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Green Locksmith in Long Beach Announces New CCTV Surveillance Service

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Updated 10:58 AM CDT, Wed, October 04,2017

Long Beach, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/04/2017 -- Green Locksmith in Long Beach has announced the addition of a new service to its offering of residential, commercial and auto services: home security system, or CCTV (closed circuit television) surveillance system installation.

Frank Ruby, marketing manager, says that the growing focus on personal and home safety, and increases in related crimes in some areas, is making people understand they need to be more proactive. The advances in technology and related cost improvements for CCTV equipment, and the growing interest, made this latest move a natural. "There was a time that these systems were primarily attainable for larger businesses but with lower costs and a wider range of options, they make sense now as a solution to many people's personal home security needs. Not only do they make a home more secure but there is an added value of peace of mind."

According to Alarm System Report, more than two million burglaries are reported in the U.S. annually. The homes most at risk are those not protected by security systems. Ruby says the primary function of home security systems is to provide a deterrent to would-be burglars. In the case of an attempt or actual break-in, CCTV can also help law enforcement to identify and catch the criminal. This can result in priceless items being returned.

Ruby says his team has extensive experience in offering advice and solutions, backed by installation expertise. This ensures customers, both small business and residential, find the right solution to meet their needs and get that system professionally installed to ensure maximum function. "We can help clients identifying which areas around their property are the most vulnerable, and then can recommend and install the solution that will best meet their needs."

While some people may be tempted to just pick up and install their own system, Ruby compares this to someone without experience installing new brakes on a car. "You may have the product and have googled how to install it, but there can be nuances and connections to other systems that you miss. Most people would never think to work on their car's brakes without experience because of the importance of the job they provide. A security system is no different."

Among Green Locksmith's list of services is change door locks, lock repair, sliding door lock repair, door lock installation, garage door lock repair and iron gates works and installation. Ruby says this traditional expertise means his team can help clients ensure that all access points are safe and secure, that locks are working properly and that more secure locking systems are installed where needed.

Backing this range of services and expertise, Green Locksmith offers 24-hour locksmith care. Ruby says this is important because break-ins don't happen at convenient times. "Many break-ins happen when people are away from the home at work, on vacation, or just out for a few hours. Once you discover what is happened, you want someone to take care of securing your home, whether that's at the end of a long day, on a return from vacation, or after you've come back from time away with friends. No matter when it happens, we'll be there."

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