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Seattle Scanning Company Offers Onsite Scanning

LogoAs a Seattle document digitization, image scanning, and data capture bureau, the team at Micro Com have successfully completed all types of jobs related to document imaging and digitization. On occasion, there's a job where clients do not want the material to leave their office or premises. This is usually due to the confidential nature or high value of the documents or books being scanned. And in these cases, Micro Com's team has the capacity to come to you.

The PHONESLINGER Is the Ideal Carrying Case for Smartphone Photographers

LogoThe cameras in smartphones have come a long way since their early days, and professional photographers and videographers all over the world now use smartphones in their work. The PHONESLINGER system is a convenient way for users to carry their phones, power banks, lenses and more, all from a belt around their waist. The set incorporates several modular bag options for users to choose from, depending on their needs.

Delusion Hunters: New Quirky Adventure RPG Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Delusion Hunters is an all-new and exciting role-playing video game inspired by early 3D Nintendo games, especially the Paper Mario series. Created by seasoned Canadian game developer Ryan Coady, the game sends players into the minds of superheroes and supervillains of a colorful fantasy world. It is currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter in a recently launched fundraising campaign with a goal to raise a sum of $85,122.

Sonarworks True-Fi Calibration Software Forays Into the Future — With over 200 Headphone Profiles and Counting

LogoSonarworks, the revolutionary audio calibration software company, announced that its consumer application True-Fi has achieved a significant milestone, and now supports 232 different headphone models ranging from common consumer models from familiar manufacturers like Panasonic, Pioneer, and Behringer to gaming headsets and wireless earbuds. In addition, this True-Fi update features support of several gaming headsets as the company continues to expand its customer base.

Sennheiser and Magic Leap Partner for Spatial Computing Applications

LogoExtending its engagement in VR/AR applications, Sennheiser has partnered with spatial computing leader Magic Leap and joined the "Works with Magic Leap" certification program. This partnership consolidates Sennheiser's presence and thought leadership in spatial audio as it continues to develop innovative audio tools for spatial audio visionaries and content creators.

Sounds of Summer: The Muni Amphitheater Selects Powersoft's Ottocanali, Duecanali Amplifier Platforms for Consistent Performance

LogoWhen upgrading the sound system at The Muni, a locally revered natural amphitheatre now in its 53rd season, Trent Keeling, senior design consultant at Advanced Audio and Lighting Systems, selected two Powersoft power amplifiers — the Ottocanali 12K4 DSP+D with Dante and Duecanali 4804 DSP+D with Dante to power the outdoor systems LCR theatrical system.

Integrated Systems Supplies Surveillance Cameras in Fort Collins and Denver

LogoThere are many practical reasons for a homeowner to think about purchasing a home surveillance camera. It can be used in conjunction with alarm systems. The device is commonly used for employee monitoring, baby or children monitoring and overseeing dangerous and accident-prone areas in one's property, such as the swimming pool. No matter one's reason for in the market for the same, it can be challenging to sift through the various kinds and features.

KnifeBoy: A 2D Action Adventure Game Launches Kickstarter Campaign

KnifeBoy is an all-new 2D action adventure game that is set in an "Early Age Steampunk-Universe". The creator of this remarkable metroidvania game has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, where he is raising a sum of $6,253 and are welcoming everyone for generous support.

SDW 5000 at Microsoft Ignite: Sennheiser Delivers Enhanced Connectivity and an Audio Communications Hub

LogoSennheiser will exhibit its full line of UC headsets and speakerphones, including SDW 5000, which allows users to connect via multiple devices

The Bolt Age Is a 3D Shooter Video Game to Be Released on PC, XboxOne and PS4

LogoThe Bolt Age is a new video game currently in development that follows a third-person shooter format. The story is set in a steampunk environment with characters based on the writings of H.P. Lovecraft. At a time when most equipment is powered by steam, Nikola Tesla's ventures into electricity create powerful weapons.

D&S Security Offers Top Quality Security Systems in Burbank and Los Angeles California

LogoD&S Security is famous for providing the best safety and security solutions for the homes for over three decades now. Since its inception in the year 1987, the company has been providing the top quality solutions and products to the customers so that they can get the maximum benefit.

D&S Security Inc. Offers the Best Surveillance Camera in Long Beach and Los Angeles California

LogoD&S Security, Inc. is a famous company that offers the best security systems, access control, alarm, video surveillance, and surveillance camera in Long Beach and Los Angeles California. The primary aim of the company is to maximize the effectiveness of the latest technologies to reduce loss and chuck out security risks.

Sinq Technologies Strengthens Its Collaboration Efforts Within Virginia's Home Care Environment

LogoSinq Technologies, a home care software and services company based outside Chicago, is not only improving and strengthening its web portal and reporting capabilities beyond Electronic Visit Verification, but it is also experiencing a burgeoning presence in Virginia. While Sinq's recent upward trend of popularity and collaborative relationships can be attributed to industry-leading technology in home care, Matt Tipples believes it reflects Sinq establishing itself as a traditional, hands-on, provider and patient-centered technology company.

Autech LLC. Excels in Providing the Best Alarm Systems in Simpsonville and Spartanburg South Carolina

LogoAutech LLC. is a well-known company that is known for offering access control, alarm systems, card access systems, burglar alarm, and security cameras in Laurens, Anderson, Clemson, Greenville, Spartanburg, Simpsonville, and the adjoining areas. Since the year 2006, the company has been offering services to the customers. The company has hired a team of knowledgeable professionals who can develop modified security solutions.

Autech LLC. Is a Notable Name in Providing Best Security Cameras in Greenville and Spartanburg South Carolina

LogoAutech LLC. offers safety and security solutions for commercial as well as residential clients from Laurens to Anderson, Spartanburg to Clemson and cities all through South Carolina. The company provides alarm systems in Simpsonville and Spartanburg South Carolina which are made using the industry's most ground-breaking technology. This guarantees that one gets the premium quality security system which always performs impeccably. Autech LLC. understands that the necessities of the customers are never the same and they may always vary to a great extent and this is why; they still offer tailored security system solutions for the customers.

DroneUp and Collaborate to Provide Liability Insurance Solutions for sUAS Pilots Flying Humanitarian Missions in VA, NC, and SC

LogoDroneUp, a market-leading drone services company, is helping small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) pilots and government agencies in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia prepare for potential humanitarian sUAS missions after Hurricane Florence. DroneUp is pleased to announce it is collaborating with REIN's to provide on-demand flight liability coverage for missions flown by DroneUp Part 107 pilots in response to state or municipality requests. The coverage will be carried by DroneUp at no additional charge to its participating pilots.

Carydean Enterprises LLC Is Preparing to Unveil New Technology

As the creators of the And More™ iPhone case, Carydean Enterprises LLC understands the importance of innovation and combining the products of today with the technology of tomorrow. Now, the company known for revolutionizing the mobile phone industry is about to release a new Micro SD card and compatible app to provide customers with the ultimate mobile phone experience.

Sennheiser Opens New Office in Montréal

LogoSennheiser has opened new offices on the Island of Montréal, a state-of-the-art facility that will house operations, warehousing and marketing functions for the entire Canadian region. The move builds on the audio specialist's longstanding engagement within the Canadian audio and entertainment markets and reflects the importance of the nation's rich culture and thriving arts scene. The new location will allow Sennheiser's employees to enjoy new ways of collaborative working and to address the needs of its Canadian customers through premium solutions and service.

This Veteran Game Developer Is Making a New Revenue Model for Other Game Developers, and No, It's Definitely Not More Loot Boxes

LogoAnton Soeharyo has been in the mobile gaming industry for 9+ years creating over 50 games and accumulating over 50 millions downloads. Many reaching the top charts in Google and Apple app store. His experiences prove that the struggle is real. Making games is not cheap and monetizing game is hard. Current monetization models like ads need massive amount of users to make sense. Engaging users to spend more on in-app purchases makes the games uncomfortable for most gamers.

New Pro In-Ears from Sennheiser Enhance Monitor Sound

LogoAudio specialist Sennheiser is launching a brand-new series of professional in-ears, beginning with the IE 40 PRO entry model which will be available towards the end of this month. The IE 40 PRO ensures impeccable audio reproduction with warmth, great detail and natural clarity, thus improving the artist's focus and performance control even in difficult stage situations. This meticulous audio performance is complemented by a well thought-out mechanical design that includes a patent-pending, break-proof cable ducting. In early 2019, the IE 40 PRO will be joined by the IE 400 PRO and the top-of-the-range IE 500 PRO.

Unicol Releases Latest TV Mounting Solutions for Microsoft Surface Hubs

At Unicol, customers have the benefit of great products which have all been tried and tested by the experts. Unicol specialises in an array of TV and projector mounts as well as display stands and other products, and it doesn't disappoint. Today, Unicol has released its latest collection of mounting solutions for Microsoft Surface Hub displays as well.

Sweetwater Now Offering Innovative Avenger Virtual Synth with Two Complimentary 'Sound Expansions' and 36 Months Interest Free Financing

LogoVirtual synthesizer and plug-in software developer Vengeance Sound, creator of the groundbreaking new Avenger Virtual Synthesizer (AVS), announced that the company has now added Sweetwater as the company continues to increase its international footprint and consumer presence. Vengeance is the developer behind the Sound Workstation platform, including its Sound Expansion Library. These expansions feature completely original soundscapes that explore the farther reaches of EDM and other genres including Hip Hop, R&B, Deep House and Cinematic.

Audio4fun Deducts a Huge $100 off VIP Card Only for Back-to-School 2018

LogoAs the end of August nears, Audio4fun officially launches its Back-to-School seasonal store with the best offers on the best-selling exclusive audio and video products. Especially, only for this season, the company exclusively offers their powerful VIP card that can help students easily own all of this cutting-edge commercial software at a student-affordable.

Keago Is a Versatile, Smart Door Lock That Offers Security and Convenience

LogoKeago is an innovative new smart lock for homeowners, designed to enhance their security while also adding convenience and functionality. The Keago system includes three distinct lock variations to be compatible with deadbolts, cylinders and latchbolts so that people all over the world can use it. Overall, the three Keago variations can accommodate more than 80 different lock types.

MOOM Creates Transparent Game Rules for Players

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