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MOOM Creates Transparent Game Rules for Players

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Updated 8:30 PM CDT, Sun, September 02,2018

Block Chain Technology Game Designed with Greater Transparency to Improve User Experience

Beijing, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/02/2018 -- Beijing Zhao Hua is a cultural communication company whose mission is to assist organizations and companies with their brand strategies and public relation implementation. The company provides professional services , such as promotion strategy, event planning, E-marketing and new media marketing.

MOOM launched in November 2017. It is a game where players can play in a fair set of smart contracts to win the rewards.

The first gamer era in human history truly comes with MOOM. It is deployed on the Ethernet network. This is the first time in history that game assets truly belong to individuals, not the game operators. All players play MOOM in a range of fair-scheduled smart contracts that open the door to a world where individuals have encrypted assets.

The First Gamer Era in Game History is Coming.

Since its launch in November 2017, CryptoKittie has set off a whirlwind of cats and cats in encrypted money lovers' circles, making it the most widely used application of ethernet in one day, accounting for more than 17% of the transaction traffic on the Ethernet network. Will the etherhouse network be overburdened with severe congestion. CryptoKittie is the first blockchain-based pet game in the world, can it again overburden the ethernet network?

Moom is financial logic which attracts a lots of investors. Its reward is an active decentralization application in the current block chain field. MOOM's design draw players even to be more crazy. MOOM has a 24 hour countdown voting game for all, if you want to participate in this game. You must use Ethernet to buy Keys. The etherhouse paid by players to buy Key will be counted in the game pool. Once players buy keys, they get a subsequent bonus and a hierarchical sharing bonus for this project. The system takes 30% of the total ETH quota that the player buys KEY every day to hold the KEY account weighted bonus (eth/keys).

For example: when players have a key, the system allocates 30% of the total investment of new key keys according to the amount of money they own, and the more they hold, the more they earn. At the same time, according to the supply and demand of the market, key has set up a mechanism for adding value to the market. The total circulation volume of key is 10 billion, and the original price of KEY will never be increased by 1ETH / 200 / 0. The price of key rose by 0.000005 ETH per 100 ETH. Therefore, in the KEY growth mechanism, the earlier the player holds the KEY, the greater the gain in MOOM, and the higher the cost of buying the same amount of KEY as the KEY increment. In the MOOM game countdown mechanism, the countdown clock of the game is increased by 30 seconds once someone buys the KEY. When no one buys KEY until 24 hours, the game is declared over. Of course, anyone can stop the countdown from running out, just buy any number of KEY, and whenever someone does, the countdown will immediately reset back to 24 hours. And that's the interesting part of the game. Is the first time in the game history to give the right to the player, let the player control the right to speak. In the past, the "dictatorship" of the game operator will no longer exist in the MOOM.

The real realization of the game is to give the game back to the player and let the player dominate the development of the game. At the same time, MOOM is full of the game of the player's humanity and greed. So for MOOM to announce the end of the game is something most people would like to see, because the end of MOOM is not the beginning of a nightmare, but a feast of wealth. The advantage of the NOOM is that the end of the first round of the game, the rest of the bonus for a more reasonable allocation. The system will allocate 95% of the remaining bonus pool to participants in accordance with the rules of the game. There is no doubt that being the last participant will make the most money, here we call it Game Terminator. 1,(Terminator) received 51 per cent of the total fund pool. 2. All of the direct pushers above Terminator divide up 20% of the total pool, and each generation gets the remaining 10% of the prize according to the direct pusher relationship. 3. The top 10 players who hold the number of KEY divide up 12% of the total pool, weighted by the number of KEY held by individuals. 4. The top 10 players in this round allocate 12% of the total pool on average. At the end of the game, except the Foundation gets 5% of the total fund pool, the remaining 95% of the bonus is divided among the participants, which is the advantage of MOOM. And the block chain can not be faked, can not be tampered with, there is no possibility of manipulation, so the bonus pool. Even the founder can not stop the rules of partition, as for the real players, it is embrace huge attractive.

About Transparency of MOOM
MOOM makes innovative rules for new changes. All players play in a set of fair smart contract to win the game. After taken a certain percentage, the system allocates 95% of the remaining bonus pool to participants. Being the last participants in the game will collect the biggest rewards. They are called the Game Terminator--the biggest winner in the game and reality.

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