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Updated 8:15 PM CST, Thu, March 08,2018 deals in a wide range of state-of-the-art products for audiophiles including but not limited to tube preamp, hi-fi CD player, desktop amp & speaker, power filter socket, and hi-end audio cables.

Chengdu, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/08/2018 -- Dyed-in-the-wool audiophiles and seasoned music enthusiasts always make it a point to experiment with both analog and digital audio equipment to enrich their aural experience. They check out every possible combination of digital, analog, solid-state, tube preamps, speakers, CD players, power filter sockets, and connection cables in order to select the best arrangement. It is not surprising to note that a great many music aficionados have found the color spectrum jump and the fluid transparency of a perfectly crafted tube lined preamp reproduce the best possible quality of music. China-Hifi-Audio Store is a leading online outlet that has been retailing a range of Hi-Fi audio equipment and related accessories including tube preamps, hi-end CD players, power amps, and hi-fi cables for many years. This web-based outfit sells audio products and components of several well known Chinese brands like Music Angel, Meixing Mingda JungSon, Shanling, RFTLYS, G&W, BADA, and LITE Audio DAC & Phono Preamp.

China-Hifi-Audio specializes in vending a long line of LITE Audio DAC & Phone Preamp. The store sells 'LITE Audio CT 3 Vacuum Tube MM/MC Phono Stage Amp', 'LITE Audio A15 Mark Levinson 20.5 Transistor LM394 Preamplifier', 'LITE Audio A360 Power Amplifier Balanced XLR Class AB 250W x 2', and 'LITE Audio CT2 Vacuum Tube MM Phono Stage Amp' to name a few. All LITE vacuum tube MM/MC (moving magnetic/moving coil) preamp models are of superlative quality implying that these not only belt out premium quality of audio but also remain in service for years. Take the 'LITE Audio CT 3 Vacuum Tube MM/MC Phono Stage Amp' model. This piece has a built-in double-sided gold-plated PCB with the power board separated from the amplifier board. An internal inbuilt switch enables the listener to customize the impedance to sync with the phono.

The online audio shop also has been promoting an extensive range of MUZISHARE Audio tube amplifier versions together with MUZISHARE bookshelf loudspeakers, speakers, power filter sockets, cryogenic freezing US plug power cable, and floor standing loudspeakers. Talking about MUZISHARE's different vacuum tube amps, let's take the 'MUZISHARE X5 EL 34x 4 vacuum tube integrated amplifier push-pull with remote' for instance.

This amplifier comes in a tubular cage cover and has been completely handcrafted using point-to-point welding. The preamp is outfitted with dual Japanese premium quality EI output transformers that enable the device to reverberate audio that is pure music to the ears.

Line Magnetic Audio established in 2005 offers tube electronic products, CD players, Classic field coil speakers, DACs, and Classic horns. China Hi-fi continues to sell a series of Line magnetic LM Audio tube amplifier products including Line Magnetic LM-216IA KT88 x 4 tube integrated amplifier.

About China-Hifi-Audio
China-Hifi-Audio Store, an web-oriented audio outlet registered in Guangzhou province of China sells a sweeping range of hi-fi audio supplies and accessories.

Company Name: China-Hifi-Audio
Contact Person: Yong Lee
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Country: China

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