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Introducing Flexy Paw, the Smartphone Accessory to Revolutionize Pet Photography

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Updated 2:03 PM CST, Mon, February 13,2017

With the advent of social media, there are more pet photos than ever. Today, one company named Paw Champs is here to help produce these works of art with Flexy Paw.

San Francisco, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/13/2017 -- Any pet owner knows just how hard it can be to get their pet's attention. Whether it is a cat, dog, snake, or other lovable creature, pets are often so absorbed in their playful acts that only a touch or a treat can get their attention. Tragically, these playful acts are the things that make phenomenal pet photos, yet it is unlikely for a dog licking peanut butter to pause to smile at a camera. In addition, some pets are just plain camera shy and do not like strange black eyeball of a camera being pointed in their direction, adding to the difficulty of capturing the most adorable pet photos. Here to make this photographic challenge easier is a new product by the name of Flexy Paw, working to capture any pet's attention and direct their adorable countenance towards the camera.

The Flexy Paw is a simple, yet ingenious invention that elegantly achieves its goal of producing adorable pet photos. The device itself consists of two clamps, one to attach to a camera enabled to device, and one to position directly above the camera. The second clamp securely holds a treat or toy, drawing the pet's attention to the ideal location directly above the camera lense. This practice is entirely humane and can serve to make photography actually fun for the pet, as they see a promised reward for posing for the camera.

The device clamp is easy to use and gently, but securely, latches on to a variety of smartphones and tablets as well as the cases that serve to protect these devices. On the other end of the Flexy Paw, the treat clamp expands to hold any toy or treat thinner than half of an inch. In turn, the Flexy Paw is completely compatible with any camera-enabled device and any pet. What's more is that both clamps are connected using the same gooseneck-style chain of joints that is used in professional photography. In this way, the user can rotate and bend the Flexy Paw into a variety of shapes to achieve the perfect angle.

Although a set of patent-pending prototypes have already been produced, the mass production of a product this innovative is not an easy task. To fund the distribution of these devices the Flexy Paw team has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Those who support the campaign will be rewarded with a first edition Flexy Paw for far less than market value. With the support of reader, pet enthusiasts everywhere will soon be able to produce the perfect pet photos as keepsakes or to share with the world.

To learn more visit the Kickstarter campaign page.

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