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Game Changing Invention for iPad Pro and Apple Pencil Making Waves on Kickstarter

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Updated 9:15 PM CDT, Wed, May 10,2017

Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/10/2017 -- Necessity continues to be the mother of invention for Studio Tika, whose month-long Kickstarter campaign for its brilliant ProBack Cover is already more than 90% funded, two-thirds of the way in.

The ProBack Cover solves a design issue that makes charging the Apple Pencil – the proverbial "jelly" to the iPad's "peanut butter" – awkward and prone to potential accidental damage, both to itself and to the iPad. The result is a durable protective cover for both iPad and Pencil that conveniently keeps them together. The cover allows the Pencil to charge from the iPad when not in use, ensuring that the Pencil is charged up and ready to go when needed.

The ProBack Cover also sports a magnetic holder for the Pencil cap, which must be removed prior to charging the Pencil and is remarkably easy to lose. The ProBack Cover is compatible with the Smart Keyboard, integrating all the components to make your iPad the ultimate, autonomous, portable workstation and allowing you to optimize both your time and space. Additionally, the ProBack Cover is designed to amplify and redirect sound towards the user so that presentations – and music – are experienced at optimum sound quality.

The Kickstarter campaign for the ProBack Cover went live on April 19, 2017 to raise funds for the initial mass production; the manufacturing processes have already been validated and the production molds have already been made and tested. Since Kickstarter is an "all or nothing" platform, the Studio Tika will not receive any pledged funds unless the campaign goal of $25,000 is reached by May 19, 2017. There are many pledge options, all of which serve to provide backers with this innovative product at significant pre-sale discounts off the MSRP.

The ProBack Cover's design does not affect the iPad or Pencil in a way that would void the Apple Inc. warranty. This phase of production only covers the 12.9" model of the ProBack Cover at this time, but Studio Tika will contemplate making models for future sizes of iPad Pro. The ProBack Cover's MFi (Apple's "Made for iPod, iPhone and iPad" licensing program) certification is pending.

The Kickstarter campaign, which includes technical information, press kit, and an extensive FAQ section, can be found at:

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