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Food Identifier App Creator Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Raise Production Funds

LogoHaving an app that could identify any food quickly, give the nutritional value and even list the ingredients could change the way people diet.  Searching on the Internet for the ingredients in any food can be time-consuming and difficult.  The new app makes it easy with a convenient interface that allows the user to simply snap a photo of the food to obtain instant results on calories, fat, vitamins and other ingredients.

How Quality Vector Art Services Are Revolutionizing the Advertising Industry

Quality Vector Art Services Have Broadened The Definition Of Branding

STIN SunPower – The Ultimate Portable Solar Phone Charger That Delivers Makes Its Way to Amazon

The STIN SunPower Solar phone charger, which is portable, is easily one of the most beneficial phone chargers that are not just absolutely efficient but at the same time, it is also environmentally responsible. It has been created using the Smart Charging technology in which, the charger essentially uses its phenomenal power to sense the device that needs charging and based on this, it charges it at the maximum speed possible for restoring it to use.

Felix Introduces Three New Products

LogoFelix, a specialist in cutting-edge iPad Covers, iPhone Cases, iPad Stands, and other mobile accessories, has expanded its popular lineup with three new products: HoldTight for iPhone 6, FlipWrite for iPad Air, and the WriteOn Bluetooth Keyboard.

FonePaw Android Data Recovery Released to Answer Android File Recovery Needs

LogoFollowing iPhone Data Recovery, the professional software developer – FonePaw recently announced its newly-developed data recovery software for Android devices. Now, owners of Samsung Galaxy S6, Sony Xperia Z3 and a bunch of other Android phones and tablets running Android OS 2.3 to 5.1 can go ahead and get back lost or deleted data from their Android devices.

T-Lock Call Blocker Offered for Father's Day as the Perfect Solution to Block Unwanted Calls, Robocalls & Potential Scams

LogoOffered just in time for Father's Day, the T-Lock Call Blocker bars a house phone from sales calls, robocalls, charity calls, fund raising calls, and other nuisance calls. The HQ Telecom's new T-Lock Call Blocker version 5.0 is an affordable and easy to use caller ID device that blocks unwanted phone calls.

Amazon Biggest Selling Cell Phone Holder Has Announced a Special Celebration Discount

enviCAR is pleased to announce they have launched a celebration to mark the success of their cell phone holder on Amazon. As part of the celebration, the company is offering consumers a special limited discount of 40 percent.

ROUTERS INFO Publishes Best Buy Table to Rank the Best Wireless Routers for Gaming

Communication in the 21st century is dependent on devices that mediate our connection to the internet, known as routers. Like many home essentials, from boilers to freezers, the router is only really noticed when something has gone wrong, which is when people understand the value of a high quality router. ROUTERS INFO is an online resource center reviewing routers for different specific uses, and has just created a new section to analyze which is the best gaming router currently available, listing their results in a new league table.

Neopoint Sale Expands Currency and Items Purchasable for Use Within Neopets Game

Neopets is a hugely popular game in which individuals care for and nurture, raise up eventually evolve digital pets. A spiritual successor to fads like the Tamagotchi, Neopets has outlived them all thanks to a hugely varied and stimulating gaming experience. The game is now so popular that many experienced gamers seek the next level of challenge in raising a rare and exotic neopet, but lack the in-game funds to do so. allows people to safely, easily and economically buy Neopoints to buy neopets features in-game, and has just introduced a range of other in-game items for sale.

World Class Health Experts Discuss Public's Right to Know About Cell Phone Safety

The non-profit Environmental Health Trust will host a public briefing on June 10th featuring several world class experts in the area of electromagnetic (wireless) radiation. The experts will discuss new science about health risks associated with prolonged and frequent exposures, and the public's right to know about these risks. The briefing will begin at 2 PM in room 437 of the Massachusetts State House, 24 Beacon St, Boston. The event is free and open to the general public. Introduces Archeage Gold Coins at Best Rates

Archeage is one of the most played online games at present. Those wise gamers have always recognized the significance of archeage gold in order to enjoy the game to fullest. However, finding the best online store for buying archeage gold at the best rates was never easy before. But with is offering archeage gold coins at the most affordable prices along with a guaranteed security and delivery just within minutes, gamers can now get the most of what this website has to offer.

Highster Mobile App Helps Small Companies Prevent Wastage of Capital

Many companies have reported failure in work productivity because of the inability of the administration to closely monitor the activities of the employees. Recognizing the urgent need to monitor the cell phone of employees and kids all alike, the highster mobile app has been introduced to offer an easier alternative to sleepless nights of worrying.

Neopets-Cheats.Com Offers Neopets Cheats has offered players helpful Neopets Cheats, which can be used while playing the game to one's advantage.

The STIN SunPower Solar Phone Charger Heats Up the Mobile Device Industry with Smart Technology and High Efficiency

Suitable for recharging all types of USB powered devices, the STIN® SunPower Solar Phone Charger features a revolutionary solar cell that beats the competition every time. Other solar power charger models feature mono solar cells, giving an average conversion efficiency of 17.8%. With the SunPower solar panel charger, efficiency averages are over 5% greater at 23.5%. The STIN solar powered battery charger lets you make the best possible use of the available sunlight in all types of conditions. Celebrate Becoming the Most Recommending Samsung Mobile Phone Unlocking Company

Cyber Unlock Pro, who have become the most recommended website in helping people, unlock their Samsung mobile phone has become a one-stop resource for information regarding Samsung mobile phones. Visitors to the sites can find upcoming Samsung mobiles reviews, news and features. The information is regularly updated to provide customers with the latest information and Samsung product reviews.

EnviCar Announce an Amazon Celebration Discount on Their Cell Phone Holder

Today EnviCar has announced they are offering a discount on their cell phone holder to celebrate its success on Amazon. Instead of paying $39.90, consumers can now receive a 40 percent discount.

TipSee the #1 Tip Tracking App in the Industry Hits 250,000 Downloads

TipSee is a cross-platform app that will enable users to track, register and follow all of their tips. The app has several features that can be really useful to the user as a worker. First of all, it offers the ability to add tips everyday and keeps all of the tips in a calendar view. In that way users will have clear view of how much tips they have earned in any particular day and time.

Website Releases Comprehensive, Newly Updated Appliance Guide for 2015

It is more important than ever for consumers to be cautious about the products they purchase. Too often, companies are worried only about making a profit rather than providing a value to their customers. With so many options to choose from, it is almost impossible for the average consumer to be aware of all of their choices or the quality of each model that interests them. Household Appliance Judge, a product review website, understands this and is now organizing a campaign to awaken others to their valuable site that exposes the reality about the quality of many brands and models of appliances currently on the market.

SCJ Online Enterprises, LLC Launches Website Featuring Quality Cameras and Gadgets

LogoSalvador Capetillo Jr. is pleased to announce the creation and launch of his new website venture, The website offers a broad selection of cameras and gadgets including video cameras, spy cameras, digital cameras, and camera accessories. Capetillo was inspired to start his website by his own love of taking pictures. He wanted to provide a website where customers could get any items they needed to capture pictures or video. Shares the Secret Hack Tool to Prevent Getting Devoured in the Latest Top-Down Strategy Browser Game Called Agar.IO

LogoThe Agar.IO game is a fast rising multiplayer top-down strategy browser game that will definitely hook people to its simplicity but addictive gaming mode. In this game, the player will act as a newbie small cell that has to devour smaller cells in order to grow and survive from the other competitors' attempt to consume smaller cells to gain overall supremacy in the lobby. However, unexpected things can always happen. Players end up being devoured no matter how polished the game plan is and to prevent getting consecutive losses from the game, the proudly recommends its Agar.IO hack tools that will turn the great cell conqueror dream into a reality.

Business Ideas UK Launches New Fully Responsive Mobile Friendly Website Design

Business has for all intents and purposes become the most important facet of British life, and the government is putting all their efforts into ensuring business thrives. Despite this fact only a fraction of Britons own their own businesses. Business Ideas UK ( ) aims to change that. They offer advice, guidance and inspiration to help people own their own business and take advantage of the many opportunities it creates. They have just revolutionized their website with a new look to make it more universally available than ever before, thanks to a powerful responsive design.

LinkedIn Reveals New Social App, Elevate, Ranking Solutions Comments

UK based online marketing company, Ranking Solutions, have recently commented on the new Elevate app set to be released by LinkedIn, which allows for curated content be shared to companies across an employer's network.

A New Application for Smartphones and Tablets Removes 99.6% of Pornographic Content Reaching Kids

Recent studies shows that the average age of exposure of children to pornography on the Internet dropped below the age of 11. Many parents befuddled standing in front of this reality.

A New Application for Smartphones and Tablets Removes 99.6% of Pornographic Content Reaching Kids

LogoRecent studies shows that the average age of exposure of children to pornography on the Internet dropped below the age of 11. Many parents befuddled standing in front of this reality. Offers Reliable SWTOR Credits has now made it possible for gamers to get their hands on safe SWTOR Credits, which can then be used to enhance their playing experience.