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Ultra Slim iPhone 6 Case Introduced by Slimtech

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Updated 3:58 PM CDT, Mon, March 30,2015

San Francisco, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/30/2015 -- Slimtech is a brand of cell phone accessories providing high quality technology products, focussing on convenience and sophistication. Recently, the company launched the Ultra Slim, Minimalist iPhone 6 Case which features a slim yet protective design that is both practical, as well as elegant. The Minimalist iPhone 6 Case comes in a variety of colors and is made with non toxic TPU material, which does not release any harmful chemicals and biodegrades within 3-5 years as compared to 500-1000 years for most other case materials. But not to worry, the biodegrading process only occurs in specific soil conditions (such as a landfill) so your case will remain structurally sound for many years of everyday use.

There are currently a wide variety of iPhone cases available in both online and retail markets, which come in all different shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, most cases are designed with only aesthetics in mind and not the basic functionality of protection and convenience. The Slimtech Ultra Slim iPhone 6 case is a clear exception; the company has aimed to introduce a product which combines aesthetics with proper functionality and convenience. According to the company, the cases have been designed for optimal comfort and appearance, while providing great everyday protection without adding a lot of bulk or weight. The cases have been designed using a softer material compared to the industry standard which employs stiff PC plastic. This differentiation gives Slimtech iPhone cases increased durability, improved comfort, excellent holding grip, and improved shock resistant protection.

One satisfied customer who recently left a review on Amazon, commented "The iPhone 6 ultra slim case by Slimtech is a great case if you're looking for both drop protection while maintaining the original slim elegant form factor of the iPhone. This is a TPU type case which should absorb some or most impact in the event of a drop. It's a nice matte black color with grips on the side to prevent slippage. The top and bottom of the phone is fully protected with perfect cutouts for the speakers, headphone and lightning ports. The volume up and down and the home button are covered as well. There is a little cutout for the vibration toggle switch which is not hard to toggle unlike some other cases. Overall, this is a nice slim case that also offers very adequate drop protection 5/5 stars."

As indicated by this customer, the Minimalist Case is perfectly fitted to the iPhone 6, and the top, bottom, and sides of the phone case have cutouts for easy access to all ports as well as the microphone.

In addition to the sleek and practical design of the case, many customers have remarked on the scratch resistant quality of the screen protector which also comes with the case. Unlike most companies which require that you buy a screen protector separately, Slimtech includes a screen protector along with every purchase, in order to further prevent scratches and dents to the screen during everyday use.

Another benefit of the TPU material used to manufacture the Minimalist Case is its Eco Friendliness; as mentioned, these cases are made with a non toxic TPU material that does not release any harmful chemicals. Many major cell phone companies and brands are taking steps towards creating phones and accessories that reduce waste and carbon footprint, and this case is clearly on the cutting edge in that regard.

Carebare, a satisfied customer who wrote a 5 star review Amazon commented, "LOVE my Ultra Slim iPhones 6 case by Slimtech!! It's very slim and smooth and comes in awesome colors! The case is also very easy to put on, some cases are so difficult to take on and off, but not this one! I got grey, and I'm going to order more for myself and for gifts. They had very fast and speedy service, and I received it quick! Also comes with a screen protector!! It's also environmentally friendly, and easy to grip for a great price!!"

In addition to the excellent side and corner protection, the case has raised edges around the screen and camera which provide added protection to those parts. This feature of the case allows iPhone 6 users to place their phones on flat surfaces without worrying about scratches to the screen or camera lens. As mentioned above, the scratch resistant screen protector protects the screen from scratches during use and helps in keep the screen looking brand new while ensuring full functionality (installation is optional).

Many customers have also remarked on the fast shipping and excellent customer service. Miguel E wrote: "Fits perfectly, I love the grip, and how it feels in the hand, also It comes with a screen protector! Nice... I will buy from them again, really good customer service and fast shipping."

The Minimalist by Slimtech is currently on sale for $11.95. Slimtech offers a lifetime warranty on the Minimalist iPhone 6 cases.

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About Ultra Slim iPhone 6 Case
Ultra Slim iPhone 6 Case Minimalist design by Slimtech, the case has been designed to fit iPhone 6 (4.7) (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile). It is a thin, Anti-Slip, Drop Resistant Protective case with free scratch resistant screen protector. It is also Eco Friendly

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