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Introducing perchiT, a Second Screen for Any Laptop

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Updated 2:51 PM CST, Fri, February 24,2017

A multiple display setup is the envy of any tech enthusiast. Today a product by the name of perchiT is using smartphones to act as convenient second monitors.

Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/24/2017 -- In a variety of situations, a second screen is a true life saver. The ability to have multiple programs open and in view is truly game changing. For this reason, having a multiple display setup is often cited as a source of productivity and is vital in a variety of professions. One study by the Pfeiffer Report even found that investing in a second screen can result in thousands of dollars every year in money saved through increased productivity.* Additionally, having a second screen constantly displaying another program like an email manager or social media account can actually serve to de-stress users as they no longer have to tab out to check their email. However, there stand a few barriers to a multiple screen setup. These include the difficulty of setting up multiple screens, the decreased portability of the second screen, and ultimately the cost. Here to remedy these issues is a new product named perchiT, using a smartphone as a cost effective and easy to set up second monitor.

The perchiT is composed of a universal clamp to hold smartphones of any size, a ball and socket joint, and a couple of rubber clips to attach to a laptop's monitor. The clips are spring loaded and can widen or contract to accommodate the thickest and thinnest laptop screens on the market. The ball and socket joint allows users to adjust the angle of the smartphone display, and the universal clamp widens to hold even the most gargantuan smartphones including the iPhone 7+.

Once attached by perchiT, a smartphone can be used as a second monitor to keep emails displayed, record video, and more. One especially useful application is the use of perchiT in combination with, a note syncing program. By using perchiT and Sibme synergistically, a user can record a lecture or meeting with the perchiT and type notes that are timestamped to go along with the recording. Needless to say, this is a powerful combination that makes professional development meetings and educational lectures more effective.

With the perchiT, the problems of cost, setup difficulty, and CPU usage are settled, as the major component of the system is a smartphone, which many people already possess. Additionally, the second monitor of the smartphone will be running on the smartphone's processing power, so there is no extra lag in a multiple display setup while using perchiT. Today, the perchiT team has opened up discounted pre-orders for the perchiT via a Kickstarter campaign. Those interested are encouraged to visit the campaign page before the pre-order window ends in less than a month.

To learn more visit the Kickstarter campaign page.

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