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Philip Castleton Photography Offers Expert Photography Services in Toronto

LogoPhilip Castleton Photography presents the best place to get high quality, high-res, yet affordable industrial, commercial and corporate photography. It's widely known for producing dynamic images that are used for marketing presentations, websites, editorial purposes, public relations initiatives and in corporate communications. During their shoots, clients can review downloaded images, allowing them to suggest for adjustments. This ensures that the process is efficient, providing peace of mind to everyone involved. Besides, Philip Castleton Photography also has a full-time assistant who extensively contributes to the organization and quality of the shoots.

Website Announces Classical Release of Most Popular Series of Fireboy and Watergirl Games for Worldwide Gamers

On earth, water and fire are two very powerful elements that one can use to create devastations. Players can now assume to have the power of water and fire while playing the popular fire boy and water girl games available on the website

Website Announces Different Types of Mahjong Online Games for Gamers to Play Them for Free

The interesting Mahjong Games from the ancient Chinese era are now available online for gamers to play them for free. The computerized version of the games has different rules than the original gameplay and is more interesting for the modern-era gamers. is offering different types of Mahjong Games on their website.

Announcing the Release of CHIPPMOJI the Official Chippendales Emoji Keyboard as Part of the Expansion of the Emoji My City Platform

LogoSingle Wing Creative has launched CHIPPMOJI™ -- the official iOS and Android emoji keyboard application for Chippendales, the #1 male revue in the world and the premier provider of entertainment for women. The CHIPPMOJI™ is part of the brand new proprietary platform, Emoji My City.

Powersoft OEM Amplification Delivers for BASSBOSS AT212-3K Powered Tops

LogoAustin-based premium powered loudspeaker manufacturer BASSBOSS has announced a refresh of its popular 2-way, self-powered, bi-amplified AT212 Powered Top. The new AT212-3K improves upon the impressive performance of the original with the help of a Powersoft Digimod 3004PFC2 amplifier module, which doubles the available wattage from 1500W to 3000W and delivers improved sound quality and higher dynamic power while maintaining light weight and portability.

Kickstarter Campaign for Unijem Wall Light, a Programmable Light with a Camera, Goes Live

The much anticipated crowdfunding campaign for Unijem Wall Light, a programmable light with a camera all controllable from a mobile phone or tablet and is complete with a host of added features, all designed to give users the control and ability, is now live. The security wall light will become a reality if the crowdfunding goal of £30,000 is met within the next 25 days. This product is designed keep properties safe with an added layer of protection.

Injured Gadgets Participating at Electronics Reuse Conference 2017 in New Orleans

Injured Gadgets, a leading online supplier of high quality wholesale smart phone and personal smart device accessories, replacement parts and repair services, proudly announces that it will be participating in the upcoming Electronics Reuse Conference 2017 being held at the Sheraton Hotel in New Orleans, Louisiana from October 30 to November 1, 2017.

Sound Synergy: First Baptist Concord Selects myMix for Its Universal Simplicity, Quality Sound

LogomyMix, a network-based audio mixing and recording system which features easy operation while meeting the highest audio demands, has been chosen by First Baptist Concord church as its recording interface thanks to its simplicity of operation and high quality sonic performance.

Powersoft OEM at the Heart of AccuGroove Powered Bass and Guitar Cabinets

LogoWhen AccuGroove LLC founder Marc Wright built his first bass guitar speaker cabinet he had no intentions of starting a company. "I built that first cabinet for myself because I couldn't get the same sound live that I could get in the studio with any commercially available cabinets," he says. It took Wright two years and $50,000 dollars before he got it right. "I tested over 1,200 different speakers in the process," he notes. Finally satisfied, he thought his work was done, but a few prominent bass players who heard the cabinet were insistent that Wright build one for them. Finally acquiescing, AccuGroove LLC was born. Always in pursuit of the most discerning consumers, the company's product line was further elevated with the addition of Powersoft OEM amplification to kick off AccuGroove's line of self-powered guitar and bass cabinets, delivering unprecedented clarity and output.

Sennheiser Ambeo Smart Headset Now Shipping

LogoSennheiser announces that the AMBEO SMART HEADSET – the audio specialist's intuitive, compact and mobile binaural recording headset — is now shipping in the U.S. and Canada. First showcased earlier this year at CES 2017, the AMBEO SMART HEADSET makes 3D audio a reality on a mobile device by capturing incredibly detailed and realistic immersive 3D recordings. When played back on a pair of stereo headphones, the recordings achieve a stunning 3D experience by placing the listener inside the soundscape, replicating the direction of sounds and the natural spatial characteristics of a location.

UK's Premier Provider of Car Parking Solutions Drives Industry Forward

LogoAdvance System Access Control Solutions provides a suite of products to customers in UK & Ireland. All of the technology available is sophisticated and reliable. That's why so many clients return to the company for repeat purchases. Their website lists some of their most popular car parking devices. So, anyone with interest should head over and take a look as soon as possible.

IT Service Solutions to Increase Business Efficiency

LogoAll companies which want to develop their business use advanced technologies. Digital technologies are rapidly developing, and today there is nothing unusual about augmented reality, the Internet of Things, and other smart areas. Information volumes are growing, companies are searching for ways to adapt to changes, not only revising the set of services they provide to their customers but also transforming internal processes, making them more mobile, dynamic, and innovative.

SUAOKI On-the-Go AC/DC/USB Power Bank S270 Now Available on Indiegogo

LogoA tech company named Suaoki recently released a product called S270. It's their newest invented backup power supply, or portable charging station as they called it. This unit is developed exclusively for people who frequently travel for business, studying, or for emergencies. The concept of S270 is actually quite similar to the power bank one might carry for their smartphone, except it's much more powerful, and can work as AC wall outlets. And it works with solar panels and 12-volt accessory socket in cars.

Robert's Photo Launches Website Featuring Quality Photography Supplies for Capturing Life's Planned and Unplanned Moments in All Their Beauty

LogoLeroy Roberts is pleased to announce the creation and launch of his new website venture, The website offers a wide variety of photography supplies including digital cameras, photo accessories, waterproof cameras, camera cleaning kits, digital camcorders, camera lenses, camera tripods, and camera cases. Roberts was inspired by his own experiences as a photographer, as his dad was a photographer and started teaching him the ins and outs at 12 years old. With his rich experiences starting out doing film photography and then transitioning into digital photography, Roberts is excited to help both the amateur and professional photographer find everything they need to capture those spontaneous adventures and planned get-togethers alike.

Video Conversion Experts Offer 35% Discount Until October 30th to Convert Super 8 to Digital

Video Conversion Experts are engaged in transferring video and film for more than 25 years now. For those concerned with the poor quality of their personal videos that were captured using an old video camera, they can now convert their old videos into HD quality digital prints with the help of Video Conversion Experts.

Newly Released Omega Zodiac Guide Explains About Developing Warrior Skills to Defeat Enemies in the Game

For any player, a superior gaming skill could be the key to enjoy the game and also ensure his/her victory in the game. Omega Zodiac is an exciting MMORPG for a number of players worldwide. The developers of the game, Proficient City are now offering gaming guide for gamers who want to enjoy this game to the fullest.

Fast Server Introduced for Dragon Awaken Players to Quickly Access the Gaming Interface from Any Browser

Proficient City now brings an enhanced gaming experience for all online gamers by introducing their more capable gaming server for their popular Dragon Awaken browser based RPG. Anyone can now enjoy the game from anywhere in the world and can rest assured of a quick access to the gaming interface.

EMF Phone Cases Enlightens Readers on Shocking New Information About Mobile Radiation Surfaces

Whether or not mobile phones are truly damaging to one's health is no longer a question for many. Global health warnings are setting consumers straight. Holding your phone next to your head is not advised by the experts. Excessive radiation levels can be exceeded.

SmallRig Announced Plans to Deepen Ties with Overseas Distributors and Business Partners

Smallrig, a leading supplier of photographic accessories and peripherals from China, now aims at reaching out to filmmakers and videographers all around the world. The Shenzhen, Guangdong based company recently announced its plans to deepen their ties with their existing partners and expand their sales operations. In order to achieve the sales and marketing goals, the company is also seeking new partnerships outside the ambits of the Asia-Pacific region. At a press conference, one of the owners of Smallrig said that they are aiming now at becoming a full-fledged photographic solutions provider.

Window Licker Games Launches Kickstarter Campaign for oVRshot

LogoWindow Licker Games is a Norwegian indie gaming startup that primarily focuses on the development of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) games. The gaming company has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds for its latest game called oVRshot. From strategic planning to attacking the game puts a new spin on competitive multiplayer shooters in VR.

dmexco 2017: 3M & Eyefactive Present Interactive Digital Signage

LogoBy help of a newly developed app, visitors could compare real life products digitally as soon as they were placed on the display of a multitouch table. No matter whether skin care products, smartphones or exquisite spirits - the objects were detected at their specific position and corresponding information was displayed. Whenever several products of the same category lay on the display, a comparative table opened between them. This "product presentation of the future" can be deployed at point of sale, in flagship stores and retail areas.

BASSBOSS Sound System Provides Sonic Foundation for JPC Entertainment

LogoJeremy Conklin aka DJ Pressure had been a well-regarded professional DJ already for ten years before he decided to expand his company, JPC Entertainment, to include full-service production rentals. "I first created the company as a vehicle for filing taxes for my DJ services," he says, "but after years of working as a DJ and nightlife consultant at a number of venues, I learned how to wire and tune sound systems and program light shows." Upon discovering the superior performance of BASSBOSS speakers, Conklin burst onto the event production scene with a BASSBOSS sound system that immediately outclassed the competition and helped establish his company as the first call for premium sound.

Sennheiser's SC 660 TC Model for Hearing-Impaired Workers Wins Contact Center Technology Award from TMCnet

LogoSennheiser, a leading provider of premium audio solutions for business, is proud to announce that it has been named a 2017 CUSTOMER Contact Center Technology Award winner by TMCnet (Technology Marketing Corporation), one of the most prominent industry news sources in the fields of unified communications and telephony. This award was given to Sennheiser for its innovative SC 660 TC model, a double-sided, high-performance wired headset designed for users in the workplace with special hearing needs.

Think Box Media's Newest Project with GoDaddy Promotes .NYC Domains on a Barge Sailing the Hudson

Think Box Media is not only one of the highest quality large format digital printing companies serving Brooklyn and NYC Metro area; they are unique experts capable of tackling projects of any scale. That is why when GoDaddy and an ad agency approached them with an out-of-the-water guerilla marketing tactic, Think Box Media was excited to get started.

A London Based Multimedia Artist Launches Kickstarter Campaign for His Still Photography Project, STRANGER

LogoSTRANGER is a still photography project launched by Dan Rodriguez, a London based passionate multimedia artist and a gifted graphic designer. Born in Spain, Dan also completed his BA in Film and Media from the University of London. Moreover, he is also a street photographer and he started an underground movement in 2016, called Tubeography, which received a phenomenal response from the fans. STRANGER is a continuation of that movement in a whole new way.