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Carydean Enterprises, LLC Is Featuring Their and More iPhone Case on NewsWatch Monday, September 10th

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Updated 12:49 PM CDT, Wed, August 15,2018

Milford, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/15/2018 -- As part of their campaign to market and demonstrate the unique capabilities of their And More™ iPhone case, Carydean Enterprises, LLC will be featuring the product on NewsWatch on September 10th. NewsWatch is a consumer news show which airs every Monday at 7:00 AM on the AMC television channel.

Carydean Enterprises, LLC is honored to join the ranks of other nationally-recognized brands that have been previously featured on the program. The show has received many awards and acknowledgments, and is dedicated to providing news and information on high-tech and state-of-the-art consumer products such as the And More™ iPhone case.

This phone case features one-of-a-kind technological benefits, and Carydean Enterprises, LLC is looking forward to sharing these advantages with consumers who may be interested in the product. The case features a backup battery which can easily double the life of an iPhone, leaving owners with a reliably working device when they need it most.

With And More™ technology, iPhone owners never need to worry again about running out of storage space. Carydean Enterprises, LLC is excited to showcase the built-in slot for a Micro SD card, which allows for unlimited data storage options.

And yet another feature that will be presented on the news program will be the built-in audio headphone jack. This ensures customers who purchase a new iPhone, which does not have a headphone port, will still be able to use the existing headphones of their choosing with the phone.

The And More™ case not only addresses the most common complaints with iPhones, but provides solutions for them. And Carydean Enterprises, LLC is excited and proud to have the opportunity to share this technology with the country.

Watch their episode of NewsWatch September 10th at 7:00 AM on the AMC channel to see Carydean Enterprises, LLC make mobile phone history.

To order the And More™ iPhone case, or for more information, call 877-784-2831 or visit

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