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LinkGreen Releases LinkGreen Rep, Their New Ordering App Specifically for Sales Reps

LogoLinkGreen, a cloud-based SaaS company, announced the release of LinkGreen Rep™, a sales rep app empowering sales teams to process online orders from any mobile device. LinkGreen Rep™ provides sales teams with a powerful tool to efficiently complete customer orders, manage accounts and generate new leads, whether they are on the road or on-site with a customer. "This app was created to meet the specific needs of sales reps who are on the road. It completes LinkGreen's suite of products and positions us as the "holy grail" of online technology for wholesale suppliers," says LinkGreen CEO, Warren Patterson. "It's exciting that LinkGreen now offers a singular solution for suppliers with online ordering, websites, ERP integration and now a sales rep app. We are excited to offer technology that meets all the business needs of suppliers in one, integrated suite of products."

NOCABLE Portable Wireless Charging Device Launch

LogoNOCABLE, a portable wireless charging device, has seen great early success after reaching 500% of the company's funding goal.

Atlanta Entertainment Systems Installs New Home Entertainment Systems in Brookhaven and Buckhead GA at Pocket-Friendly Price

LogoInstalling home entertainment systems can change the look and feel of one's home. It is everyone's dream to view movies and watch a game with their friends and family on the big screen. The installation, however, has to be done right and it is also necessary to choose the right home entertainment system. It might not always be a piece of cake, but with the experts from Atlanta Entertainment Systems helping one out, it might not be so difficult a job as well. Atlanta Entertainment Systems is the right place to approach especially when one is shopping for home entertainment systems in Brookhaven and Buckhead Georgia.

Convenient and Useful Data Recovery Software for Apple Devices is pleased to present the iPhone data recovery software which helps users recover their lost or deleted data. Data can be recovered from all Apple devices as well as iTunes and iCloud backup. The data that can be retrieved includes messages, contacts, videos and photos, notes and much more. It is literally a nightmare when mobile users don't understand how to retrieve their lost data. They cannot get back their lost contacts, important messages and valuable pictures and photos without a specialist on the job. And with Apple devices the process gets even tougher.

KAKUKA Launches Revolutionary Video Sharing App

LogoLife is made up of moments, and highlighting those moments is absolutely vital to looking back on life. Watching these moments is more than enjoyable. They are moving, memorable and truly inspiring. This is the power of moments worth sharing. Now, you can find those moments in a flash. 

New App Could Save Millions of Lives in the Event of a Missile Attack

LogoMeta Studios in Tokyo has developed an app that will alert residents in Japan in the event of a ballistic missile attack from North Korea. Called JMWS, which stands for Japan Early Missile Warning System Alert, the app will warn users of an impending nuclear or biological missile attack so they can prepare to evacuate, find somewhere safe to shelter, and locate friends and family.

1.111 Billion .XYZ Domains Now Tradable with Ethereum Through 400+ Retailers

LogoEffective 11/11, all registrars offering .xyz will automatically support the first-of-its-kind 1.111B® Class of .xyz domains for a recommended retail price of 99¢ per year. XYZ's global network of 400+ retailers will join early supporters like GoDaddy, Uniregistry, and to permanently reduce all 6-digit, 7-digit, 8-digit, and 9-digit numeric .xyz domains as an inexpensive platform for digital currency trading, Internet of Things connectivity, and other creative uses.

SoCal Access and Video Offers Card Access Control in Los Angeles and Anaheim California to Control Unwanted Entries and Exits to Commercial Buildings

LogoSoCal Access and Video are one of the industry leaders in offering security systems in Orange County California as well as access control systems. Over the years they have been in the industry, they have been a trusted name for providing security solutions to their business clients. The security cameras installed by SoCal Access and Video offer safety and security to commercial premises no doubt, but that is not only sufficient. Business premises need to put a restriction on who comes in and goes out. That is when installing access control systems becomes crucial. By installing the access control systems, one can mitigate the dangers that come in with unauthorized access to confidential and restricted zones in one's office.

12 Volt Technology Offers a Wide Range of Fridge Freezers for Cooling Purposes Required in High-End Vehicles

LogoOne of the leading online stores for 12V products in Australia, 12 Volt Technology offers a wide variety of fridge freezers at the most competitive prices in the industry. One of the highly demanded fridges in their collection are Dometic Fridges, which acts as portable fridges and coolers, and are extensively utilized in vehicles like caravans, motorhomes, 4WD, boats. Over years, these fridges are also being widely used in upscale buses and trucks. 12 Volt Technology offers ample models of Dometic Waeco portable freezers, such as CFX28, CFX35W, CFX40W, CFX65W, CFX65DZ, and CFX95DZ2. These fridges are manufactured used high-grade materials and are extremely easy to use. Besides Dometic Fridges, they also offer different other fridge freezers, including Waeco Fridges, Evakool Fridges, Bushman Fridges, 12V Upright Fridges, and Vitrifrigo Fridges.

Integrated Systems Offers Surveillance Cameras in Denver and Englewood Colorado to Keep House Safe

LogoSecurity surveillance cameras provide a method of keeping off redundant guests and certainly, put off future robberies and thefts from happening inside the home. With surveillance, homeowners can keep an eye on their homes more closely and monitor people who come and go particularly in the usual places that thieves and robbers would target.

Select Dating Gives Its Users the Ability to Connect with Rich and Wealthy Individuals

Finding the right dating platform can be difficult. A dating website or app needs to fulfill the needs of the people that will be using it, and in the case that one comes from a socially elite class, dating people from a similar stature will not only allow them to instantly connect, but also ensure that they do not feel different to one another.

Website Announces Variety of Solitaire Online Games as a Recreation Activity During Recess

People across the world spend a significant amount of time every day working on computers. They can now enjoy playing Solitaire Card Games during the breaks and can find it an amazing recreational activity to refresh and energize them. The website now brings a variety of solitaire online games for gamers as well as others who have an access to the computer.

MyPhonePouch: The Ultimate Phone Carrying Solution Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoMyPhonePouch is an innovative, patent-pending phone carrying solution designed to make the lives of millions of smartphone users around the world easier. This practical accessory allows its users to carry their phone hands-free, pockets-free, on-the-go, with no belt required. The creators of this clever pouch have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and are now welcoming anyone who has a cellphone to support them on the crowdfunding platform.

FreshMail Drops Hello! App - An Idea for Email Marketing in the Mobile Era

FreshMail has released Hello! - an app for iOS devices that allows users to send simple emails and newsletters straight from smartphones.

Investor Management Services Releases Industry's First Real Estate Investor Mobile Application

Investor Management Services (IMS), the leader in software for commercial real estate firms to manage their investors and assets, released the first real estate investor mobile application. IMS clients can now allow their investors to access their investment performance data, distributions, documents and more from their Apple iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. There is no additional configuration, accounts, or subscriptions for existing IMS clients.

Creating Unique Love Stories Through Fantastic Wedding Videos

Love is such a beautiful feeling that has no definition but when one feels it; it takes them to an incredible world. And that is why every love story is different; the feelings that they go through are different. Weddings on the other hand are the stepping stones for these love stories. Capturing these weddings are the best Sydney wedding photographers from Lightheart studio. It is not the shots that they capture but the feelings and emotions of the couple and everyone involved in the ceremony. Lovely moments like the bride and groom taking a sneak peek at each other; or when the bride walks down the aisle with her proud father; or when the bride's mother sheds tears of mixed emotions; these are the moments that are captured in the most naturalistic manner.

Archisketch Is a Portable Interior Design Device Utilizing AR, Making Interior Design Accessible for All

LogoArchisketch, the world's simplest interior design solution that utilizes AR technology making measuring and modeling easier than ever, is live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and trending fast having raised over $160,000 in under 3 weeks.

REAL: Smart Active Noise-Cancelling Bluetooth HiFi Sports Earphones Launch

LogoA new earphone product is set to hit the market which promises to be the future of music technology. The REAL headphones will allow listeners to enjoy music at high quality, whilst also protecting the wearer's ears from harmful damage.

Sennheiser US Launches "Ear" 24-Hour Headset Replacement Program

LogoSennheiser, a leading provider of premium audio solutions for business, announces it has launched a 24-hour replacement program in the United States to swiftly address any incidence of defective headsets. In the event that Sennheiser headsets are found to be in need of repair or replacement, the "Enterprise Advance Replacement" (EAR) warranty program will provide new headsets overnight. The EAR program is designed to accommodate customer emergencies and build loyalty in the marketplace. It is available only to companies located in the US, with shipping solely to US addresses.

Terrium Succeeds Mars Explorer to Provide Online Gamers with a Sci-Fi Vehicular Combat Game

LogoEric Lujan has released TERRIUM, a fan-made online video game featuring sci-fi combat vehicles battling in futuristic alien landscapes. TERRIUM is a free multiplayer 3D game centered on player-made maps and is free to play and download from

Freecube - The World's First Modular Tech Command Center

LogoIn today's digital age, staying connected is more important than ever before. Avatar Controls is proud to announce the Freecube, an innovative 4-in-1 modular hub for all of your digital devices. The Freecube's cutting-edge features include a base charging station, wireless charging pad, Bluetooth speaker and dynamic color-changing light. Each module can be stacked or taken apart and used separately to power just the right features, whenever and wherever they're needed.

Hitile Releases New Series of LED Video Display Screens

LogoHitile has just held the New Product Launching Event Conference of the third quarter in October. In this conference, Hitile has announced an upgraded TD LED Display to the market, it is D2 Display, which has the pixel pitch of P2.976, and it was also a newly launched pixel pitch to offer a third choice among P1.9-P3. By now, TD2 LED Display is consisted of four pixel pitches including PH1.923mm, PH2.5mm, PH2.976mm and PH3mm. This series can be broadly applied in stage performance, exhibitions, broadcasting situations to highlight your show, and as for PH3.9mm it can be also used in semi-outdoor and outdoor rental screen events.

Hitile Unveils New Series of HD LED Video Display

LogoF9 Series is perfect combination of different elements, it includes HD LED display, smart LED cloud TV, all-in-one LED Display for Business Use and eTotem. The fact that it has excellent color uniformity, no black screen and no outage during use as well as safe maintenance of F9 Series has pushed forward the standard of LED screen industry. Hitile is welcoming everyone to step into the "F9 Era".

Visually Stunning Wedding Albums from

Each and every couple has a love story that is unique and different from another couple. They have their own memories; own stories as to how they met, who confessed their love first, and how the proposal was made and so on. And that is why Light Heart believes that their wedding albums should also be unique just like these love stories. This professional team of best Sydney wedding photographers ensures that the couple re-lives those exciting moments throughout the shoot. And that is what makes them special and different from other studios. The team here has a personal approach towards the couple. They try and know the couple on a personal front so that they can depict the love stories in a much better way.

RizbIT Presents the Digital Scale App Known as "3 Grams" is pleased to present 3 Grams, a three-in-one digital scale app which is available for download on all android and windows devices and phones. The app acts as a digital scale wherein phones will be used to calculate the weight of different objects. The app uses built-in tilt sensors of the phones for the purpose of calculating the weight. The phone needs to be calibrated properly for arriving at the most accurate results.