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Vorty Keyless Smartphone Home Access System Seeks Crowdfunding

Via: ReleaseWire

Updated 9:30 AM CST, Tue, March 03,2015

Riga, Latvia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/03/2015 -- Imagine if you could open all your doors, gates, and your garage just with a touch on any smartphone. Vorty is the world's first complete solution for using your smartphone to unlock all your home's entrances without using your home's automation hub or Wi-Fi.

The Riga, Latvia, EU based company is now seeking funding of $ 100 000 on Indiegogo.

Vorty is an access control and electronic lock system for anyone with doors, gates or garage doors that can be opened and locked electronically. Vorty works with any Bluetooth-equipped, Android or iOS smartphones. The Vorty Intro and Vorty Doors packages offer a complete solution for all your access control needs.

Vorty Intro is an access controller. It can be easily installed as an external connection for automatic garage or gate controllers.

Vorty does not retrofit deadbolts. This is completely different from other smart lock systems. The Vorty Doors package comes with electromagnetic locks and all the accessories needed for all your doors. Magnetic locks are generally easier to install than other locks since there no interconnecting parts.

They are very reliable locks because there are no moving parts that might break, making them good for more than 500,000 open and close events.

About The Vorty System
The Vorty system is safe. A Vorty controller never transmits radio signals. It stays in a passive listening mode, so it is impossible for hackers to steal any information from it. Thieves can never physically damage Vorty controllers because, in most cases, you can safely install the system indoors.

We have designed two easy-to-use apps that can operate all your entrances. The Vorty Master app is used to set up devices.The first registered user is given master key rights. Only a master key holder can subsequently issue keys to other users. The Vorty Key app is used to send a short burst Bluetooth signal from the phone. This allows the Vorty controller to authenticate the signal and use it as a key to trigger the opening operation.

There is no need for you to carry your keys or a separate remote control anymore. Get a complete Vorty solution for your home's doors, gates, and garage, and make your life truly keyless!

After three years of development and testing the Vorty team is convinced that it's a safe, fast, easy, and fun way to ensure that you never can lose your keys again.

VORTY is scheduled to ship in September of 2015.

Our Indiegogo page can be found at:

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Early adopters price: 90 $ for gates / garage package, 196 $ for Doors package. Worldwide delivery included.

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