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Radiator Hut Offers an Extensive Selection of Black Designer Radiators with a Thirty-Day Money Back Guarantee

The UK's leading online supplier of radiators, Radiator Hut offers an extensive selection of black designer radiators with a 30-day money back guarantee to ensure complete customer satisfaction. All of these black designer radiators are manufactured with the highest grade components and are sure to add style and efficiency to any home. They offer black designer radiators in various sizes in both vertical and horizontal designs. Technologically advanced, their black designer radiators are focused to provide efficient heating solutions in a cost-effective way. Also, all of their radiators are stringently tested to BS EN 442 standards and meet ISO9001:2008 regulations. Offered with fixtures and fittings including wall brackets, these black designer radiators are easy to install and ensure longer service life. Captures Ideal Wedding Moments with Pictures and Videos

Weddings are occasions that need to be cherished and people who wish to do the same with the help of perfect pictures and videos can consider the aforementioned website. These professionals are believed to excel in making the moments memorable for a lifetime. From still wedding photography to videography, the services are varied and they have been described as competitively priced.

Personal Communication…Not So Personal Anymore

LogoTechnology is everywhere, mostly for the better, but sometimes for worse. Technology has shaped almost every aspect of our lives, from how we read our books, to how we listen to our favorite artists to how we communicate with friends, family and colleagues.

Everlast and PIQ Boxing Sensor - Now Available on

LogoEverlast and PIQ Sport Intelligence are pleased to announce their award winning BOXING SENSOR is now available as a special two pack version in the US at and select Apple Stores. Perfect for capturing and sharing your boxing workouts, the Everlast and PIQ BOXING SENSOR connects wirelessly to the Everlast and PIQ app on your iPhone. Record and analyze performances details of your boxing or fitness cardio boxing workout sessions; including punch recognition, speed and G-force at impact.

Listen Up: Sonarworks Adds a Plethora of New Headphone Models to Its True-Fi Software for CanJam New York

LogoEuropean audio software developer Sonarworks announced the addition of more than ten new headphone models to its consumer-facing headphone calibration software platform, True-Fi. The new headphone profiles, which have been meticulously measured and incorporated as a complimentary software upgrade for existing True-Fi users, will be available on the first day of CanJam in New York on February 17th.

Dynamark Security Systems Brings in a Selection of Quality Security Cameras in McAllen and Harlingen

LogoThe utility of security cameras is undeniable for it gives one safety all the time. With the arrival of these devices, one can safely travel or can work in the office comfortably without being worried about the security of the ones at home. Newer technology has not only improved its functionality but also made it a dependable device. More so, one can quickly fix the camera without too much of trouble. However, to resolve any complicated issue, it is better to call in experts. This is where Dynamark Security Systems comes into the picture.

D&S Security to Offer in Anaheim and Los Angeles Advanced Burglar Alarm for Residential Properties

LogoWhen it comes to security systems for homes, D&S Security is perhaps the best option available. The company has been offering high-tech protection to the homes since 1987. With more than three decades of experience in the field, the company is no doubt one of the most reliable and trusted companies. The company makes the best use of modern techniques, equipment, and methods so that customers can reap maximum benefit.

Atlanta Entertainment Systems in Brookhaven and Buckhead Georgia Announces Great Price on Home Theater Installation

LogoFor those who love watching movies and listening to music in a high-quality setting, a home theater can be the best company for them. With innumerable technological advancements, home theater systems are reasonably priced. Atlanta Entertainment System is one such company that helps the clients with quality home theater installation in Brookhaven and Buckhead, Georgia. With various brands available in the market, finding a quality home theater system will not be a problem.

Candid Wedding Moments Captured by the Most Creative Sydney Wedding Photographers

One of the many but important decisions in wedding planning is choosing a photographer. After the wedding is over and years pass by, it is the wedding album that takes a person back in time without the need for a time machine. It is as if that person is re-living all those moments once again. It is not the cake they think of; it is not the dinner they think of. It is the emotions of the couple; the love of parents; and the warmth of the friends that is felt all over again. That is the power of beautiful photography. LightHeart Films & Photography offers the same to couples who choose them over the many other Sydney wedding photographers.

D&S Security Offers the Best Home Security Systems in Burbank and Long Beach

LogoD&S Security is one of the leading companies that offer the best access control, security systems, alarm, CCTV, video surveillance and home security systems in Burbank, Anaheim, Long Beach, Torrance, Los Angeles and nearby areas. With more than thirty years of experience in this field, the company has become one of the most trusted organizations when it comes to home security systems.

Fuchs Gaming – A One Stop Shop for All Gaming Accessories

Fuchs Gaming is pleased to present their latest range of gaming accessories for all the gaming enthusiasts out there. The featured accessories are handpicked by the store so as to provide an ultimate gaming experience for the users.

Enthusiastic Consent App Is Seeking Community Support on Indiegogo

LogoEloise Palmi a former Head Mistress of Australia's leading professional dungeon space, has pivoted an app being developed by her startup to offer a free version to make sure enthusiastic consent remains available to everyone. With four years experience in the field and more than a thousand one-on-one negotiations under her belt, she has launched the App project to ensure binding smart contracts proposed by LegalFling do not become an accepted norm.

Think Box Media Creates Graphics for AdExchanger's Industry Preview

AdExchanger's event, Industry Preview, happened in New York on January 17th and 18th to start off the new year. Centered around what businesses should expect in the next 12 months for marketing technology, this major two-day event featured 50 visionary speakers, 31 inspiring sessions, and 800 executive attendees. This was an event that needed to stand out visually. Think Box Media, the company that had handled the graphics for the event in 2017, had already proven that they could create highly successful visuals with their large scale digital printing capabilities in New York.

Coming Soon: Ultimate Battle All India Open E-Sports League Season 2

Logo"Ultimate Battle is all set to launch the second edition of its popular all India open e-sports league. Like previous season, the event will host a number of online eSports competitions where players can compete for different e-sport titles and win exciting cash prices."

Cancer Researcher States That $25 NIH Study Confirms That Cell Phone Radiation Can Cause Cancer

Anthony B. Miller MD, a longtime advisor to the World Health Organization and senior advisor to Environmental Health Trust (EHT) has issued a statement that the recently released findings from the $25 NIH/NIEHS National Toxicology Program (NTP) cell phone radiofrequency radiation carcinogenicity studies combined with human epidemiology studies "conclusively confirms that radiofrequency radiation is a category 1 human carcinogen." EHT is a scientific think tank focused on preventable environmental health risks and will be publishing a series of expert reactions to the NTP technical reports this week.

Decentralized Application 'Crypto Sprites' Launches for Ethereum

A new decentralized game Crypto Sprites has launched its first beta version on the Ethereum blockchain, which claims to be the first main third party extension of the popular Crypto Kitties game (originally launched in December 2017 and quickly gaining a major following). Crypto Sprites are various video game characters which are all tied to a Crypto Kitty, and by default all kittens in the Crypto Kitty game have a corresponding sprite. Sprites may be traded using Ether, the currency of Ethereum (no ordinary fiat currency is exchanged). At this stage the default value of each sprite is only 10% of the value of its corresponding kitty in Ether, and the value of a sprite in Ether is sent to the owner of its corresponding kitty when a sprite is purchased for the first time.

Pocket Lens Announces a Special Valentine's Day Offer with 45% off Its 2-in-1 Macro and Wide-Angle Lens for iOS and Android Phones

LogoPocket Lens has announced an exclusive Valentine's Day discount of 45% on its handy 2-in-1 macro and wide-angle lens for iOS and Android phones. The Pocket Lens 2-in-1 lens is perfect for capturing professional close-ups of couples and it can also take wide-angle shots that fit memorable locations into the user's shots.

Are Cell Phones Linked to Brain Cancer? National Toxicology Program Releases Results of Multi Year Study

The National Toxicology Program (NTP) division of the National Institutes of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) is releasing the full results of its multi-year study on mice and rats exposed to cell phone radiation today at noon EST.

A1T Productions and Photography Inc. Offers High-Quality Corporate Video in Henderson and Las Vegas Nevada

LogoA1T Productions and Photography Inc. is a recognized company that specializes in corporate video production. The corporate video production services that the company offers include production, concept development, and post-production. Thus, A1T Productions and Photography Inc. is the one-stop solution for all corporate video production services.

A1T Productions and Photography Inc. Offers the Best Event Video in Paradise and Summerlin Nevada

LogoWhen it comes to event video production, A1T Productions and Photography Inc. is the name to rely on. The company has comprehensive knowledge and experience in offering event video production services to the clients. The team of experts at A1T Productions and Photography Inc. understand that there is a range of events that advantage from being captured by a video which includes product launches, award ceremonies, conferences, company announcements, sales training, corporate networking, award ceremonies, seminars, and workshops.

The FanFood App for Mobile Ordering and in Seat Delivery Is Live

LogoFanFood is live on its equity crowdfunding platform, MicroVentures partnered with Indigogo. FanFood is a new, first-rate app that will solve the dilemma of missing the big play at any live entertainment event while waiting in line for concessions.

An Award Winning Webcam Cover Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoCamHatch is an award-winning webcam cover and it has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to fund its production on a large scale. It is recognized as the world's most elegant, practical and reliable webcam cover and it has been created to enhance the privacy of a common computer user in today's vulnerable world of cyberspace. Moreover, it is packed with many amazing features, while one of the greatest benefits of CamHatch is its affordable price. Already more than 800 backers decided to support CamHatch, which has received more than 80% of their €20.000 goal, with less than 5 days to go.

World's First Kinetic Cellphone Charger Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoGreat news for all the cellphone and smartphone users from around the world as they can now have the ultimate phone charger. This one of a kind charging solution that is basically the world's first kinetic energy phone charger. Now raising funds and support on Kickstarter with an aim to raise a sum of $50,000, the charger simply converts kinetic energy into electrical energy, which is used to charge a phone. Working of this charger is also simple and it took nearly 3.5 years in the making and perfecting prototypes.

Prestige Alarm and Specialty Products, Inc, in Huntsville and Birmingham Offers High-Tech Security Camera System

LogoThere is one company named Prestige Alarm and Specialty Products, Inc, in Huntsville and Birmingham that has been around for more than 20 years serving their clients with security solutions. They have dedicated themselves to the cause of keeping their clients safe and secured from fire and burglary systems. The company is a single go-to source for all alarm systems in Gadsden and Huntsville, security camera systems, access control and other detection devices and services. As far as the pricing and quality of their security solutions are concerned, the ones provided by Prestige Alarm is matchless. The company is also licensed as an Alabama State Licensed Fire Alarm Company and Security Firm. Their service record has been excellent, and they have pleased clients on their list. Their clientele comprises of clients from both business and government background.

Redefining Candid Photography by Presenting the Couples Best Moments in a Platter

LightHeart Films & Photography, Sydney's finest wedding studio offers full range wedding photography and videography services. They have completed over 100 wedding projects and they have been showered with positive reviews by each and every couple they have ever worked with. Choosing the right photographer these days is like picking a needle in haystack. So, many have made their way but only a few make their place. LightHeart is one such studio which offers the couple exactly what they need. The first and foremost rule of hiring a photographer is to choose someone with whom the couple can be comfortable working with. For any couple, wedding is the most important moment and they share these moments with the photographer more than anyone else.