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Experience a Fun New Spin on Media Sharing with Fanbit

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Updated 10:21 AM CST, Thu, January 12,2017

Sharing photos, music, and videos with friends is great; however, it lacks a tangible reward. Here to change that is Fanbit, which makes the art of posting into a fun and innovative game.

Boca del Rio, Mexico -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/12/2017 -- Everyone enjoys sharing media with their friends. Whether it be an awesome new song, an interesting video, or even a hilarious meme, all shared media can bring people together and push them to experience new things. Often times, apps that allow users to share the interesting things they find or come up with only track how many "likes" they receive, with no real reward earned from creating a popular or memorable post. This can make social media seem meaningless, which when combined with the slog that posting and commenting makes social media seem like a chore. Luckily, Fanbit is here to change that by making social media into a fun and rewarding game.

Fanbit combines the power of posting found in social media apps and the rewarding progression of a video game to create an interesting hybrid that incentivizes posting and interacting with users via Fanbit. The process of using the app is easy: simply choose the desired file (which can be a myriad of things ranging from videos, to music, to memes), then hit submit. Upon submission, the user is immediately awarded with points that work into Fanbit's distinguishing features: the achievement and leveling up system. These work similarly to the systems found in video games. By finishing the desired task, in this case posting and being active within the community, points are earned that go towards levels, which have achievements and rewards attached to them that incentivize leveling up and staying active. These rewards will start with in-game stickers and cosmetics; however, as the app grows the rewards will increase in value, with rewards like concert tickets and figurines corresponding to achievements planned for the future. The team at Fanbit hopes that by making the posting process into a fun and rewarding game, they can push people to share more with friends, have fun, and be active within the Fanbit community.

With two years of work and a first version of Fanbit behind them, the Fanbit team faces only one major issue: funding. Development and server maintenance costs for an ambitious project such as Fanbit are very high, and when coupled with the team's desires to create new and exciting features and rewards for users these costs increase further. To alleviate the monetary strain, the team at Fanbit has launched a Kickstarter, which they hope will help to lessen the monetary burden upon them, thus allowing Fanbit to improve and grow. Rewards for backers range from a copy of the app and a special achievement to an invitation to a launch party thrown by the Fanbit team. With reader support, Fanbit can grow into an international platform, thus allowing people all over the world to communicate, post, and play together.

For more information about the Fanbit app, visit the Kickstarter campaign page.

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