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Free PS4 Games List Grows to over 40 Games

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Updated 3:15 AM CDT, Tue, October 04,2016

London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/04/2016 -- The PlayStation 4 recently saw an upgrade by Sony as the Japanese Gaming giant revealed the PS4 Pro console. Now free PS4 games are coming into the limelight as the consoles popularity raises. Free to play PS4 games are an important part of the consoles ecosystem. The PS4 console has already done extremely well in the short lifecycle it has gone through, with now over 40 million units and counting already having been shifted by Sony. And the hardware's software ecosystem is as robust as gamers would like.

The console's popularity also means that both large and independent developers have looked to create games for the console in order to maximize their titles' reach. Among the well publicized AAA titles and independently produced games is a growing and robust list of free ps4 games that are also available to play on the console at no cost.

Free PS4 games that Playstation 4 console owners can play continue to be announced and the growing list now numbers at least 40 titles. The importance of the free to play PS4 games cannot be underestimated as not every gamer can afford to fork out over £30 every time a AAA game is released. Not only that, the free PS4 games also help to give gamers a taste of Genres they may otherwise not have tried due to having to pay for a game before trying it out first.

This ever growing list of free PS4 games is accompanied by a similarly long list of Playstation 4 demos, short versions of published and upcoming games on the platform that players can sample free of charge. Free games are welcome on any platform by gamers, and Sony is leading the way. As the free game ecosystem grows, Sony should encourage developers to look beyond the blockbusting and massive earning title that most developers aim for. In any case, making a game free does not mean it can't hit the big time, free to play PS4 games such as Paragon and Kings Quest fly in the face of that assertion  for example.

In addition to these free to play PS4 games, Sony regularly allows subscribers to its Playstation Plus service access to free PS4 games download each month. This means that PlayStation 4 owners now have a variety of free full PS4 games, demo's, and monthly giveaways, which makes for a lot of content that is available on the platform at no cost.

The PS4 console continues to break records with the number of units that Sony has shifted so far. And with the imminent arrival of the company's virtual reality gaming platform, PS VR, and the upgraded version of its flagship console, PS4 Pro, clearly more and more gamers will be drawn to the system. The new console is an upgraded version of the PS4 console and was made with the Playstation VR in mind. As the holiday season approaches, the release of PS VR and PS4 Pro prior to that will ensure the two systems are top of most wish lists this Christmas.

In that regard, Sony could do well to tie in those existing and new fans of its console with services such as PS Plus and expanding the range and number of free PS4 games available to play. The machine's track record means that it will probably do well amongst old and new gamer fans alike for the fourth successive year of its lifecycle.

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