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IMSI Info Launches Brand New Database on All Cell-Site Simulator and Remote Cell Phone Security Capture Devices

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Updated 3:08 PM CDT, Fri, September 30,2016

Topeka, KS -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/30/2016 -- IMSI Info is a newly launched website that has been developed to provide in depth and practical information about all cell-site simulator and remote cell phone security capture devices. The aim of the website is to become a database of information that will help readers in protecting their privacy and harnessing the power of cell-site simulators and remote cell phone security capture devices. Recently, the website shared detailed information about Stingrays or IMSI catchers.

According to Imsi Info, Stingrays or IMSI catchers, cell-site simulators are devices that masquerade as legitimate base stations or cell phone towers, tricking nearby phones into connecting to the device in order to capture the content of communications or log the International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) numbers of cell phones in the area. IMSI is an identifying number that is unique to each mobile phone.

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The experts believe that this type of technology and devices can be used for good rather than just for the sake of menace, such technology can be up to positive use for spying on cheating partners, protecting children and keeping an eye on employees. One of the biggest benefits of using IMSI catchers is that it does not affect the normal functions of the mobile; it runs surreptitiously in the background and therefore it remains unnoticeable, while providing useful and crucial pieces of information in return.

Further explaining what an IMSI catcher is, the spokesperson and IMSI catcher expert said: "An IMSI Catcher is defined as phone eavesdropping device that is used for tracking the movement of cell phone users and intercepting their mobile phone traffic. It is essentially a fake base tower that acts between the service provider's real towers and the target cell phone which, perhaps, explains why it is commonly referred to as a Man-In-The-Middle Attack."

A team of IMSI catcher and security capture device technology experts and enthusiasts are working behind the scenes at IMSI Info to bring their readers a platform that offers comprehensive information and expert opinions, all in one place.

About IMSI Info
IMSI Info is the number one resource of information about All Cell-Site Simulator and Remote Cell Phone Security Capture Devices. The objective of the website is to provide honest and independent information such as guides, advice, tips and tricks for a better protection and improved tracking of cellphones.

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