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Introducing GoodGrid, a New Genre of Photo Editing Tool

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Updated 7:18 AM CST, Thu, March 09,2017

The forms an image can take on is a stunning thing. From beautiful collages to montage art forms, they are all impressive. Here to provide all this and more is GoodGrid for MacOS.

Dusseldorf, Germany -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/09/2017 -- Many have heard the phrase "a picture can speak a thousand words", so where does that put an edited photo? For the creative types out there, they know that with the proper tool, an edited photo can be magnitudes more powerful than a raw image. In fact, a variety of art styles rely on image edits to display different aspects of one or more photos, producing works more akin to a painting than an image. A similar beauty can be found in the even the simplest of collages like the four-photo montages on social media that display a series of concurrent events. However, creating an elegant work of edited photography requires a third-party program. As a result, companies have been producing relatively weak, but simple to use programs that are designed with the specific purpose of solely producing collages, adding photo effects, or other narrow purposes. GoodGrid for macOS is here to change that as a tool with robust and wide reaching capabilities.

GoodGrid set out to create a powerful photo editing tool for the macOS app store and they have done just that. The app functions as center for the creation of art itself for works that are reminiscent the emerging genre of polyscape art and the works of Piet Mondrian. Additionally GoodGrid makes a phenomenal editing studio for conjoining images, applying color overlays and more. Through an intuitive user interface and powerful tools, GoodGrid has managed to produce a platform that is simple enough for even the most mundane purposes like putting two pictures side by side, yet is equipped with all the tools one could ask for to create complex works of art. In this way, GoodGrid is able to cover both ends of the spectrum with a single tool, making it essential for anyone from a beginner who wants to make simple collages to an expert who wants to create polyscape art in a more flowing manner while exploring the unknown possibilities and powers of the app.

The creation process within GoodGrid often begins with a template, these range from a simple four-photo collage to fractal-based patterns, and they can be generated automatically based on user inputted photos. From there the user enters the slicing phase. In this phase users can modify templates with 'slices' to add more sections to the template. These slices can be aligned by hand or made automatically. Additionally, hand-drawn slices will snap to key angles, allowing clean designs. After the slicing phase, users begin filling the slices with photos, pattern, color blocks, and gradients however they please, allowing the merging of photographic meaning, the repetition of patterns, and more. Unlike applications that focus on photographic effects or pixel editing, this style of editing has simply not been pioneered before, so the GoodGrid team is excited to see what applications users will come up with.

While the beta version is currently functional and stunning, the final version of GoodGrid is still in the works and is running out of production funds. To remedy this issue the GoodGrid team has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. In the campaign supporters are able to preorder GoodGrid, test the beta version, and more, helping the GoodGrid team produce a impeccable product.

To learn more visit the Kickstarter campaign page.

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