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Mangia, Mangia with "Trytaly" a New App That Brings Authentic Italian Eats on-Demand

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Updated 8:00 AM CDT, Thu, March 21,2019

Milano, Italy -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/21/2019 -- Travellers looking to experience the fresh flavors and comforts of authentic Italian cooking can now do so on the innovative "Trytaly" app. Promising to bring the personal touch of Airbnb with the need for on-demand access that is "Uber," this new food app allows users to visit the homes of real Italian home-cooks and experience what the cuisine is truly all about.

The Trytaly app is like a trip to "The Continent" without ever having to leave one's own home city. Even when touring Europe, Trytaly is the proverbial place to go for users who love Italian food choices. The app's functionality is simple and sleek while the idea behind Trytaly is innovative and sure to strike a chord in the hearts (and bellies!) of gourmands everywhere.

There is just so much more to Italian food than the classic old pasta sauces and same old, "tired, tourist" cliches, as the app's interface proves. There's panna cotta, Birramisù (which is Tiramisù made with beer for extra froth!) and Coda alla vaccinara. Once users have logged on to the app, they're given access, on a visual map, to all the "nearby hosts." These are the individuals in each city, who are also Trytaly users but are offering their homes, their kitchens, and, most especially, their skilled hand at creating truly authentic Italian cuisine. These host users will also have a "menu" present, almost as though they're restaurants, and users can pick dishes that sound enticing.

If users find dishes they like, they then "submit" a price, which is payable only on acceptance. It's that easy. To keep things user-friendly and intuitive, the app uses geolocation to pinpoint your proximity to authentic Italian restaurants as well as amateur cooks who are available for "business." This way, users who are interested in booking and buying these dishes can simply pop open the app and instantly view all possibilities in the area.

As the app's notoriety grows, it's likely that hosts will include actual trattorias and osterias -- itself a distinction! – that want to connect hungry travelers and self-styled foodies with the true experience of Italian cuisine. This one-of-a-kind app smooths out the whole process of finding, picking, and then paying for bright, fresh, and authentic Italian meals around the world, regardless of location.

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