light Heart Films & Photography. It is an entity based in Sydney and their services include photography, wedding movies and videography that cover all the major occasions of a wedding. They claim to create beautiful memories of the special day with the help of their professional photographers.

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