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Introducing PHINCHAT, the O2O Mobile Translating Solution

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Updated 7:30 PM CST, Mon, March 06,2017

In the developing world, it is quickly becoming more and more important to be able to communicate with people of variable backgrounds. Here to help with just that is PHINCHAT.

Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/06/2017 -- Anyone who has traveled abroad or simply interacts frequently with people of diverse backgrounds knows just how important communication can be. In order to handle the complex task of doing business internationally or simply navigate a foreign environment, one needs to be able to communicate with those around him. To help in this task, many people resort to automated translation services such as Google Translate or other applications. The problem is that many of these translations are erroneous, ranging from slightly off to completely incorrect. Here to remedy this issue is a new, O2O-oriented, take on translation through a mobile app named PHINCHAT.

In order to increase the accuracy of translations, PHINCHAT incorporates a human element into the process of translating. When a PHINCHAT user needs something translated, he or she can upload a query to the PHINCHAT platform. From there, thousands of translators will be able to view the query and provide the correct interpretation. As these translators are often native speakers of the language, they provide a far more accurate interpretation and translation than a dictionary-based program ever could. Additionally, this system of translation allows PHINCHAT to easily interpret photo-based queries or voice memos that need translation, making the entire process smoother.

As for those who translate using PHINCHAT, they are rewarded monetarily. In this way, those who have bilingual or multilingual skills are put these skills to work, creating a low-effort income system. To keep translators motivated to answer, they are paid monthly based on the number of queries that were answered to the asker's satisfaction. What's more is that this sort of translation is relatively simple for bilingual speakers in need of a job as the content that needs to be translated is often about travel directions, key locations, and other basic knowledge for a bilingual speaker.

What's more is that the fee for PHINCHAT users is incredibly low with the maximum per day cost being less than twenty cents. This sort of pricing structure is perfect for using PHINCHAT for just a few weeks while on vacation. While the app is currently live on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, additional funding is required to further develop its services. To remedy this issue the PHINCHAT team has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Donors to the campaign will be rewarded with premium PHINCHAT membership. Through the support of readers, PHINCHAT aims to create jobs and help people adapt to new and exciting environments.

To learn more visit the Indiegogo campaign page.

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