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Introducing Fabsty, the App-Sized Pocket Stylist

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Updated 2:37 PM CST, Mon, February 20,2017

Seattle, WA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/20/2017 -- For men and women, picking one's outfit for the day can be a stressful task, whether or not he or she possesses an eye for fashion. The rush to plan an outfit early in the morning is simply not a good start to the day. What's worse is that the mental strain and the trial-and-error process of creating good-looking outfits can be quite the time sink. In turn, many people report that they plan their outfits the night before. The Fabsty app is here to take this stress-reducing tactic to the next level. Through the automatic selections of outfits, personalized weekly plans, and more, anyone can enjoy the stress-free lifestyle of having a stylist in your pocket.

To use the app, users begin with cataloging their current wardrobe. This task may sound arduous, but the Fabsty team has made it a breeze. All a user has to do is photograph their clothes to add them to their wardrobe in the app's cloud storage. This cloud-based storage system ensures that users can access the Fabsty platform from any device, including computers, cell phones, and internet-enabled televisions

After the user's current wardrobe is logged, the Fabsty app will begin intelligently generating stunning outfits that fit with the style of its user. These outfits will be separated into those formed of the user's currently owned clothes and outfits that would be made complete with the purchase of one other article of clothing. This ability to mix and match with pieces of clothing that its user has never even seen is part of what makes the Fabsty app incredible. As a side benefit, the app will even mix and match with the wardrobes of friends, creating adorable outfits that from clothes that the user could borrow. As a result, the app is able to help anyone figure out what to outfit to wear, what to buy to complete an outfit, or what complete and new outfit would work with a user's style.

How do I get the app?

The Fabsty team has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Those who support the campaign will be rewarded with anything from beta access to a one-on-one video chat session with Fabsty's fashion professional. With the support of readers, Fabsty hopes to help people around the world lead a more organized, fabulous, and stylish life.

To learn more visit the Kickstarter campaign page.

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