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Iridium Studio Launches On/Off Photo App to Redefine Photo Sharing with Instant Un-Sharing

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Updated 9:15 AM CST, Tue, January 31,2017

Giving photogs control over the photos they’ve sent via text, a new app provides a solution in the selfie age. Allowing for the un-view-ability of a photo that’s already been sent, the app creates possibilities for those who want to reverse hitting “send”.

Seoul, South Korea -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/31/2017 -- Let's be honest, who hasn't done it? Who hasn't texted a photo and thought later, "That wasn't so smart." In an age of selfies, selfie sticks, digital photo editors, etc., etc. one could get a little carried away. Circumstances change and, moments after texts are sent, second thoughts reign supreme. If only there were an app that made a texted photo no longer viewable. Enter, the ON/OFF PHOTO app - the latest development from Iridium Studio. Giving full control over images past and present, the app gives those who text photos a way to take back what they've sent. Finders keepers? Not so much anymore.

Critical for those in the market to turn back time, the new photo app allows users to hide, delete, and manage photos already sent to friends. Sold in the Apple App Store, the app offers exposure prevention in real-time. Fast and efficient, the photo deletion app combines control with flexibility. How so? With a simple on/off switch.

Eric Bernet, CEO of Iridium Studio said of the launch, "We think this free app will provide huge benefits. If they don't want their photo accessible all they have to do is flip a digital switch. When the receiver goes to view the photo, they will be given a notice the says either, 'Photo deleted by user.' or 'Photo turned off.' They can turn it back on just a simply. Problem solved."

The new photo app will also give the user instant notifications when someone looks at their photo. Now this is key because the app will also detect when a photo is sent to someone the sender does not know. Keeping senders informed so that their images aren't used or disseminated in a way they never intended, the app is a type of control not seen in the marketplace before.

Giving even more control, additionally, the photo deletion app has an auto picture hiding timer. This convenient feature automatically hides a photo after a set period of time. The feature allows for optimum control when it comes to a photo that is meant for viewing for only a short amount of time. Convenient in its functionality, this feature is optimized with a simplistic command by the sender.

With a social aspect, it allows them to chat with their friends within the app as well.

Lalastark said of the photo editor app, ""WOW!! I have been wanting a way to hide some of my photos for a while, this is a perfect solution."

The ON/OFF PHOTO iOS app is available in English, Japanese, Korean, Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

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