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TransBox Application Beta Version Launched for Android Proven to Be Perfect Remote Solution for Data Management and Encryption

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Updated 2:15 PM CST, Fri, February 03,2017

Cupertino, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/03/2017 -- Now it's possible to send images and encrypted messages, which can easily be erased at any time after being sent – and all remotely. Newly launched, TransBox promises to protect users against any leak of their conversations and files.

The app also helps companies that wish to keep their marketing, design and consulting strategies confidential, making sure that the transmission of sensitive data via e-mail and social media is safe.

With this new feature, it's no longer necessary to invest in expensive information security solutions. The version for iPhone and PC will be released soon, according to the manufacturer.

The app makes possible to send or receive messages confidentially (such as a document or a picture, for instance) through a revolutionary method that guarantees protection against privacy breaches that may be present on the network or mobile devices.

With TransBox, users can share encrypted information only with selected users, preventing other people, including friends and acquaintances, to see the content. All information is securely protected. Not even WhatsApp has got the level of security offered by TransBox.

The privacy factor has increasingly become a matter of concern for smart phones and instant messaging services users worldwide. Check out how the app works and why it's considered to be so safe.

It's totally encrypted

The app is very similar to other instant messaging tools, but the most important thing is that it's encrypted throughout. The main difference is that the conversations are protected not only in respect to third parties, but to the service itself. Only the user who sends the information and the recipient can read the message.

The application has been designed by software developers. The group director, Gangyoungjae, says: "TransBox is a method of authentication solution and information security. With it, your data or documents in digital format can very easily and safely be encrypted and decrypted when shared. You can also delete data from your inbox at any time, all remotely."

Representative Hun Gu Good ensures that those working with engineering and construction drawings don't need to worry when sharing their many hours of work via internet. It's possible to share confidential drawings according to the situation: sending or receiving them via e-mail or message, allowing the user to check out who has seen it and when. In addition, when deleting the shared files, the user will also be removing what has been sent to the other party.

In addition to encrypting and decrypting, TransBox also offers the option to synchronise keys that protect the rights of access to users' files.

TransBox has been developed as a data and platform control service. Users can track and destroy their data without major obstacles, even when they have already been sent. Regardless of the service used (e-mail, chat or social media), it's always possible to control the information. The app has been originally designed to provide online privacy for private users. However, the company has soon realised that the solution could become a highly effective security tool for commercial use, and therefore it's now developing services for both segments.

The solution comes in handy in a scenario where nobody wants to have their conversations heard or their messages read by third parties. Everything is totally encrypted and synchronised. The app is a new solution against malware, hackers or accidental leaks. Now every organisation can use encryption to protect data accessed through mobile devices, laptops, desktops, local networks and cloud-based apps for file sharing.

Data privacy legislation has been introduced worldwide and as a consequence companies of all sizes need to review their protective measures. Encryption is widely accepted as the best security measure available on the market today.

For the encryption to be effective, it must be easily managed, as well as transparent to users and work with multiple platforms and file types. TransBox does it all.

In a complicated digital world with so much data being shared daily, leaks and theft of private information are frequent. With this new method of secure file sharing via e-mail, chats, social media services and cloud accounts, there's no reason to leave your data unprotected. It's a brand new world, where documents, texts and pictures are selected only by users approved by the owner of the data.

If unauthorised users wish to unlock the encrypted file, they must request a key to the owner of the information. It's also possible to destroy the data sent through various channels. The tracking feature for the transferred data shows who has seen it and when (date). The application is protected by a dynamic security solution.

TransBox is available only for Android devices. However, the company has plans to release the iPhone version within one and a half month.

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