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Autech LLC Offers Burglar Alarm to Reinforce Residential Security in Greenville and Laurens South Carolina

LogoThere are a lot of elements to think about when it comes to home security systems, and that includes how the security system could benefit one and one's family. A quality security system can scare off many would-be burglars and can notify the local authorities if someone does attempt a break-in.

Autech LLC Ensures Top Quality Protection for Business Through Alarm Monitoring in Anderson

LogoThe success of a business in some way or the other depends on the arrangement of security systems. The more secure the business is, the better off it will be for the businesses to flourish. According to a study, 8.8 percent of small businesses suffered a burglary, while the burglary rate in New Mexico was the highest in the United States with 830.4 incidents per 100, 000 residents. With the introduction of Alarm Monitoring system, property crime as a whole has decreased considerably.

New Cable Clip Organizers Are the Perfect Solution to Tangled Cables and Wires

Nowadays there are simply so many cables that it is becoming hard to really manage and sort them out without forming a huge cluster. Whether one is handling all of the HDMI cables on their living room, or just the chargers in their car, there really is no doubt that without a proper sorting and managing system, this entire process is no less than a chore.

Sennheiser's Evolution Wireless G4 Takes Wireless Camera Audio Further

LogoSennheiser's evolution wireless portable systems have been an industry standard wireless solution for media, content creators as well as small and medium-sized broadcasters worldwide. Available now in a new fourth generation, videographers will not only find the latest version of their much loved ew 100-p series, they will also discover a brand-new ew 500-p series, designed to further professionalize film work. The new G4 series is fully compatible with all previous evolution wireless generations, safeguarding any earlier investments.

Cozzy Launch Features Product Reviews and DIY Articles

LogoThe launch of Cozzy provides a new avenue for product reviews and is unique in that it also includes DIY articles that make any endeavor easier.

Customer Service: Just One of the Ways ProCom Stands out from the Competition

LogoHomeowners who are frustrated with their current cable, internet and phone service don't have to deal with frustration much longer. ProCom, a leading provider of home phone service in McHenry, MD and Oakland, MD, offers a customer-first mentality. Offering home and business owners with excellent customer service, backed with an excellent product has been ProCom's mission since 1986.

Catch a Sound Wave: Sonarworks Exhibits Its Headphone Software 'True-Fi' at CanJam SoCal 2018

LogoEuropean audio software developer Sonarworks announced that it demoed its groundbreaking headphone software True-Fi at CanJam SoCal 2018, which took place at the JW Marriott Los Angeles L.A. Live April 7th and 8th. During the exhibition, Sonarworks facilitated in-person demonstrations of True-Fi: its revolutionary consumer software platform that delivers 'studio reference sound' to more than 130 supported headphone models.

Sennheiser Welcomes Sound Devices to 'Ambeo for VR' Partnership Program

LogoAt NAB, Sennheiser has announced a new AMBEO for VR hardware partner: Sound Devices will join the partnership program with its MixPre-6 and MixPre-10T audio recorders. These will be the very first portable recorders to not only feature onboard AMBEO A-B conversion for the AMBEO VR Mic but also AMBEO to binaural decoding for fully immersive binaural headphone monitoring. VR content creators are therefore able to assess immersive audio content right at the time of capture without requiring a post-production workstation.

Office System of Texas Introduces New 3D Printers in Houston and Katy, Texas

Logo3D Printers use the latest technology to bring 3D design into real 3D objects. It is largely used to create parts by building up objects one layer at a time. The method offers a whole lot of advantages over traditional manufacturing techniques. While 3D printing has no rivalry with traditional manufacturing methods, it is primarily used to deliver a design quickly, with high accuracy from a functional material.

Office System of Texas Saves Money with Copier Lease in the Woodlands and Katy Texas

LogoConsidering cost figure, and issues such as maintenance associated with copiers, one inevitably need to decide whether to buy or lease a copier. The primary advantage of copier leasing is that the capital investment required in buying a new machine can be saved. Office Systems of Texas is the trusted name when it comes to obtaining copier lease in The Woodlands and Katy Texas.

Prestige Alarm Introduces New Security Camera System in Birmingham and Huntsville

LogoPrestige Alarm is proud to offer a wide range of security and video surveillance products and services to help protect the property of the clients and customers it serves in the community. The security systems they provide are of high quality and thoughtfully designed to guard the property against theft, home invasion, gas leaks, and fire. The technicians are highly trained to ensure impeccable installation of modern security systems in the home.

LieDetectors Expected to Acquire New Equipment to Meet the Rising Demand for Its Polygraph Services

LieDetectors has confirmed that it will acquire additional lie detector equipment in a bid to meet the rising demand for its service. The company notes that as people become more aware of the various applications of lie detectors and how they work, they are starting to hire companies like LieDetectors for polygraph services. This has pushed the demand for these services up and as such, there should be enough capacity and equipment to meet the needs of everyone in the market.

Blockchain Based eSports Platform for Non-App-Store Games

Emoji Games, the market leader of HTML5 games is pleased to introduce "Pocket Arena", the eSports blockchain gaming platform with a virtual in-game item exchange option. The HTML5 eSports games will be launched by the company in May 2018. The mission behind the project was to create a decentralized micro gaming platform. Players can now enjoy the non-app-store high quality eSports games in HTML5. These games can be played on laptops, desktops, mobiles or tablets on the HTML browser without the need for downloading any apps. This platform is for all those players who want to be free from the duopoly of Google Play and Apple App Stores.

Mobile Bling Launches Smartphone Repair Franchise Opportunity Nationwide

LogoEverybody's got one. Everybody needs one. It's the nation's favorite "toy" otherwise known as the smartphone. And, anybody with foresight and ingenuity can see just how profitable servicing their every need would be. So says Mobile Bling. A store that gives customers everything from iPhone repair to what they call "bling parties" Mobile Bling is a one-stop-shop for all things cellular. They're also a company with a newly-launched nationwide franchising opportunity. Ready to share the wealth with a full-scale model that can start producing revenue within six months of signing, Mobile Bling has come to play.

D & S Security Offers Surveillance Camera in Los Angeles and Torrance

LogoFor those who are interested in video surveillance camera in Los Angeles and Torrance, D & S Security is the ideal resource. As a leading resource for surveillance cameras, the company sets a standard for the same by maintaining 100% customer satisfaction rate through their commitment to quality products and impeccable installation at affordable prices.

Catch a Sound Wave: Sonarworks Brings Its Revolutionary True-Fi Headphone Calibration Software to CanJam SoCal 2018

LogoEuropean audio software developer Sonarworks announced that it will be exhibiting at CanJam SoCal 2018, scheduled to take place at the JW Marriott Los Angeles L.A. Live this weekend. During the exhibition, Sonarworks will facilitate in-person demonstrations of True-Fi: its revolutionary consumer software platform that delivers 'studio reference sound' to more than 130 supported headphone models.

Gyre: Nova State to Deliver Adaptive Storytelling in a Unique RPG

LogoEvodant Interactive is revealing the next evolution in story generation in its upcoming steampunk-inspired RPG video game titled Gyre: Nova State. They have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

Top Android SMS, Contact and Music Transfer App Released by Wide Angle Software

Android users, who are looking for a way to backup their device SMS, contacts, music, photos and other files on their computer, will welcome the new Droid Transfer app released by Wide Angle Software.

KryptoGraphe (Crypto Portfolio Tracker App) Hits 20K Downloads in First 3 Weeks After Launch

LogoAlready generating a phenomenal response worldwide, KryptoGraphe is well on its way to becoming the preferred and safest option for tracking and monitoring all crypto currency investments.

Quantum Run: An All-New 3D Platform Game Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Logo3DCG Arts LLC is a Los Angeles based tech-startup and a 3D game development company that has proudly announced the launch of Quantum Run. This 3D game is an all-new 3D platform game from the same creative talent that was behind the iconic games of Pac-Man World 3D, Star Wars Arcade, Road Rash, The Mark of Kri, Eagle Eye Mysteries, Ruins of Myth Drannor and much more. The seasoned creators of this remarkable game have recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter with an aim to raise a sum of $50,000.

Korion Games Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Its Latest Action & Strategy Game

LogoKorion Games is a renowned German gaming company that has recently developed a fantastic new turn based strategy game called Of Ships & Scoundrels. The new action-packed game offers a unique gaming experience that combines exploration, strategy and action like never before. Moreover, the gaming company is taking strategy gameplay to the next level and it is now raising funds and support for this game on the crowdfunding platform of Kickstarter.

"Clear Evidence of Cancer" Concludes U.S. National Toxicology Program Expert Panel on Cell Phone Radiation

Scientists concluded there is "clear evidence" linking cell phone radiation to the development of cancers in rats. The U.S. government invited an expert panel to make a majority-rules declaration in response to the $25 million U.S. government National Toxicology Program (NTP) study of cell phone radiation in animals. After a three-day review of the study data, they voted to strengthen the conclusions that cell phone radiation caused health effects in the cell phone radiation exposed rats and mice. This week Scientific American and The Nation both ran stories on the topic along with The News and Observer entitling their piece, "Can your cellphone cause cancer? Scientists find definitive link in study of rats."

Sennheiser and Neumann Showcase New Audio Products at NAB

LogoSennheiser and Neumann will bring their full portfolio of audio production tools to NAB, including new microphone and headset solutions. The companies' stand (C1307) will show tailor-made audio solutions for mobile journalism, newsgathering, film productions, studio work and monitoring, in addition to presenting the AMBEO range of products for VR and AR productions.

myMix's Versatility Makes Both Rehearsals and Worship Services a 'Breeze' at SoCal Christian Church

LogoWhen Seabreeze Church in Huntington Beach, California, needed a personal monitoring solution to power its contemporary worship band, Worship Director Lance Unrau turned to the myMix personal monitor mixing and recording system for not only for quality audio and easy operation during its three Sunday morning worship services, but also for its ability to make rehearsals simpler.

Newly Developed FPS Game, AREA, Uses Physics to Create Ultimate Weapon

LogoAREA, a mind-blowing, physics-based adventure from SPINNING BRAIN is much more than the first person shooter (FPS) game it appears to be at first sight. Opening up stunning interactive worlds for gaming enthusiasts, AREA is a multi-genre game introducing puzzles, platformer, stealth and exploration elements.