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ShapeScale Announces Future Partnership Intent with Atlas Wearables, Fitbod & MyMacros+ to Further Advance Personal Health & Fitness Tracking

ShapeScale to leverage data collected by Atlas Wearables, Fitbod & MyMacros+ to be able to correlate users' workout and nutrition data with their body measurements and ultimately increase the comprehensiveness of feedback provided on users' health & fitness.

Communicate Conveniently Across Europe Using My UK SIM Card

LogoMy UK SIM Card provides a convenient way to communicate with family and friends while you're away on a trip to Europe or the UK. The company offers international pre-paid mobile SIM cards to travelers as an alternative to the costly international roaming charges. Travelers will be able to make calls from the UK and other 34 European countries using My UK SIM card at a fraction of the international roaming cost. Once you purchase the SIM card, it will be shipped to you from their warehouse in Idaho, fully loaded with data, minutes and texts credit which you can utilize the moment you step on the UK soil. The SIM card from My UK SIM card is designed as a multi-fit SIM which can be used on iPads, cell phones or tablets as a micro-SIM, Nano-SIM, and a standard SIM according to your device.

Atlanta Entertainment Systems Brings One of the Top Quality Home Theaters in Buckhead and Marietta Georgia

LogoAtlanta Entertainment Systems is a well-known entertainment systems company which is known for offering top quality products, exceptional customer service, and well-informed staff. The company always listens to the customers uncomplainingly while assessing their specific needs, beginning with their first meeting and ongoing for the life of the system. The company represents only the top quality brands that increase pleasant appearance and performance by creating customized solutions, in addition to, lessening cost. Few of the well-known brands that the company offers comprise Marantz, Dalite, JVC Pro, RTI, Parasound, and Atlantic Technology.

APPinhAPPy offers Custom Made Mobile Apps, Website Development and Digital Marketing Solutions That Will Make Local Business Owners Happy

Are you a business owner who not only needs more customers but also theirloyalty? Have you ever thought of getting a website for your business? Are you a in-tune-with-time entrepreneur who needs an Android / iOSMobile App to increase your Sales?And even if you have considered these options but have been overwhelmed at the thought of How to market it as a non-techienerd ? Well, You need not go far…

Grabbatt: An Epic Portable Battery Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Grabbatt is a remarkable new portable battery, which has been developed for Google Home mini and Amazon Echo Dot (2nd gen.). The Amsterdam based Team Grabbatt has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds and support for this battery, and they are welcoming everyone for generous support. Moreover, the goal of this fundraising campaign is to raise a sum of EUR 175,000, and the team is offering Grabbatt as a reward for the Kickstarter backers.

SniffOut: A Challenging Multiplayer Video Game Launches Kickstarter Campaign

SniffOut is an all-new and challenging multiplayer video game that will test skills and challenge minds like never before. The game is currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter with a campaign goal of raising a sum of EUR 15,000, and the creators of this game are welcoming gaming fans worldwide for their generous support and backing.

Owners of Largest U.S. Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) Launch Tipzyy, a Mobile Engagement Platform for the Hospitality Industry

LogoMathew Focht and John Davie have successfully founded companies aiding restaurants with purchasing, real estate, and data analytics. Their portfolio includes Buyer's Edge, Consolidated Concepts, Dining Alliance, Emerging Concepts, and Acutely. Their newest endeavor is a technology company, Tipzyy, a mobile incentive platform that helps restaurants increase their employee engagement and sales.

The Fest Audio F16 Is a Compact, Yet Powerful 16 Channel Digital Audio Mixer Console

LogoThe Fest F16, the revolutionary new compact 16 Ch digital audio providing high quality audio at a consumer level price point, is live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

Air Raid Defense: An All-New Strategy Shooter Game Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Air Raid Defense is a one of a kind strategy/shooter game that takes the concept of air defense to the next level with its amazing features and exciting gameplay. The creators of this game have recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds and support, and they are welcoming gaming fans worldwide for their generous contributions in the project. Moreover, the goal of this recently launched fundraising campaign is to raise a sum of $34,181, and the game is already creating a major buzz.

FonePaw Announces the Release of DoTrans for New iPhone XS/XR

LogoFonePaw has released a new product for iOS users, which is the update version of iOS Transfer. It can do more to manage your iPhone and iPad, e.g: ringtone maker and HEIC converter. Don't miss such a smart helper for your iOS devices.

Sennheiser Launches "Ambeo Ar One" in-Ears for Magic Leap One Glasses

LogoSennheiser has unveiled the AMBEO AR One in-ear headphones – the first spatial listening accessory to receive official certification by Magic Leap, the leader in spatial computing. Also launched is the accompanying AMBEO Augmented Audio Lab app. Providing users with full control over their sound world, AMBEO AR One empowers developers and creators to craft powerful spatial computing experiences in which real sounds seamlessly blend with virtual audio.

Get Samsung and Brother Toner Cartridges at Compatink Ltd

LogoCompatink is a top-rated online store that stocks a massive range of non-OEM cartridges at reasonable rates, providing relief to companies that utilize a lot of printed work. Their compatible alternatives offer high-quality results of print just as the original. Compatink also offers installation instructions and educational tips about their products, helping the client to understand better. Their cartridge brands are varied; they include Lexmark, Brother, Canon, Dell, HP and Epson and much more.

American Institute of Architects and Think Box Media Collaborate on Designing Waste: Strategies for a Zero Waste City

Think Box Media is proud to be a part of the Designing Waste: Strategies for a Zero Waste City, which was unveiled at the Center for Architecture in Manhattan on Thursday, June 14th, 2018. Curated by Andrew Blum and designed by Wkshps, the exhibit explores how waste is managed in buildings and neighborhoods throughout New York City, and how design can be utilized to reduce the enormous quantities of waste that end up in landfills each year.

Philip Castleton Photography Is the Best Bet for Commercial Photography in Toronto

LogoPhilip Castleton Photography is taking professional photography to the next level with a blend of skills, experience and technology. The photography service specializes in capturing dynamic images for architects, real estate agents, corporations, interior designers, construction professionals and the hospitality sector in Toronto and beyond. Be it an interior design shoot or an industrial situation, Philip Castleton Photography has a remarkable ability to adapt to all settings, and deliver impactful images in time and on budget. The photography service is easily accessible via phone or email for detailed, personalized quotes that are honored at all times.

Unanimous Studio Release Match-3 Puzzle Game "Ice Cream Factory" Worldwide for iOS & Android

LogoThe unanimous studio released a fun and addictive match-3 style puzzle game for iOS and Android named "Ice Cream Factory".

Allvoi Wireless Offers Practical & Affordable Cell Phone Plans to All Customers

People who switch to Allvoi® Wireless have access to practical and affordable cell phone plans at fixed costs from month to month. Allvoi® Wireless' two newest plans, their $30 Unlimited and $50 Unlimited Plus plans, are a fantastic option for people who are looking for a deal on their cell phone plan.

AUVIO MOTION+ Earbuds: The Earbuds Setting the Standard for Wireless Audio Technology

LogoAudio technology developers AUVIO are soon to release their innovative wireless earbuds, the AUVIO MOTION+. The earbuds, which support wireless charging and have an impressively long battery life, are set to drop in December 2018 — and they're expected to appeal to active individuals craving high-quality, reliable sound on the go.

Organicer Combines the Best of Smart and Analog Planning in the Ultimate Organizing Solution

LogoAs the world becomes increasingly fast-paced, proper planning and organization have become more important than ever before. Even with the advent of digital and smart planners, many people still prefer to plan their schedules manually using pen and paper. The Organicer combines these two approaches, giving users the ability to write things down, then transfer them to their smartphones and other mobile devices for easy access while on the go.

Powersoft Takes Control of Control with the New ArmoniaPlus

LogoAlready manufacturing the most 'Green' amplifiers in terms of carbon footprint, Powersoft is now poised to shred efficiency agendas with the launch of its radically redesigned ArmoniaPlus. Uniquely loudspeaker-oriented, the new ArmoniaPlus interface mimics the real-world and the physical process of audio design with a workflow approach that is both simple to use and easy to navigate.

Carydean Enterprises, LLC Offers Virtually Unlimited Photo Storage for iPhones

With its release in 2007, the iPhone took the entire world by storm. Inventive features, such as internet capability, built-in music, and a high-quality camera were marveled at by many and thought to be the wave of the future. But the device was not without its limitations. Now, in 2018, Carydean Enterprises, LLC has addressed those limitations, and has revolutionized the iPhone with their And More™ storage extending iPhone case.

Western Alarm Services, Inc. Offers the Best Security Cameras in Lake Havasu City and Parker Arizona

LogoWestern Alarm Services, Inc. is a famous company that specializes in offering security systems, fire alarms, and CCTV monitoring devices. Just like offices, homes also need additional protection these days and thus Western Alarm Services, Inc. offers top quality home security systems in Bullhead City and Kingman Arizona.

Western Alarm Services, Inc. Helps Install High Tech Home Security Systems in Bullhead City and Kingman Arizona

LogoWestern Alarm Services, Inc. is a leading company that offers top quality home security systems in Bullhead City and Kingman Arizona for commercial and residential customers. The company can design, plan, service and install all types of commercial and residential security systems. Based on the residential or business requirements, Western Alarm Services, Inc. can act as a turnkey contractor, or they can integrate the customer's current systems. They can even handle the clients' security requirements, big or small. The company has cultivated their relationships with the vendors and the clients over the years as they know it allows them to provide a more included and consistent security system.

A Doorway Into the Future of Innovative Door Lock Technology: Smado Offers a Hands-Free, Smartphone-Linked Solution to Conveniently Open and Secure Door Locks

LogoOffering a promising glimpse into the future potential of smart door lock technology, a new company, Smado, (, has launched an innovative, hands-free, easy to install smartphone-linked system to conveniently open and secure door locks.

Radiator Hut Offers Anthracite Designer Radiators in an Exciting Range of Colours and Finishes

Radiator Hut, a company specialising in all types of radiators, offers a stunning collection of Anthracite Designer Radiators that are sure to transform the look and feel of a home or office. The anthracite designer radiators feature a range of styles, from mirror insert verticals to wave-shaped models and more. All of their radiators are manufactured with the highest quality materials to ensure superior durability and years of reliable use, without holes or leaks developing. The anthracite designer radiators are designed to deliver huge heat output, to keep any living space effortlessly warm, cosy and stylish. In addition to this, all of their anthracite designer radiators are finished in a high quality anthracite finish which compliments any colour scheme perfectly.

Scanning Company Launches New Website

LogoThe team at Micro Com Systems, a scanning and digitization company in Vancouver, is excited to announce the impending launch of a new website. After 15 years with the same look, the company has teamed up with Vancouver's Inkykiss Communications to revitalize their online identity.