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Siberian Cyber, Inc. Announces Wefunder Fundraiser for iCTABLE: Adaptable, Multi-Monitor Computer Integrated Desk

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Updated 3:23 PM CDT, Wed, May 10,2017

Simi Valley, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/10/2017 -- iCTABLE, a series of premium, adaptable computer desks, has announced an upcoming Wefunder crowdfunding campaign for their flagship products. The campaign rewards supporters with a variety of perks, including product discounts, priority shipment, and more.

The rapid growth of the personal computer market in the era of total domination of small gadgets and electronic devices has primarily occurred thanks to the rising requirements of the games and professional software. Moreover, the ever-growing eSports market acts as a significant stimuli to the market growth of the PC hardware. As a result, the demand for a functional and scalable workstation to accommodate these requirements drove the designers of iCTABLE to find a better solution.

iCTABLE represents the latest paradigm shift in technological innovations and advancements within computer desks. Combining both productivity-enhancing features and functional ergonomics, each table is adaptable to fit practically any purpose.

The iCTABLE features multiple design form factors with modular, customizable components. The objective behind this approach is simple: to help people create an ideal, multi-monitor desk for whatever purpose they may have.

For instance, graphic designers may need a dynamic space with multiple monitors which are easy to move and switch focus. Gamers may need a stable rig that extends across multiple desktops. No matter the needs, the iCTABLE offers a solution to create a desk that perfectly integrates into an individual's work (or gaming) goals.

Part of what distinguishes iCTABLE from other multiple-monitor desks is their ability to grow and adapt with an owner's changing needs. The modular design means that customers can upgrade and alter their desk as they upgrade and alter their computer hardware, monitors, and other devices. The iCTABLE team remains committed to ensuring cross-compatibility as they continue to make innovative new breakthroughs in available products and upgrades.

iCTABLE's social media campaign and the subsequent release revealed one simple truth: the people have waited a long time for a product like this one. This continuing rise in popularity led to 21,000 Facebook followers, 10,000 shares, and more than 3,000,000 video views. This impressive public response showcases a tremendous interest in the product, and it speaks louder than words about the potential that iCTABLE offers for customers.

iCTABLE will officially launch their Wefunder campaign beginning on May 15, 2017. A variety of early-bird rewards will be available for supporters with perks like product discounts and priority delivery of units once complete. However, these rewards are limited so interested backers should place their orders early to secure their rewards.

More information about iCTABLE and current models is available at the company website –

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