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Punkt. Digital Detox Challenge III: Back to the Real World

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Updated 8:00 AM CST, Mon, January 29,2018

Lugano, Switzerland -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/29/2018 -- After years of unquestioning acceptance of each 'next big thing', the last few months have seen a surge of media articles and discussion about smartphones and our interaction with technology. The word 'addiction' is being used with ever-increasing frequency.

As a company, Punkt. is built around ensuring technology is a servant, not a master, and we have been pioneering the concept of digital detoxes since 2016. (How quickly things have changed since then!) The third Punkt. Digital Detox Challenge is now underway, with applications being accepted up to the end of January. 35 selected participants will be issued with a free telephone, the ultra-sophisticated Punkt. MP 01, in exchange for undertaking to diarise their detox and file a report once they come out the other side – or succumb to the cravings and realise that they actually can't go for a few days without their smartphone.

The MP01 is a mobile phone specifically designed to help maintain a balanced relationship with communication technology. Produced in small production runs, it's a phone that's actually a phone. Unlike smartphones, it has excellent audio. Rather than being an awkward and fragile slab of glass, it feels great in the hand and slips easily into any pocket. Instead of a busy touchscreen, it has real buttons. As well as calls, it also sends texts – but it has no truck with notifications, updates or robo-pestering. Human-to-human only.

And it looks stunning. Why should the only alternative to smartphones be ugly, old-fashioned technology? Much like a wristwatch, a mobile phone is quite a personal item. The MP 01 stands out because it is more than just a screen: it is an attractive object in and of itself. It looks good ITRW. There's more to life than the latest hi-res screen. Our brains are hard-wired for beauty, for genuine stimulation that reaches us through all five of our senses. More on this here.

Applications are now being accepted; deadline is the end of January. How to win a place on the project: demonstrate an ability to further the debate on both a) our relationship with technology and b) the importance of elegance and beauty not just on-line but also ITRW. More information is available here.

In addition to the 35 phones for the general public, phones are also available for journalists interested in taking part.

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