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Highly Portable Merchmakr Screen Printing Kit to Debut on StartEngine

Via: ReleaseWire

Updated 2:21 PM CST, Tue, December 19,2017

DIY Screen Printing Supplies has developed a state of the art All-in-One Screen Printing kit which is revolutionary in its portability and super compact footprint. Merchmakr™ Screen Printing System enables users to create high-quality screen printing projects easily, and virtually anywhere.

Tampa, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/19/2017 -- Tampa-based screen printing supply and development company, DIY Screen Printing Supplies, is seeking investors for their Merchmakr™ brand products on StartEngine. The Merchmakr™ brand includes Merchmakr™ All-in-One Screen Printing Kit; two ink lines, including twenty six colors of both plastisol and water-based inks; hobby screen printing products; and entry-level screen printing equipment for micro screen printing businesses. Merchmakr™ Screen Printing Press uses a next-generation prosumer grade screen printing system which promises winning screen printing projects that can be accomplished out of very small spaces. The product has been developed through the company's extensive research using customer feedback about what is desired most in a screen printing starter kit.

"We are excited to bring to you our flagship Merchmakr™ All-in-One Screen Printing Press. It's a portable and super compact screen printing system which empowers newbies to start making their own T-shirts or to do any screen printing project fast. We love creators, and pride ourselves on helping them commit winning, professional quality projects they can be proud of. Also, you can carry it anywhere and set-up quickly, including fairs and trade shows where you can do live screen printing demonstrations before your audience, and even let them print their own T-shirts. We want to make screen printing more accessible to beginning printmakers", said Gary Jurman, the CEO of DIY Screen Printing Supplies.

Merchmakr™ Screen Printing Press uses a patented registration system called HotSwap™. HotSwap™ capable screens along with a specially designed clamp on the press allow screen printers to change out screens on the single-head screen printing press on-the-fly. "HotSwapping" makes multi-colored prints possible without the use of much larger equipment that demands more bulk and a lot more floor space. Screen printers use the system to create the screen stencils in register on the press so that locking the screens into the press makes them align to each other.

Merchmakr™ Screen Printing System can be used by anybody interested in screen printing projects, including start-up entrepreneurs, artists, educators, crafters and even industry pros. Industry professionals use the press for small repeat projects such as made-to-order uniforms, short-run website T-shirt fulfillment, and for private labeling garments. DIY Screen Printing Supplies estimates there are about a thousand kits currently in the wild, and plans to rocket that number substantially in the near future.

"Our Merchmakr™ kit has already garnered huge applause at Maker Faire events, attracting long lines of makers wanting to print their own event shirts. When event directors got word of the excitement, they started asking for Merchmakrs for other events and venues. Since then, Merchmakr™ Screen Printing System has been popping up all over the US in maker-style booths --even at a recent Rick and Morty Road Trip stop. Now, we are looking forward to a larger production run of our Merchmakr™ Screen Printing Kits aided by our crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine. Your support and investment will help us to make screen printing easier and more accessible for the world." said Gary Jurman.

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