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An Amazing New Rogue-Like Roleplaying Game Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Heroicis: Web of Memories is an all-new and exciting rogue-like RPG game that is designed for the next generation of gamers worldwide. The creators of this remarkable game are collectively called NecroLore, which is basically a small indie company of about two people making their first game. Moreover, it is a PC game for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms and the indie gaming company has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds and support for this project.

JPR Forecasts 20 Million PC Gamers Will Defect to TV Gaming Platforms

Jon Peddie Research (JPR), the market research firm for the computer graphics industry has issued its latest studies for PC, TV, and Cloud Gaming Hardware. JPR forecasts that 20 million PC Gamers will defect to TV Gaming platforms in the 2018 – 2022 timeframe, loosely correlated with the decline of the PC platform globally. The majority will come from the low-end (under $1000 full build cost), but because of improvements in TV displays and console semiconductors, as well as console exclusive titles, the ranks of mid-range and high-end PC gamer populations are also affected.

Enkidu H1: An Innovative Harness for Phone Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Now Seeking Community Support via Kickstarter, This Wearable Tech will Solve Many Problems for the Active People Worldwide!

Courting Your Soulmate (CYS): A Free Mobile Dating App Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Courting Your Soulmate (CYS) is an all-new free mobile dating app that takes the concept of online dating to the next level. The app is absolutely free of cost and it even comes with mini games embedded to maximize the user experience. Moreover, it also does not require any monthly account upgrades and the app is created by a group of young entrepreneurs, who aim at changing the entire perception of dating apps worldwide.

My Phillie Wireless Offers Affordable Smartphone Repair Services in Philadelphia

Through offering risk-free guaranteed cell phone repair services, My Phillie Wireless is a trusted partner when individuals are looking to have their smartphones and other electronic devices repaired quickly, affordably, and most importantly, correctly.

Shop from an Exclusive Range of Drones for Beginners and Professionals is pleased to feature the latest models of drones for hobbyists and drone lovers out there. The UAVs or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are not new to today's modern world that is dominated by technology. They have been in the news ever since the inception of the previous century and the industry today has witnessed an exceptional progress over the past decade. Drones are now easily accessible even by normal people and hobbyists. People are now using drones for a variety of purposes including gaming competitions, photography, videography and many others apart from official and military operations. Drones have also witnessed sudden popularity primarily because they are much more affordable today than they were a few years ago.

An Assortment of High-Tech Headsets and Headphones for Gaming, Music, Entertainment

Headphones Stores is an online store that caters to the widest listening preferences by offering customers an exclusive range of headsets and headphones. The store features high-tech listening devices such as the noise canceling headphones, Bluetooth headphones and headphones in different designs and models. The Bengoo N12 Gaming Headset is one of the fast moving headsets. Priced at just $22.09 as against the original price of $79.99, this headset comes with latest tech features such as noise canceling mic, on-line volume, mic control, USB compatibility, soft memory earmuffs, 7.1 virtual surround sound, etc. Gamers can now play their favorite games with maximum experience.

Atlanta's Verifyd Launches First-Ever Remote Bidding App for Foreclosure Auctions

LogoVerifyd, an Atlanta-based Fintech team responsible for the creation of the only system that provides the date, time, and location of foreclosure sales in real-time, this week announced after one year of successful app testing, they are rolling out their new app, Verifyd Bidder in other Georgia counties.

ProCom Focuses on Quick Installations for Business Owners

LogoWhen small business owners need high-speed internet access or clear telephone service to assist their clients and customers, they know that their team can't afford to shut down for days or even weeks while their package is installed. ProCom focuses on providing quick installations for their business internet services in Garrett County, Maryland to keep small business owners and their team competitive and on-task.

Authenticate Pro Inc. Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Shoppers and Sellers the Authenticator App

Authenticate Pro Inc. has proudly announced that it is introducing a revolutionary new process that will bring buyers, sellers and experts together in preventing counterfeiting during retail or e-commerce shopping. This patent-pending process has been introduced by the company in form of a smartphone application, and the California based company has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds and support for this project.

The Great Voice Company Offers Tips for Directing Voice over Performances

As the country's premier provider of professional voice over services and voice over training, The Great Voice Company understands the importance of clearly and meaningfully conveying a brand's message. Now, the industry-leading voice over company is offering directing tips to get the most out of voice actors and their performances.

Revolutionary Self-Heated Lunchbox LunchEAZE Funded in Under 7 Days

LogoLunchEAZE launched its revolutionary self-heated lunchbox on Kickstarter on March 22nd, and completed its funding goal in less than 7 days. Still ongoing, the project is bustling, and has raised over $27,000, thanks to 185+ enthusiastic backers. The campaign still has 14 more days to go, so there's still a chance to join this growing community and get the backer discount.

Enhances in Digital and Mobile Tech Make Student Learning About History Experiential Rather Than Repetitive

LogoUsing the power of narrative storytelling, displayed brilliantly on an easy, familiar mobile-app setting, the creators of History Adventures plan to completely revolutionize the way students in classrooms learn about major historical movements, weaving engagement and experience in a learning process that has become tired and outdated. Instead, History Adventures looks, feels, and behaves like a blend of cinematic cut scenes and video game-inspired narrative arcs that take the learner through multiple perspectives in the lives of "ordinary people doing extraordinary things in history."

ChallengeMe 2.0 Aims to Grow Alongside User "Gains", Building a Competitive Platform for Influencers and Fans

LogoChallengeMe 2.0, the app dedicated to challenging fitness enthusiasts and cross-fit trainers in their quest for competitive domination, is scaling up its performance in a new round of app features aimed at allowing fitness users to build a community, post exclusive workout challenges, and get paid.

ToxicBeast Launches Kickstarter Campaign for His New Game HyperQ

Seasoned game developer ToxicBeast has proudly announced that he is launching an all-new and exciting game called HyperQ. This amazing new 4Dimensional Roguelike horror shooter game is packed with a wide range of features and the UK based creator of this game has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds and support for the project. Moreover, the goal of this Kickstarter campaign is to raise a sum of GBP 2000, and ToxicBeast is welcoming everyone for generous support and backing.

Sennheiser and Neumann at NAB 2019

LogoAudio for video solutions for every camera type, wireless microphone systems from entry-level to high-end professional, as well as studio monitoring and microphone solutions – at NAB 2019, the portfolio on show from Sennheiser and Neumann reflects the breadth of today's broadcasting world. Product highlights from Sennheiser include the SK 6212 mini-bodypack transmitter from the Digital 6000 series and the new XSW-D series entry-level camera kits. Neumann will spotlight the new KH 750 DSP subwoofer and the Neumann NDH 20 monitoring headphone. Certain to generate a buzz at NAB is Sennheiser's immersive AMBEO 3D audio technology, with a prototype of an AMBEO Sports Microphone Array for capturing 360º sound on display. Visitors can also experience Sennheiser's remarkable AMBEO Soundbar first hand.

The First of It's Kind Biometric Encryption USB Token with Crypto Wallet

LogoKeyXentic Inc., the developers of the Republic of China's (Taiwan) Citizen Digital E-Passport Smart Card, today introduced The KX906 KeyXentic Smart Token, a Biometric Encryption Token, and the world's first platform free multi-modal bio-authenticated certified secure encryption key which is aimed at individuals, professionals, and Cryptocurrency holders.

Mangia, Mangia with "Trytaly" a New App That Brings Authentic Italian Eats on-Demand

LogoTravellers looking to experience the fresh flavors and comforts of authentic Italian cooking can now do so on the innovative "Trytaly" app. Promising to bring the personal touch of Airbnb with the need for on-demand access that is "Uber," this new food app allows users to visit the homes of real Italian home-cooks and experience what the cuisine is truly all about.

DEWETRON Introduces New Product Line For 2019

Dewetron unveils their new product line for 2019 that features the new power analyzer which is housed in a chassis.

Made for Commuters, by Commuters, Neavio Delivers the World's First ANC Headphones with Built-in Powerbank

LogoTurn off the hustle and bustle of the city and turn up the volume on the world's first ANC headphones with a built-in power bank created by Neavio. As featured on their Kickstarter campaign, Neavio promises to completely transform any traveler's daily commute with a lightweight, over-the-ear headphone, delivering flawless sound, and an added power boost to smartphone batteries.

Vancouver Scanning Services Company Completes Two-Year Project with Global Mining Firm

LogoMicro Com Systems, a company that specializes in all types of Vancouver scanning services, recently wrapped up a two-year project with one of its largest and longest-running clients, a mining group involved in worldwide exploration, extraction, and processing.

Seattle Scanning Company Offers File Management Solutions

LogoAs a Seattle scanning company, the team at Micro Com Systems know that organizations today are overwhelmed with information. Important documents can arrive in many formats: email, electronic documents, and other digital forms. But paper-based documents still exist in large quantities and need to be dealt with.

Sennheiser Releases New Headset with ANC for Concentration, Calls and Entertainment

LogoGlobal audio specialist Sennheiser launches the new double-sided MB 360 UC at Enterprise Connect, Florida, USA, March 18-21, 2019. The MB 360 UC is created for modern office workers, who need to concentrate and collaborate in noisy environment such as open offices, coworking spaces or when commuting. The ANC technology efficiently reduces distracting noises and ensures maximum concentration while the comfortable soft ear pads provide excellent comfort even after hours of wearing. The MB 360 UC headset has a talk time of up to 25 hours and is UC optimized, ensuring increased productivity. Moreover, the headset connects to a mobile device and is optimized for Unified Communication*.

Sennheiser Launches New Wired Premium Century Headset with ANC and Proximity Sensor

LogoGlobal audio specialist Sennheiser releases the new premium wired Century™ ANC headset at Enterprise Connect, Orlando, USA, March 18-21, 2019. The new variant, Century™ SC 660 ANC USB, is designed for customer-centric workers who need a durable wired headset with outstanding sound quality, effective call handling and excellent comfort. The ANC can be switched on and off via the in-line call control and the proximity sensor technology makes it possible to answer a call, put it on hold and resume the call simply by taking the headset on and off. The headset features thick leatherette ear pads which not only ensure a high level of comfort and passive noise damping but also improve the audio music performance. Sennheiser Voice Clarity and the ultra noise-cancelling microphone provide a natural listening experience and perfect speech output. The Century™ ANC variant is UC optimized and Skype for Business Certified.

Sennheiser Launches New Wireless Speakerphone for Instant Conferences – Anywhere

LogoGlobal audio specialist Sennheiser releases the new SP 30 wireless speakerphone at Enterprise Connect, Orlando, USA, March 18-21, 2019. The SP 30 is a flexible collaboration tool for meetings in and out of the office, supporting conference calls with up to 8 people. With its lightweight design, Bluetooth® or USB-C plug'n'play and multi-point connectivity with up to three devices, the SP 30 is not only convenient as a personal device for instant conference calls on the go. It can also be used as a shared tool in huddle spaces as well as small to mid-sized meeting rooms. Two noise and echo cancelling microphones with a long-range voice pick-up and an ultra-low distortion speaker with clear voice reproduction provide an exceptional speech and audio experience for conference calls, music and multimedia. If needed, the Voice Assistant is only one touch away.